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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package coordinator
import (
logdog ""
// QueryTrinary is a 3-value query option type.
type QueryTrinary int
const (
// Both means that the value should not have an effect.
Both QueryTrinary = iota
// Yes is a positive effect.
// No is a negative effect.
func (t QueryTrinary) queryValue() logdog.QueryRequest_Trinary {
switch t {
case Yes:
return logdog.QueryRequest_YES
case No:
return logdog.QueryRequest_NO
return logdog.QueryRequest_BOTH
// QueryStreamType is a 3-value query option type.
type QueryStreamType int
const (
// Any means that the value should not have an effect.
Any QueryStreamType = iota
// Text selects only text streams.
// Binary selects only binary streams.
// Datagram selects only datagram streams.
// queryValue returns the StreamType for a specified QueryStreamType parameter.
// If no StreamType is specified (Any), it will return -1 to indicate this.
func (t QueryStreamType) queryValue() logpb.StreamType {
switch t {
case Text:
return logpb.StreamType_TEXT
case Binary:
return logpb.StreamType_BINARY
case Datagram:
return logpb.StreamType_DATAGRAM
return -1
// QueryOptions is the set of query options that can accompany a query.
type QueryOptions struct {
// Tags is the list of tags to require. The value may be empty if key presence
// is all that is being asserted.
Tags map[string]string
// ContentType, if not empty, restricts results to streams with the supplied
// content type.
ContentType string
// StreamType, if not STAny, is the stream type to query for.
StreamType QueryStreamType
// Before, if not zero, specifies that only streams registered at or before
// the supplied time should be returned.
Before time.Time
// After, if not zero, specifies that only streams registered at or after
// the supplied time should be returned.
After time.Time
// Purged, if not QBoth, selects logs streams that are/aren't purged.
Purged QueryTrinary
// State, if true, requests that the query results include the log streams'
// state.
State bool
// QueryCallback is a callback method type that is used in query requests.
// If it returns false, additional callbacks and queries will be aborted.
type QueryCallback func(r *LogStream) bool
// Query executes a query, invoking the supplied callback once for each query
// result.
// The path is the query parameter.
// The path expression may substitute a glob ("*") for a specific path
// component. That is, any stream that matches the remaining structure qualifies
// regardless of its value in that specific positional field.
// An unbounded wildcard may appear as a component at the end of both the
// prefix and name query components. "**" matches all remaining components.
// If the supplied path query does not contain a path separator ("+"), it will
// be treated as if the prefix is "**".
// Examples:
// - Empty ("") will return all streams.
// - **/+/** will return all streams.
// - foo/bar/** will return all streams with the "foo/bar" prefix.
// - foo/bar/**/+/baz will return all streams beginning with the "foo/bar"
// prefix and named "baz" (e.g., "foo/bar/qux/lol/+/baz")
// - foo/bar/+/** will return all streams with a "foo/bar" prefix.
// - foo/*/+/baz will return all streams with a two-component prefix whose
// first value is "foo" and whose name is "baz".
// - foo/bar will return all streams whose name is "foo/bar".
// - */* will return all streams with two-component names.
func (c *Client) Query(ctx context.Context, project string, path string, o QueryOptions, cb QueryCallback) error {
req := logdog.QueryRequest{
Project: project,
Path: path,
ContentType: o.ContentType,
Purged: o.Purged.queryValue(),
State: o.State,
if !o.Before.IsZero() {
req.Older = timestamppb.New(o.Before)
if !o.After.IsZero() {
req.Newer = timestamppb.New(o.After)
if st := o.StreamType.queryValue(); st >= 0 {
req.StreamType = &logdog.QueryRequest_StreamTypeFilter{Value: st}
// Clone tags.
if len(o.Tags) > 0 {
req.Tags = make(map[string]string, len(o.Tags))
for k, v := range o.Tags {
req.Tags[k] = v
// Iteratively query until either our query is done (Next is empty) or we are
// asked to stop via callback.
for {
resp, err := c.C.Query(ctx, &req)
if err != nil {
return normalizeError(err)
for _, s := range resp.Streams {
st := loadLogStream(resp.Project, types.StreamPath(s.Path), s.State, s.Desc)
if !cb(st) {
return nil
// Advance our query cursor.
if resp.Next == "" {
return nil
req.Next = resp.Next