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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package coordinator
import (
ds ""
// ArchivalState describes the archival state of a LogStream.
type ArchivalState int
const (
// NotArchived means that the stream is not archived, and that no archival has
// been tasked.
NotArchived ArchivalState = iota
// ArchiveTasked is true if the log stream has an archival tasked, but has
// not yet been archived.
// ArchivedPartial means that the stream is archived, but that some log
// entries are missing.
// ArchivedComplete means that the stream is archived and all log entries are
// present.
// Archived returns true if this ArchivalState implies that the log stream is
// archived.
func (as ArchivalState) Archived() bool {
switch as {
case ArchivedPartial, ArchivedComplete:
return true
return false
// ArchivalStateKey is the name of the index key for the archival state.
var ArchivalStateKey = "_ArchivalState"
// LogStreamState contains the current state of a LogStream.
// This structure has additional datastore fields imposed by the
// PropertyLoadSaver.
// - _Terminated is true if the LogStream has been terminated.
// - _ArchivePending is true if the LogStream currently has an archive task
// dispatched.
// - _ArchivalState is true if the LogStream has been archived.
// See services API's LogStreamState message type.
type LogStreamState struct {
_id int `gae:"$id,1"`
// Parent is the key of the corresponding LogStream.
Parent *ds.Key `gae:"$parent"`
// Schema is the datastore schema version for this object. This can be used
// to facilitate schema migrations.
// The current schema is CurrentSchemaVersion.
Schema string `gae:",noindex"`
// Created is the last time that this state has been created.
Created time.Time
// Updated is the last time that this state has been updated.
Updated time.Time `gae:",noindex"`
// Secret is the Butler secret value for this stream.
// This value may only be returned to LogDog services; it is not user-visible.
Secret []byte `gae:",noindex"`
// TerminatedTime is the Coordinator's record of when this log stream was
// terminated.
TerminatedTime time.Time `gae:",noindex"`
// TerminalIndex is the index of the last log entry in the stream.
// If this is <0, the log stream is either still streaming or has been
// archived with no log entries.
TerminalIndex int64 `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchiveRetryCount is the number of times this stream has attempted
// archival.
ArchiveRetryCount int64
// ArchivedTime is the Coordinator's record of when this log stream was
// archived. If this is non-zero, it means that the log entry has been
// archived.
ArchivedTime time.Time
// ArchiveLogEntryCount is the number of LogEntry records that were archived
// for this log stream.
// This is valid only if the log stream is Archived.
ArchiveLogEntryCount int64 `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchivalKey is the archival key for this log stream. This is used to
// differentiate the real archival request from those that were dispatched,
// but that ultimately failed to update state.
// See createArchivalKey for details on its generation and usage.
ArchivalKey []byte `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchiveIndexURL is the Google Storage URL where the log stream's index is
// archived.
ArchiveIndexURL string `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchiveIndexSize is the size, in bytes, of the archived Index. It will be
// zero if the file is not archived.
ArchiveIndexSize int64 `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchiveStreamURL is the Google Storage URL where the log stream's raw
// stream data is archived. If this is not empty, the log stream is considered
// archived.
ArchiveStreamURL string `gae:",noindex"`
// ArchiveStreamSize is the size, in bytes, of the archived stream. It will be
// zero if the file is not archived.
ArchiveStreamSize int64 `gae:",noindex"`
// extra causes datastore to ignore unrecognized fields and strip them in
// future writes.
extra ds.PropertyMap `gae:"-,extra"`
// NewLogStreamState returns a LogStreamState with its parent key populated to
// the LogStream with the supplied ID.
func NewLogStreamState(c context.Context, id HashID) *LogStreamState {
return &LogStreamState{Parent: ds.NewKey(c, "LogStream", string(id), 0, nil)}
// ID returns the LogStream ID for the LogStream that owns this LogStreamState.
func (lst *LogStreamState) ID() HashID {
return HashID(lst.Parent.StringID())
// Load implements ds.PropertyLoadSaver.
func (lst *LogStreamState) Load(pmap ds.PropertyMap) error {
// Discard derived properties.
delete(pmap, "_Terminated")
delete(pmap, ArchivalStateKey)
return ds.GetPLS(lst).Load(pmap)
// Save implements ds.PropertyLoadSaver.
func (lst *LogStreamState) Save(withMeta bool) (ds.PropertyMap, error) {
lst.Schema = CurrentSchemaVersion
// Save default struct fields.
pmap, err := ds.GetPLS(lst).Save(withMeta)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
pmap["_Terminated"] = ds.MkProperty(lst.Terminated())
pmap[ArchivalStateKey] = ds.MkProperty(lst.ArchivalState())
return pmap, nil
// Validate evaluates the state and data contents of the LogStreamState and
// returns an error if it is invalid.
func (lst *LogStreamState) Validate() error {
if lst.Created.IsZero() {
return errors.New("missing created time")
if lst.Updated.IsZero() {
return errors.New("missing updated time")
if lst.Terminated() && lst.TerminatedTime.IsZero() {
return errors.New("log stream is terminated, but missing terminated time")
if err := types.PrefixSecret(lst.Secret).Validate(); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("invalid prefix secret: %v", err)
return nil
// Terminated returns true if this stream has been terminated.
func (lst *LogStreamState) Terminated() bool {
if lst.ArchivalState().Archived() {
return true
return lst.TerminalIndex >= 0
// ArchivalState returns the archival state of the log stream.
func (lst *LogStreamState) ArchivalState() ArchivalState {
if lst.ArchivedTime.IsZero() {
// Not archived, have we dispatched an archival?
if len(lst.ArchivalKey) > 0 {
return ArchiveTasked
return NotArchived
if lst.ArchiveLogEntryCount > lst.TerminalIndex {
return ArchivedComplete
return ArchivedPartial