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package exe
import "compress/zlib"
type config struct {
zlibLevel int
// Option is a type that allows you to modify the behavior of Run.
// See With* methods for available Options.
type Option func(*config)
// WithZlibCompression returns an Option; If unspecified, no compression will be
// applied to the outgoing Build.proto stream. Otherwise zlib compression at
// `level` will be used.
// level is capped between NoCompression and BestCompression.
// If level is NoCompression, it's the same as not specifying this option (i.e.
// no zlib wrapper will be used at all).
func WithZlibCompression(level int) Option {
if level <= zlib.NoCompression {
return nil
if level > zlib.BestCompression {
level = zlib.BestCompression
return func(c *config) {
c.zlibLevel = level