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// Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// This proto file describes the external scheduler plugin API.
syntax = "proto3";
package jsonrpc;
option go_package = "";
// TaskState defines the TaskState enum used by the swarming json rpc interface.
// This is not to be confused with the new proto rpc interface, which has its
// own incompatible definition of TaskState.
// If you make any modifications, please keep comments in sync and make
// corresponding modifications
enum TaskState {
// Invalid state, do not use.
INVALID = 0x00;
// The task is currently running. This is in fact 3 phases: the initial
// overhead to fetch input files, the actual task running, and the tear down
// overhead to archive output files to the server.
RUNNING = 0x10;
// The task is currently pending. This means that no bot reaped the task. It
// will stay in this state until either a task reaps it or the expiration
// elapsed. The task pending expiration is specified as
// TaskSlice.expiration_secs, one per task slice.
PENDING = 0x20;
// The task is not pending anymore, and never ran due to lack of capacity. This
// means that other higher priority tasks ran instead and that not enough bots
// were available to run this task for TaskSlice.expiration_secs seconds.
EXPIRED = 0x30;
// The task ran for longer than the allowed time in
// TaskProperties.execution_timeout_secs or TaskProperties.io_timeout_secs.
// This means the bot forcefully killed the task process as described in the
// graceful termination dance in the documentation.
TIMED_OUT = 0x40;
// The task ran but the bot had an internal failure, unrelated to the task
// itself. It can be due to the server being unavailable to get task update,
// the host on which the bot is running crashing or rebooting, etc.
BOT_DIED = 0x50;
// The task never ran, and was manually cancelled via the 'cancel' API before
// it was reaped.
CANCELED = 0x60;
// The task ran and completed normally. The task process exit code may be 0 or
// another value.
// The task ran but was manually killed via the 'cancel' API. This means the
// bot forcefully killed the task process as described in the graceful
// termination dance in the documentation.
KILLED = 0x80;
// The task was never set to PENDING and was immediately refused, as the server
// determined that there is no bot capacity to run this task. This happens
// because no bot exposes a superset of the requested task dimensions.
// Set TaskSlice.wait_for_capacity to True to force the server to keep the task
// slice pending even in this case. Generally speaking, the task will
// eventually switch to EXPIRED, as there's no bot to run it. That said, there
// are situations where it is known that in some not-too-distant future a wild
// bot will appear that will be able to run this task.
NO_RESOURCE = 0x100;