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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package target
import (
// SysInfo overrides system's hostname and region for tests.
type SysInfo struct {
Hostname string
Region string
// Flags defines command line flags related to tsmon targets. Use NewFlags()
// to get a Flags struct with sensible default values.
type Flags struct {
TargetType types.TargetType
DeviceHostname string
DeviceRegion string
DeviceRole string
DeviceNetwork string
TaskServiceName string
TaskJobName string
TaskRegion string
TaskHostname string
TaskNumber int
AutoGenHostname bool
// If nil, system info is computed from the actual host. Used
// in tests.
SysInfo *SysInfo
// NewFlags returns a Flags struct with sensible default values. Hostname,
// region and network flags are expensive to compute, so get assigned default
// values later in SetDefaultsFromHostname.
func NewFlags() Flags {
return Flags{
TargetType: DeviceType,
DeviceHostname: "",
DeviceRegion: "",
DeviceRole: "default",
DeviceNetwork: "",
TaskServiceName: "",
TaskJobName: "",
TaskRegion: "",
TaskHostname: "",
TaskNumber: 0,
AutoGenHostname: false,
// SetDefaultsFromHostname computes the expensive default values for hostname,
// region and network fields.
func (fl *Flags) SetDefaultsFromHostname() {
if fl.SysInfo == nil {
hostname, region := getFQDN()
fl.SysInfo = &SysInfo{Hostname: hostname, Region: region}
network := getNetwork(fl.SysInfo.Hostname)
hostname := fl.SysInfo.Hostname
if fl.DeviceHostname == "" {
fl.DeviceHostname = hostname
if fl.DeviceRegion == "" {
fl.DeviceRegion = fl.SysInfo.Region
if fl.DeviceNetwork == "" {
fl.DeviceNetwork = network
if fl.TaskRegion == "" {
fl.TaskRegion = fl.SysInfo.Region
if fl.TaskHostname == "" {
fl.TaskHostname = hostname
if fl.AutoGenHostname {
fl.DeviceHostname = "autogen:" + fl.DeviceHostname
fl.TaskHostname = "autogen:" + fl.TaskHostname
// Register adds tsmon target related flags to a FlagSet.
func (fl *Flags) Register(f *flag.FlagSet) {
f.Var(&targetTypeFlag{fl}, "ts-mon-target-type",
"the type of target that is being monitored ("+targetTypeEnum.Choices()+")")
f.StringVar(&fl.DeviceHostname, "ts-mon-device-hostname", fl.DeviceHostname,
"name of this device")
f.StringVar(&fl.DeviceRegion, "ts-mon-device-region", fl.DeviceRegion,
"name of the region this devices lives in")
f.StringVar(&fl.DeviceRole, "ts-mon-device-role", fl.DeviceRole,
"role of the device")
f.StringVar(&fl.DeviceNetwork, "ts-mon-device-network", fl.DeviceNetwork,
"name of the network this device is connected to")
f.StringVar(&fl.TaskServiceName, "ts-mon-task-service-name", fl.TaskServiceName,
"name of the service being monitored")
f.StringVar(&fl.TaskJobName, "ts-mon-task-job-name", fl.TaskJobName,
"name of this job instance of the task")
f.StringVar(&fl.TaskRegion, "ts-mon-task-region", fl.TaskRegion,
"name of the region in which this task is running")
f.StringVar(&fl.TaskHostname, "ts-mon-task-hostname", fl.TaskHostname,
"name of the host on which this task is running")
f.IntVar(&fl.TaskNumber, "ts-mon-task-number", fl.TaskNumber,
"number (e.g. for replication) of this instance of this task")
f.BoolVar(&fl.AutoGenHostname, "ts-mon-autogen-hostname", fl.AutoGenHostname,
"Indicate that the hostname is autogenerated. "+
"This option must be set on autoscaled GCE VMs, Kubernetes pods, "+
"or any other hosts with dynamically generated names.")
func getFQDN() (string, string) {
if hostname, err := os.Hostname(); err == nil {
parts := strings.Split(hostname, ".")
if len(parts) > 1 {
return strings.ToLower(parts[0]), strings.ToLower(parts[1])
return strings.ToLower(hostname), "unknown"
return "unknown", "unknown"
func getNetwork(hostname string) string {
// TODO(vadimsh): Move this to "hardcoded/chromeinfra" package.
if m := regexp.MustCompile(`^([\w-]*?-[acm]|master)(\d+)a?$`).FindStringSubmatch(hostname); m != nil {
return m[2]
return ""