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// Copyright 2016 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
package logdog;
option go_package = ";logdog";
import "google/protobuf/duration.proto";
// RegisterPrefixRequest registers a new Prefix with the Coordinator.
message RegisterPrefixRequest {
// The log stream's project.
string project = 1;
// The log stream prefix to register.
string prefix = 2;
// The realm name (within the project) to associate the stream prefix with.
// This realm contains ACLs defining who will be able to read logs under this
// prefix.
// The caller should have "logdog.logs.create" permission in this realm.
string realm = 5;
// Optional information about the registering agent.
repeated string source_info = 3;
// Optional nonce to allow retries of this RPC. ALL CLIENTS SHOULD PROVIDE
// THIS. The client should generate the nonce once while preparing the request
// message, and then re-use the same nonce for retries of the request.
// The nonce should be 32 bytes of random data.
// The nonce must not be reused between different requests (only for retries
// of the same request).
// NOTE: This is currently optional, but once all clients have upgraded to
// this scheme, it will become mandatory. During the transition if this is
// omitted, then NO RETRIES will be allowed for this request, if the server
// processes it correctly but the client fails to get the response from the
// server.
bytes op_nonce = 4;
// The prefix expiration time. If <= 0, the project's default prefix
// expiration period will be applied.
// The prefix will be closed by the Coordinator after its expiration period.
// Once closed, new stream registration requests will no longer be accepted.
// If supplied, this value should exceed the timeout of the local task, else
// some of the task's streams may be dropped due to failing registration.
google.protobuf.Duration expiration = 10;
// The response message for the RegisterPrefix RPC.
message RegisterPrefixResponse {
// Secret is the prefix's secret. This must be included verbatim in Butler
// bundles to assert ownership of this prefix.
bytes secret = 1;
// The name of the Pub/Sub topic to publish butlerproto-formatted Butler log
// bundles to.
string log_bundle_topic = 2;
// Registration service is a LogDog Coordinator endpoint that interfaces with
// LogDog Butler instances and enables stream prefix registration and Butler
// streaming initialization.
service Registration {
// RegisterStream allows a Butler instance to register a log stream with the
// Coordinator. Upon success, the Coordinator will return registration
// information and streaming parameters to the Butler.
// This should be called by a Butler instance to gain the ability to publish
// to a prefix space. The caller must have WRITE access to its project's
// stream space. If WRITE access is not present, this will fail with the
// "PermissionDenied" gRPC code.
// A stream prefix may be registered at most once. Additional registration
// requests will fail with the "AlreadyExists" gRPC code.
rpc RegisterPrefix(RegisterPrefixRequest) returns (RegisterPrefixResponse);