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// Code generated by svcdec; DO NOT EDIT.
package resultpb
import (
proto ""
type DecoratedDeriver struct {
// Service is the service to decorate.
Service DeriverServer
// Prelude is called for each method before forwarding the call to Service.
// If Prelude returns an error, then the call is skipped and the error is
// processed via the Postlude (if one is defined), or it is returned directly.
Prelude func(ctx context.Context, methodName string, req proto.Message) (context.Context, error)
// Postlude is called for each method after Service has processed the call, or
// after the Prelude has returned an error. This takes the the Service's
// response proto (which may be nil) and/or any error. The decorated
// service will return the response (possibly mutated) and error that Postlude
// returns.
Postlude func(ctx context.Context, methodName string, rsp proto.Message, err error) error
func (s *DecoratedDeriver) DeriveChromiumInvocation(ctx context.Context, req *DeriveChromiumInvocationRequest) (rsp *Invocation, err error) {
if s.Prelude != nil {
var newCtx context.Context
newCtx, err = s.Prelude(ctx, "DeriveChromiumInvocation", req)
if err == nil {
ctx = newCtx
if err == nil {
rsp, err = s.Service.DeriveChromiumInvocation(ctx, req)
if s.Postlude != nil {
err = s.Postlude(ctx, "DeriveChromiumInvocation", rsp, err)