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// Copyright 2022 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Package pbutil contains methods for manipulating LUCI Analysis protos.
package pbutil
import (
rdbpb ""
pb ""
// TestResultIDFromResultDB returns a LUCI Analysis TestResultId corresponding
// to the supplied ResultDB test result name.
// The format of name should be:
// "invocations/{INVOCATION_ID}/tests/{URL_ESCAPED_TEST_ID}/results/{RESULT_ID}".
func TestResultIDFromResultDB(name string) *pb.TestResultId {
return &pb.TestResultId{System: "resultdb", Id: name}
// VariantFromResultDB returns a LUCI Analysis Variant corresponding to the
// supplied ResultDB Variant.
func VariantFromResultDB(v *rdbpb.Variant) *pb.Variant {
if v == nil {
// Variant is optional in ResultDB.
return &pb.Variant{Def: make(map[string]string)}
return &pb.Variant{Def: v.Def}
// VariantToResultDB returns a ResultDB Variant corresponding to the
// supplied LUCI Analysis Variant.
func VariantToResultDB(v *pb.Variant) *rdbpb.Variant {
if v == nil {
return &rdbpb.Variant{Def: make(map[string]string)}
return &rdbpb.Variant{Def: v.Def}
// VariantHash returns a hash of the variant.
func VariantHash(v *pb.Variant) string {
return pbutil.VariantHash(VariantToResultDB(v))
// StringPairFromResultDB returns a LUCI Analysis StringPair corresponding to
// the supplied ResultDB StringPair.
func StringPairFromResultDB(v []*rdbpb.StringPair) []*pb.StringPair {
pairs := []*pb.StringPair{}
for _, pair := range v {
pairs = append(pairs, &pb.StringPair{Key: pair.Key, Value: pair.Value})
return pairs
// FailureReasonFromResultDB returns a LUCI Analysis FailureReason
// corresponding to the supplied ResultDB FailureReason.
func FailureReasonFromResultDB(fr *rdbpb.FailureReason) *pb.FailureReason {
if fr == nil {
return nil
return &pb.FailureReason{
PrimaryErrorMessage: fr.PrimaryErrorMessage,
// TestMetadataFromResultDB converts a ResultDB TestMetadata to a LUCI Analysis
// TestMetadata.
func TestMetadataFromResultDB(rdbTmd *rdbpb.TestMetadata) *pb.TestMetadata {
if rdbTmd == nil {
return nil
tmd := &pb.TestMetadata{
Name: rdbTmd.Name,
loc := rdbTmd.GetLocation()
if loc != nil {
tmd.Location = &pb.TestLocation{
Repo: loc.Repo,
FileName: loc.FileName,
Line: loc.Line,
return tmd
// TestResultStatusFromResultDB returns the LUCI Analysis test result status
// corresponding to the given ResultDB test result status.
func TestResultStatusFromResultDB(s rdbpb.TestStatus) pb.TestResultStatus {
switch s {
case rdbpb.TestStatus_ABORT:
return pb.TestResultStatus_ABORT
case rdbpb.TestStatus_CRASH:
return pb.TestResultStatus_CRASH
case rdbpb.TestStatus_FAIL:
return pb.TestResultStatus_FAIL
case rdbpb.TestStatus_PASS:
return pb.TestResultStatus_PASS
case rdbpb.TestStatus_SKIP:
return pb.TestResultStatus_SKIP
// ExonerationReasonFromResultDB converts a ResultDB ExonerationReason to a
// LUCI Analysis ExonerationReason.
func ExonerationReasonFromResultDB(s rdbpb.ExonerationReason) pb.ExonerationReason {
switch s {
case rdbpb.ExonerationReason_NOT_CRITICAL:
return pb.ExonerationReason_NOT_CRITICAL
case rdbpb.ExonerationReason_OCCURS_ON_MAINLINE:
return pb.ExonerationReason_OCCURS_ON_MAINLINE
case rdbpb.ExonerationReason_OCCURS_ON_OTHER_CLS:
return pb.ExonerationReason_OCCURS_ON_OTHER_CLS
case rdbpb.ExonerationReason_UNEXPECTED_PASS:
return pb.ExonerationReason_UNEXPECTED_PASS