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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
package svcconfig;
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "google/protobuf/duration.proto";
// Config is the overall instance configuration.
message Config {
// Configuration for the Butler's log transport.
Transport transport = 10;
// Configuration for intermediate Storage.
Storage storage = 11;
// Coordinator is the coordinator service configuration.
Coordinator coordinator = 20;
// Collector is the collector fleet configuration.
Collector collector = 21;
// Archivist microservice configuration.
Archivist archivist = 22;
// Coordinator is the Coordinator service configuration.
message Coordinator {
// The name of the authentication group for administrators.
string admin_auth_group = 10;
// The name of the authentication group for backend services.
string service_auth_group = 11;
// A list of origin URLs that are allowed to perform CORS RPC calls.
repeated string rpc_allow_origins = 20;
// The maximum amount of time after a prefix has been registered when log
// streams may also be registered under that prefix.
// After the expiration period has passed, new log stream registration will
// fail.
// Project configurations or stream prefix regitrations may override this by
// providing >= 0 values for prefix expiration. The smallest configured
// expiration will be applied.
google.protobuf.Duration prefix_expiration = 21;
// The full path of the archival Pub/Sub topic.
// The Coordinator must have permission to publish to this topic.
string archive_topic = 30;
// The amount of time after an archive request has been dispatched before it
// should be executed.
// Since terminal messages can arrive out of order, the archival request may
// be kicked off before all of the log stream data has been loaded into
// intermediate storage. If this happens, the Archivist will retry archival
// later autometically.
// This parameter is an optimization to stop the archivist from wasting its
// time until the log stream has a reasonable expectation of being available.
google.protobuf.Duration archive_settle_delay = 31;
// The amount of time before a log stream is candidate for archival regardless
// of whether or not it's been terminated or complete.
// This is a failsafe designed to ensure that log streams with missing records
// or no terminal record (e.g., Butler crashed) are eventually archived.
// This should be fairly large (days) to avoid prematurely archiving
// long-running streams, but should be considerably smaller than the
// intermediate storage data retention period.
// If a project's "max_stream_age" is smaller than this value, it will be used
// on that project's streams.
google.protobuf.Duration archive_delay_max = 32;
// Collector is the set of configuration parameters for Collector instances.
message Collector {
// The maximum number of concurrent transport messages to process. If <= 0,
// a default will be chosen based on the transport.
int32 max_concurrent_messages = 1;
// The maximum number of concurrent workers to process each ingested message.
// If <= 0, collector.DefaultMaxMessageWorkers will be used.
int32 max_message_workers = 2;
// The maximum number of log stream states to cache locally. If <= 0, a
// default will be used.
int32 state_cache_size = 3;
// The maximum amount of time that cached stream state is valid. If <= 0, a
// default will be used.
google.protobuf.Duration state_cache_expiration = 4;
// Configuration for the Archivist microservice.
message Archivist {
// The name of the archival Pub/Sub subscription.
// This should be connected to "archive_topic", and the Archivist must have
// permission to consume from this subscription.
string subscription = 1;
// The number of tasks to run at a time. If blank, the archivist will choose a
// default value.
int32 tasks = 2;
// The name of the staging storage bucket. All projects will share the same
// staging bucket. Logs for a project will be staged under:
// gs://<gs_staging_bucket>/<app-id>/<project-name>/...
string gs_staging_bucket = 3;
// Service-wide index configuration. This is used if per-project configuration
// is not specified.
ArchiveIndexConfig archive_index_config = 10;
// If true, always render the log entries as a binary file during archival,
// regardless of whether a specific stream has a binary file extension.
// By default, a stream will only be rendered as a binary if its descriptor
// includes a non-empty binary file extension field.
// The binary stream consists of each log entry's data rendered back-to-back.
// - For text streams, this produces a text document similar to the source
// text.
// - For binary streams and datagram streams, this reproduces the source
// contiguous binary file.
// - For datagram streams, the size-prefixed datagrams are written back-to-
// back.
// Enabling this option will consume roughly twice the archival space, as each
// stream's data will be archived once as a series of log entries and once as
// a binary file.
// Streams without an explicit binary file extension will default to ".bin" if
// this is enabled.
bool render_all_streams = 13;