[bbagent] Set environment variable when python2 is omitted from build.

Environment variable is:


This will be set when the 'luci.buildbucket.omit_python2' is set for
the build.

This environment variable will be used by e.g. depot_tools to determine
when it absolutely should not use python2, even if it would otherwise
find one in PATH (e.g. from leaked system installs of python).

This also makes the python2 omission experiment imply usage of python3 for the recipes.

R=chanli, randymaldonado, sokcevic, tikuta, yuanjunh

Bug: 942720, 1359438
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luci-go: LUCI services and tools in Go



LUCI Go code is meant to be worked on from an Chromium infra.git checkout, which enforces packages versions and Go toolchain version. First get fetch via depot_tools.git then run:

fetch infra
cd infra/go
eval `./env.py`
cd src/go.chromium.org/luci

It is now possible to directly install tools with go install:

go install go.chromium.org/luci/auth/client/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/buildbucket/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/cipd/client/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/client/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/cv/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/gce/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/grpc/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/logdog/client/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/luci_notify/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/lucicfg/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/luciexe/legacy/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/mailer/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/mmutex/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/resultdb/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/server/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/swarming/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/tokenserver/cmd/...@latest
go install go.chromium.org/luci/tools/cmd/...@latest


Contributing uses the same flow as Chromium contributions.