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// Copyright (c) 2016 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
package milo;
option go_package = "";
import "";
option (luci.file_metadata) = {
doc_url: "";
// Note that while the field names in the proto matches the proto
// naming conventions, the comments uses the generate Go code variable naming
// conventions.
// Project is a project definition for Milo.
message Project {
reserved 1, 5, 6;
// Consoles is a list of consoles to define under /console/
repeated Console consoles = 2;
// Headers is a list of defined headers that may be referenced by a console.
repeated Header headers = 3;
// LogoUrl is the URL to the logo for this project.
// This field is optional. The logo URL must have a host of
string logo_url = 4;
// IgnoredBuilderIds is a list of builder IDs to be ignored by pubsub handler.
// Build update events from the builders in this list will be ignored to
// improve performance.
// This means that updates to these builders will not be reflected in
// consoles, the builders page, or the builder groups page.
// Builders that post updates frequently (> 1/s) should be added to this list.
// ID format: <bucket>/<builder>
// TODO( deprecate this once a long term solution is
// implemented.
repeated string ignored_builder_ids = 7;
// BugUrlTemplate is the template for making a custom bug link for
// filing a bug against a build that displays on the build page. This
// is a separate link from the general Milo feedback link that is
// displayed in the top right corner. This field is optional.
// The protocal must be `https` and the domain name must be one of the
// following:
// *
// *
// The template is interpreted as a mustache template and the following
// variables are available:
// * {{{ build.builder.project }}}
// * {{{ build.builder.bucket }}}
// * {{{ build.builder.builder }}}
// * {{{ milo_build_url }}}
// * {{{ milo_builder_url }}}
// All variables are URL component encoded. Additionally, use `{{{ ... }}}` to
// disable HTML escaping. If the template is not a valid mustache template, or
// doesn't satisfy the requirements above, the link is not displayed.
string bug_url_template = 8;
// Link is a link to an internet resource, which will be rendered out as
// an anchor tag <a href="url" alt="alt">text</a>.
message Link {
// Text is displayed as the text between the anchor tags.
string text = 1;
// Url is the URL to link to.
string url = 2;
// Alt is the alt text displayed when hovering over the text.
string alt = 3;
// Oncall contains information about who is currently scheduled as the
// oncall (Sheriff, trooper, etc) for certain rotations.
message Oncall {
// Name is the name of the oncall rotation being displayed.
string name = 1;
// Url is an URL to a json endpoint with the following format:
// {
// "updated_unix_timestamp": <int>,
// "emails": [
// "",
// "
// ]
// }
string url = 2;
// ShowPrimarySecondaryLabels specifies whether the oncaller names
// should have "(primary)" and "(secondary)" appended to them if there
// are more than one.
bool show_primary_secondary_labels = 3;
// LinkGroup is a list of links, optionally given a name.
message LinkGroup {
// Name is the name of this list of links. This is optional.
string name = 1;
// Links is a list of links to display.
repeated Link links = 2;
// ConsoleSummaryGroup is a list of consoles to be displayed as console summaries
// (aka the little bubbles at the top of the console). This can optionally
// have a group name if specified in the group_link.
// (e.g. "Tree closers", "Experimental", etc)
message ConsoleSummaryGroup {
// Title is a name or label for this group of consoles. This is optional.
Link title = 1;
// ConsoleIds is a list of console ids to display in this console group.
// Each console id must be prepended with its related project (e.g.
// chromium/main) because console ids are project-local.
// Only consoles from the same project are supported.
// TODO(hinoka): Allow cross-project consoles.
repeated string console_ids = 2;
// Header is a collection of links, rotation information, and console summaries
// that are displayed at the top of a console, below the tree status information.
// Links and oncall information is always laid out to the left, while
// console groups are laid out on the right. Each oncall and links group
// take up a row.
message Header {
// Oncalls are a reference to oncall rotations, which is a URL to a json
// endpoint with the following format:
// {
// "updated_unix_timestamp": <int>,
// "emails": [
// "",
// "
// ]
// }
repeated Oncall oncalls = 1;
// Links is a list of named groups of web links.
repeated LinkGroup links = 2;
// ConsoleGroups are groups of console summaries, each optionally named.
repeated ConsoleSummaryGroup console_groups = 3;
// TreeStatusHost is the hostname of the chromium-status instance where
// the tree status of this console is hosted. If provided, this will appear
// as the bar at the very top of the page.
string tree_status_host = 4;
// Id is a reference to the header.
string id = 5;
// Console is a waterfall definition consisting of one or more builders.
message Console {
reserved 8;
reserved 4;
reserved "ref";
// Id is the reference to the console. The console will be visible at the
// following URL: /p/<Project>/g/<ID>/console.
string id = 1;
// Name is the longform name of the waterfall, and will be used to be
// displayed in the title.
string name = 2;
// RepoUrl is the URL of the git repository to display as the rows of the console.
string repo_url = 3;
// Refs are the refs to pull commits from when displaying the console.
// Users can specify a regular expression to match several refs using
// "regexp:" prefix, but the regular expression must have:
// * a literal prefix with at least two slashes present, e.g.
// "refs/release-\d+/foobar" is not allowed, because the literal prefix
// "refs/release-" only contains one slash, and
// * must not start with ^ or end with $ as they are added automatically.
// For best results, ensure each ref's has commit's **committer** timestamp
// monotonically non-decreasing. Gerrit will take care of this if you require
// each commmit to go through Gerrit by prohibiting "git push" on these refs.
// Eg. refs/heads/main, regexp:refs/branch-heads/\d+\.\d+
repeated string refs = 14;
// ExcludeRef is a ref, commits from which are ignored even when they are
// reachable from the ref specified above. This must be specified as a single
// fully-qualified ref, i.e. regexp syntax from above is not supported.
// Note: force pushes to this ref are not supported. Milo uses caching
// assuming set of commits reachable from this ref may only grow, never lose
// some commits.
// E.g. the config below allows to track commits from all release branches,
// but ignore the commits from the main branch, from which these release
// branches are branched off:
// ref: "regexp:refs/branch-heads/\d+\.\d+"
// exlude_ref: "refs/heads/main"
string exclude_ref = 13;
// ManifestName the name of the manifest the waterfall looks at.
// This should always be "REVISION".
// In the future, other manifest names can be supported.
// TODO(hinoka,iannucci): crbug/832893 - Support custom manifest names, such as "UNPATCHED" / "PATCHED".
string manifest_name = 5;
// Builders is a list of builder configurations to display as the columns of the console.
repeated Builder builders = 6;
// FaviconUrl is the URL to the favicon for this console page.
// This field is optional. The favicon URL must have a host of
string favicon_url = 7;
// Header is a collection of links, rotation information, and console summaries
// displayed under the tree status but above the main console content.
Header header = 9;
// HeaderId is a reference to a header. Only one of Header or HeaderId should
// be specified.
string header_id = 10;
// If true, this console will not filter out builds marked as Experimental.
// This field is optional. By default Consoles only show production builds.
bool include_experimental_builds = 11;
// If true, only builders view will be available. Console view (i.e. git log
// based view) will be disabled and users redirected to builder view.
// Defaults to false.
bool builder_view_only = 12;
// If set, will change the default number of commits to query on a single page.
// If not set, will default to 50.
int32 default_commit_limit = 15;
// If set, will default the console page to expanded view.
// If not set, will default to collapsed view.
bool default_expand = 16;
// ExternalProject indicates that this is not a new console, but an external
// one that should be included from the specified project.
// If this is set, ExternalId must also be set, and no other fields must be
// set except for Id and Name.
string external_project = 17;
// ExternalId indicates that this is not a new console, but an external one
// with the specified ID that should be included from ExternalProject.
// If this is set, ExternalProject must also be set, and no other fields must
// be set except for Id and Name.
string external_id = 18;
// Realm that the console exists under.
// See
string realm = 19;
// Builder is a reference to a Milo builder.
message Builder {
// Name is the BuilderID of the builders you wish to display for this column
// in the console. e.g.
// * "buildbucket/luci.chromium.try/linux_chromium_rel_ng"
string name = 1;
// Category describes the hierarchy of the builder on the header of the
// console as a "|" delimited list. Neighboring builders with common ancestors
// will be have their headers merged.
// In expanded view, each leaf category OR builder under a non-leaf category
// will have it's own column. The recommendation for maximum densification
// is not to mix subcategories and builders for children of each category.
string category = 2;
// ShortName is shorter name of the builder.
// The recommendation is to keep this name as short as reasonable,
// as longer names take up more horizontal space.
string short_name = 3;