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// Copyright 2016 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package mutate
import (
dm ""
ds ""
// TimeoutExecution is a named mutation which triggers on a delay. If the
// execution is in the noted state when the trigger hits, this sets the
// Execution to have an AbnormalFinish status of TIMED_OUT.
type TimeoutExecution struct {
For *dm.Execution_ID
State dm.Execution_State
// TimeoutAttempt is the number of attempts to stop a STOPPING execution,
// since this potentially requires an RPC to the distributor to enact.
TimeoutAttempt uint
Deadline time.Time
const maxTimeoutAttempts = 3
var _ tumble.DelayedMutation = (*TimeoutExecution)(nil)
// Root implements tumble.Mutation
func (t *TimeoutExecution) Root(c context.Context) *ds.Key {
return model.AttemptKeyFromID(c, t.For.AttemptID())
// RollForward implements tumble.Mutation
func (t *TimeoutExecution) RollForward(c context.Context) (muts []tumble.Mutation, err error) {
e := model.ExecutionFromID(c, t.For)
if err = ds.Get(c, e); err != nil {
if e.State != t.State {
logging.Errorf(c, "EARLY EXIT: %s v %s", e.State, t.State)
// will be overwritten if this execution is STOPPING and the timeout is not
// abnormal
rslt := &dm.Result{AbnormalFinish: &dm.AbnormalFinish{
Reason: fmt.Sprintf("DM timeout (%s)", e.State),
Status: dm.AbnormalFinish_TIMED_OUT}}
if e.State == dm.Execution_STOPPING {
// if it's supposed to be STOPPING, maybe we just missed a notification from
// the distributor (or the distributor is not using pubsub).
reg := distributor.GetRegistry(c)
var dist distributor.D
var vers string
dist, vers, err = reg.MakeDistributor(c, e.DistributorConfigName)
if vers != "" && vers != e.DistributorConfigVersion {
"cfg_name": e.DistributorConfigName,
"orig_cfg_vers": e.DistributorConfigVersion,
"cur_cfg_vers": vers,
}.Warningf(c, "mismatched distributor config versions")
// TODO(iannucci): make this set the REJECTED state if we loaded the config,
// but the distributor no longer exists.
if err != nil {
logging.ErrorKey: err,
"cfgName": e.DistributorConfigName,
}.Errorf(c, "Could not MakeDistributor")
var realRslt *dm.Result
q := model.QuestFromID(t.For.Quest)
if err = ds.Get(ds.WithoutTransaction(c), q); err != nil {
err = errors.Annotate(err, "loading quest").Err()
realRslt, err = dist.GetStatus(&q.Desc, distributor.Token(e.DistributorToken))
if (err != nil || realRslt == nil) && t.TimeoutAttempt < maxTimeoutAttempts {
logging.ErrorKey: err,
"task_result": realRslt,
"timeout_attempt": t.TimeoutAttempt,
}.Infof(c, "GetStatus failed/nop'd while timing out STOPPING execution")
// TODO(riannucci): do randomized exponential backoff instead of constant
// backoff? Kinda don't really want to spend more than 1.5m waiting
// anyway, and the actual GetStatus call does local retries already, so
// hopefully this is fine. If this is wrong, the distributor should adjust
// its timeToStop value to be better.
t.Deadline = t.Deadline.Add(time.Second * 30)
err = nil
muts = append(muts, t)
if err != nil {
rslt.AbnormalFinish.Reason = fmt.Sprintf("DM timeout (%s) w/ error: %s", e.State, err)
err = nil
} else if realRslt != nil {
rslt = realRslt
muts = append(muts, &FinishExecution{t.For, rslt})
// ProcessAfter implements tumble.DelayedMutation
func (t *TimeoutExecution) ProcessAfter() time.Time { return t.Deadline }
// HighPriority implements tumble.DelayedMutation
func (t *TimeoutExecution) HighPriority() bool { return false }
// ResetExecutionTimeout schedules a Timeout for this Execution. It inspects the
// Execution's State to determine which timeout should be set, if any. If no
// timeout should be active, this will cancel any existing timeouts for this
// Execution.
func ResetExecutionTimeout(c context.Context, e *model.Execution) error {
howLong := time.Duration(0)
switch e.State {
case dm.Execution_SCHEDULING:
howLong = e.TimeToStart
case dm.Execution_RUNNING:
howLong = e.TimeToRun
case dm.Execution_STOPPING:
howLong = e.TimeToStop
eid := e.GetEID()
key := model.ExecutionKeyFromID(c, eid)
if howLong == 0 {
return tumble.CancelNamedMutations(c, key, "timeout")
return tumble.PutNamedMutations(c, key, map[string]tumble.Mutation{
"timeout": &TimeoutExecution{eid, e.State, 0, clock.Now(c).UTC().Add(howLong)},
func init() {