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// Copyright 2016 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Package prpc (provisional RPC) implements an RPC client over HTTP 1.x.
// Like gRPC:
// - services are defined in .proto files
// - service implementation does not depend on pRPC.
// Unlike gRPC:
// - supports HTTP 1.x and AppEngine 1.x.
// - does not support streams.
// Server
// Type Server implements a pRPC server.
// Example of usage:
// Package discovery implements service discovery.
// Compile service definitions
// Use cproto tool to compile .proto files to .go files with gRPC and pRPC support.
// It runs protoc and does some additional postprocessing.
// //go:generate cproto
// Install cproto:
// go install
// Protocol
// ## v.1.2
// v1.2 is small, backward-compatible amendment to v1.1 that adds support for
// error details.
// Response header "X-Prpc-Status-Details-Bin" contains elements of
// google.rpc.Status.details field, one value per element, in the same order.
// The header value is a standard base64 string of the encoded
// google.protobuf.Any, where the message encoding is the same as the response
// message encoding, i.e. depends on Accept request header.
// ## v1.1
// v1.1 is small, backward-compatible amendment to v1.0 to address a
// security issue. Since it is backward compatible, it does not introduce
// a formal protocol version header at this time.
// Changes:
// - Requests/responses must use "application/json" media type instead of
// "application/prpc; encoding=json".
// - Responses must include "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" HTTP header.
// This enables CORB protection (which mitigates spectre) and disables content
// sniffing.
// For CORB, see
// ## v1.0
// This section describes the pRPC protocol. It is based on HTTP 1.x and employs
// gRPC codes.
// A pRPC server MUST handle HTTP POST requests at `/prpc/{service}/{method}`
// where service is a full service name including full package name.
// The handler must decode an input message from an HTTP request,
// call the service method implementation and
// encode the returned output message or error to the HTTP response.
// pRPC protocol defines three protocol buffer encodings and media types.
// - Binary: "application/prpc; encoding=binary" (default).
// - JSON: "application/prpc; encoding=json" or "application/json"
// A response body MUST have `)]}'\n` prefix to prevent XSSI.
// - Text: "application/prpc; encoding=text"
// A pRPC server MUST support Binary and SHOULD support JSON and Text.
// Request headers:
// - "X-Prpc-Timeout": specifies request timeout.
// A client MAY specify it.
// If a service hits the timeout, a server MUST respond with HTTP 503 and
// DeadlineExceed gRPC code.
// Value format: `\d+[HMSmun]` (regular expression), where
// - H - hour
// - M - minute
// - S - second
// - m - millisecond
// - u - microsecond
// - n - nanosecond
// - "Content-Type": specifies input message encoding in the body.
// A client SHOULD specify it.
// If not present, a server MUST treat the input message as Binary.
// - "Accept": specifies the output message encoding for the response.
// A client MAY specify it, a server MUST support it.
// - Any other headers MUST be added to metadata.MD in the context that is
// passed to the service method implementation.
// - If a header name has "-Bin" suffix, the server must treat it as
// standard-base64-encoded.
// Response headers:
// - "X-Prpc-Grpc-Code": specifies the gRPC code.
// A server MUST specify it in all cases.
// - If it is present, the client MUST ignore the HTTP status code.
// - If OK, the client MUST return the output message
// decoded from the body.
// - Otherwise, the client MUST return a gRPC error with the
// code and message read from the response body.
// - If not present, the client MUST return a non-gRPC error
// with message read from the response body.
// A client MAY read a portion of the response body.
// - "Content-Type": specifies the output message encoding.
// A server SHOULD specify it.
// If not specified, a client MUST treat it is as Binary.
// - Any metadata returned by a service method implementation MUST go into
// http headers, unless metadata key starts with "X-Prpc-".
// A server MUST always specify "X-Prpc-Grpc-Code".
// The server SHOULD specify HTTP status corresponding to the gRPC code.
// If the "X-Prpc-Grpc-Code" response header value is not 0, the response body
// MUST contain a description of the error.
// If a service/method is not found, the server MUST respond with Unimplemented
// gRPC code and SHOULD specify HTTP 501 status.
package prpc