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// Copyright 2016 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package main
import (
func cmdTrigger(defaultAuthOpts auth.Options) *subcommands.Command {
return &subcommands.Command{
UsageLine: "trigger <options>",
ShortDesc: "Triggers a Swarming task",
LongDesc: "Triggers a Swarming task.",
CommandRun: func() subcommands.CommandRun {
r := &triggerRun{}
return r
type array []*swarming.SwarmingRpcsStringPair
func (a array) Len() int { return len(a) }
func (a array) Less(i, j int) bool {
return (a[i].Key < a[j].Key) ||
(a[i].Key == a[j].Key && a[i].Value < a[j].Value)
func (a array) Swap(i, j int) {
a[i], a[j] = a[j], a[i]
// mapToArray converts a stringmapflag.Value into an array of
// swarming.SwarmingRpcsStringPair, sorted by key and then value.
func mapToArray(m stringmapflag.Value) []*swarming.SwarmingRpcsStringPair {
a := make([]*swarming.SwarmingRpcsStringPair, 0, len(m))
for k, v := range m {
a = append(a, &swarming.SwarmingRpcsStringPair{Key: k, Value: v})
return a
// namePartFromDimensions creates a string from a map of dimensions that can
// be used as part of the task name. The dimensions are first sorted as
// described in mapToArray().
func namePartFromDimensions(m stringmapflag.Value) string {
a := mapToArray(m)
pairs := make([]string, 0, len(a))
for i := 0; i < len(a); i++ {
pairs = append(pairs, fmt.Sprintf("%s=%s", a[i].Key, a[i].Value))
return strings.Join(pairs, "_")
type triggerRun struct {
// TODO(rogerta): move these flags to swarming/common.go once other commands
// are written and I see what parts are common.
// Isolate server.
isolateServer string
namespace string
// Task group.
isolated string
dimensions stringmapflag.Value
env stringmapflag.Value
priority int64
taskName string
tags common.Strings
dumpJSON string
user string
idempotent bool
expiration int
deadline int
hardTimeout int64
ioTimeout int64
rawCmd bool
cipdPackage stringmapflag.Value
outputs common.Strings
func (c *triggerRun) Init(defaultAuthOpts auth.Options) {
// Isolate server.
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.isolateServer, "isolate-server", "", "URL of the Isolate Server to use.")
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.namespace, "namespace", "default-gzip", "The namespace to use on the Isolate Server.")
// Task group.
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.isolated, "isolated", "", "Hash of the .isolated to grab from the isolate server.")
c.Flags.Var(&c.dimensions, "dimension", "Dimension to filter slaves on.")
c.Flags.Var(&c.env, "env", "Environment variables to set.")
c.Flags.Int64Var(&c.priority, "priority", 200, "The lower value, the more important the task.")
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.taskName, "task-name", "", "Display name of the task. Defaults to <base_name>/<dimensions>/<isolated hash>/<timestamp> if an isolated file is provided, if a hash is provided, it defaults to <user>/<dimensions>/<isolated hash>/<timestamp>")
c.Flags.Var(&c.tags, "tag", "Tags to assign to the task.")
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.user, "user", "", "User associated with the task. Defaults to authenticated user on the server.")
c.Flags.Var(&c.outputs, "output", "(repeatable) Specify an output file or directory that can be retrieved via collect.")
c.Flags.BoolVar(&c.idempotent, "idempotent", false, "When set, the server will actively try to find a previous task with the same parameter and return this result instead if possible.")
c.Flags.IntVar(&c.expiration, "expiration", 6*60*60, "Seconds to allow the task to be pending for a bot to run before this task request expires.")
c.Flags.IntVar(&c.deadline, "deadline", 0, "TODO(rogerta)")
c.Flags.Int64Var(&c.hardTimeout, "hard-timeout", 60*60, "Seconds to allow the task to complete.")
c.Flags.Int64Var(&c.ioTimeout, "io-timeout", 20*60, "Seconds to allow the task to be silent.")
c.Flags.BoolVar(&c.rawCmd, "raw-cmd", false, "When set, the command after -- is run on the bot. Note that this overrides any command in the .isolated file.")
c.Flags.StringVar(&c.dumpJSON, "dump-json", "", "Dump details about the triggered task(s) to this file as json.")
c.Flags.Var(&c.cipdPackage, "cipd-package",
"(repeatable) CIPD packages to install on the swarming bot. This takes a parameter of `[subdir:]pkgname=version`. "+
"Using an empty version will remove the package. The subdir is optional and defaults to '.'.")
func (c *triggerRun) Parse(args []string) error {
var err error
if err := c.commonFlags.Parse(); err != nil {
return err
// Validate options and args.
if c.dimensions == nil {
return errors.Reason("please at least specify one dimension").Err()
if c.rawCmd && len(args) == 0 {
return errors.Reason("arguments with -raw-cmd should be passed after -- as command delimiter").Err()
} else if !c.rawCmd && len(c.isolated) == 0 {
return errors.Reason("please use -isolated to specify hash or -raw-cmd").Err()
if len(c.user) == 0 {
c.user = os.Getenv("USER")
return err
func (c *triggerRun) Run(a subcommands.Application, args []string, env subcommands.Env) int {
if err := c.Parse(args); err != nil {
printError(a, err)
return 1
cl, err := c.defaultFlags.StartTracing()
if err != nil {
printError(a, err)
return 1
defer cl.Close()
if err := c.main(a, args, env); err != nil {
printError(a, err)
return 1
return 0
func (c *triggerRun) main(a subcommands.Application, args []string, env subcommands.Env) error {
start := time.Now()
ctx := common.CancelOnCtrlC(c.defaultFlags.MakeLoggingContext(os.Stderr))
request := c.processTriggerOptions(args, env)
service, err := c.createSwarmingClient(ctx)
if err != nil {
return err
result, err := service.NewTask(ctx, request)
if err != nil {
return err
if c.dumpJSON != "" {
dump, err := os.Create(c.dumpJSON)
if err != nil {
return err
defer dump.Close()
data := triggerResults{Tasks: []*swarming.SwarmingRpcsTaskRequestMetadata{result}}
b, err := json.MarshalIndent(&data, "", " ")
if err != nil {
return errors.Annotate(err, "marshalling trigger result").Err()
_, err = dump.Write(b)
if err != nil {
return errors.Annotate(err, "writing json dump").Err()
if !c.defaultFlags.Quiet {
fmt.Println("To collect results use:")
fmt.Printf(" swarming collect -server %s -requests-json %s\n", c.serverURL, c.dumpJSON)
} else if !c.defaultFlags.Quiet {
fmt.Println("To collect results use:")
fmt.Printf(" swarming collect -server %s %s", c.serverURL, result.TaskId)
duration := time.Since(start)
log.Printf("Duration: %s\n", units.Round(duration, time.Millisecond))
return nil
func (c *triggerRun) processTriggerOptions(args []string, env subcommands.Env) *swarming.SwarmingRpcsNewTaskRequest {
var inputsRefs *swarming.SwarmingRpcsFilesRef
var commands []string
var extraArgs []string
if c.rawCmd {
commands = args
} else {
extraArgs = args
if c.taskName != "" {
c.taskName = fmt.Sprintf("%s/%s", c.user, namePartFromDimensions(c.dimensions))
if c.isolated != "" {
if len(c.taskName) == 0 {
c.taskName = fmt.Sprintf("%s/%s", c.taskName, c.isolated)
inputsRefs = &swarming.SwarmingRpcsFilesRef{
Isolated: c.isolated,
Isolatedserver: c.isolateServer,
Namespace: c.namespace,
properties := swarming.SwarmingRpcsTaskProperties{
Command: commands,
Dimensions: mapToArray(c.dimensions),
Env: mapToArray(c.env),
ExecutionTimeoutSecs: c.hardTimeout,
ExtraArgs: extraArgs,
GracePeriodSecs: 30,
Idempotent: c.idempotent,
InputsRef: inputsRefs,
Outputs: c.outputs,
IoTimeoutSecs: c.ioTimeout,
if len(c.cipdPackage) > 0 {
pkgs := []*swarming.SwarmingRpcsCipdPackage{}
for k, v := range c.cipdPackage {
s := strings.SplitN(k, ":", 2)
pkg := swarming.SwarmingRpcsCipdPackage{
PackageName: s[len(s)-1],
Version: v,
if len(s) > 1 {
pkg.Path = s[0]
pkgs = append(pkgs, &pkg)
properties.CipdInput = &swarming.SwarmingRpcsCipdInput{Packages: pkgs}
return &swarming.SwarmingRpcsNewTaskRequest{
ExpirationSecs: c.hardTimeout,
Name: c.taskName,
ParentTaskId: env["SWARMING_TASK_ID"].Value,
Priority: c.priority,
Properties: &properties,
Tags: c.tags,
User: c.user,