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// Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package lucicfg
import (
. ""
. ""
func TestExpandIntSet(t *testing.T) {
Convey("Tokenizer works", t, func() {
So(tokenize(""), ShouldHaveLength, 0)
So(tokenize("abc"), ShouldResemble, []token{{TOK_RUNES, "abc"}})
So(tokenize("01234"), ShouldResemble, []token{{TOK_NUM, "01234"}})
So(tokenize("{},.."), ShouldResemble, []token{
{TOK_LB, "{"},
{TOK_RB, "}"},
{TOK_COMMA, ","},
{TOK_DOTS, ".."},
So(tokenize("{{{}}}"), ShouldResemble, []token{
{TOK_RUNES, "{"},
{TOK_LB, "{"},
{TOK_RUNES, "}"},
{TOK_RB, "}"},
So(tokenize("ab.{01..02,03}{{c}}de"), ShouldResemble, []token{
{TOK_RUNES, "ab"},
{TOK_RUNES, "."},
{TOK_LB, "{"},
{TOK_NUM, "01"},
{TOK_DOTS, ".."},
{TOK_NUM, "02"},
{TOK_COMMA, ","},
{TOK_NUM, "03"},
{TOK_RB, "}"},
{TOK_RUNES, "{"},
{TOK_RUNES, "c"},
{TOK_RUNES, "}"},
{TOK_RUNES, "de"},
Convey("expandIntSet works", t, func() {
call := func(s string) []string {
out, err := expandIntSet(s)
So(err, ShouldBeNil)
return out
So(call(""), ShouldResemble, []string{""})
So(call("abc"), ShouldResemble, []string{"abc"})
So(call("abc{{}}"), ShouldResemble, []string{"abc{}"})
So(call("a{1}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b"})
So(call("{{a{1}b}}"), ShouldResemble, []string{"{a1b}"})
So(call("a{1,2}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a2b"})
So(call("a{1..2}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a2b"})
So(call("a{1..2,3}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a2b", "a3b"})
So(call("a{1..2,3,4,8..9}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a2b", "a3b", "a4b", "a8b", "a9b"})
So(call("a{}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"ab"})
So(call("a{1,}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b"})
So(call("a{1..2,}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a2b"})
So(call("a...{1..2}.b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a...1.b", "a...2.b"})
So(call("{1}"), ShouldResemble, []string{"1"})
So(call("{}"), ShouldResemble, []string{""})
// Zero padding works (but only when range number have the same length).
So(call("a{01,02..03}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a01b", "a02b", "a03b"})
So(call("a{1,02..03}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a1b", "a02b", "a03b"})
So(call("a{001,02..003}b"), ShouldResemble, []string{"a001b", "a2b", "a3b"})
Convey("expandIntSet handles errors", t, func() {
call := func(s string) error {
_, err := expandIntSet(s)
return err
So(call("}abc"), ShouldErrLike, `"}" must appear after "{"`)
So(call("a{}b{}"), ShouldErrLike, `only one "{...}" section is allowed`)
So(call("a{z}"), ShouldErrLike, `expecting a number or "}", got "z"`)
So(call("a{12z}"), ShouldErrLike, `expecting ",", ".." or "}", got "z"`)
So(call("a{1..}"), ShouldErrLike, `expecting a number, got "}"`)
So(call("a{1..2z}"), ShouldErrLike, `expecting "," or "}", got "z"`)
So(call("{10000000000000000000000000000000000000000}"), ShouldErrLike, `is too large`)
So(call("{1..10000000000000000000000000000000000000000}"), ShouldErrLike, `is too large`)
So(call("{2..1}"), ShouldErrLike, `bad range - 1 is not larger than 2`)
So(call("{1..1}"), ShouldErrLike, `bad range - 1 is not larger than 1`)
So(call("{1,1}"), ShouldErrLike, `the set is not in increasing order - 1 is not larger than 1`)
So(call("{1..10,9,10}"), ShouldErrLike, `the set is not in increasing order - 9 is not larger than 10`)