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// Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Schema for project-level configuration in luci-notify.
// luci-notify users can define custom email templates,
// see [](
syntax = "proto3";
package notify;
option go_package = "config";
import "";
// ProjectConfig is a luci-notify configuration for a particular project.
message ProjectConfig {
// Notifiers is a list of Notifiers which watch builders and send
// notifications for this project.
repeated Notifier notifiers = 1;
// Notifier contains a set of notification configurations (which specify
// triggers to send notifications on) and a set of builders that will be
// watched for these triggers.
message Notifier {
// Name is an identifier for the notifier which must be unique within a
// project.
// Name must additionally match ^[a-z\-]+$, meaning it must only
// use an alphabet of lowercase characters and hyphens.
// Required.
string name = 1;
// Notifications is a list of notification configurations.
repeated Notification notifications = 2;
// Builders is a list of buildbucket builders this Notifier should watch.
repeated Builder builders = 3;
// Notification specifies the triggers to watch for and send
// notifications on. It also specifies email recipients.
// Next ID: 8.
message Notification {
// Email is a message representing a set of mail recipients (email
// addresses).
message Email {
// Recipients is a list of email addresses to notify.
repeated string recipients = 1;
// Blamelist is a message representing configuration for notifying the blamelist.
message Blamelist {
// A list of repositories which we are allowed to be included as part of the
// blamelist. If unset, a blamelist will be computed based on a Builder's
// repository field. If set, however luci-notify computes the blamelist for
// all commits related to a build (which may span multiple repositories) which
// are part of repository in this repository whitelist.
// Repositories should be valid Gerrit/Gitiles repository URLs, such as
// Optional.
repeated string repository_whitelist = 1;
// Notify on each build success.
bool on_success = 1;
// Notify on each build failure.
bool on_failure = 2;
// Notify on each build status different than the previous one.
bool on_change = 3;
// Notify on each build failure unless the previous build was a failure.
bool on_new_failure = 7;
// Email is the set of email addresses to notify.
// Optional.
Email email = 4;
// Refers to which project template name to use to format this email.
// If not present, "default" will be used.
// Optional.
string template = 5;
// NotifyBlamelist specifies whether to notify the computed blamelist for a
// given build.
// If set, this notification will be sent to the blamelist of a build. Note
// that if this is set in multiple notifications pertaining to the same
// builder, the blamelist may recieve multiple emails.
// Optional.
Blamelist notify_blamelist = 6;
// Builder references a buildbucket builder in the current project.
message Builder {
// Bucket is the buildbucket bucket that the builder is a part of.
// Required.
string bucket = 1;
// Name is the name of the buildbucket builder.
// Required.
string name = 2;
// Repository is the git repository associated with this particular builder.
// The repository should look like a URL, e.g.
// Currently, luci-notify only supports Gerrit-like URLs since it checks
// against gitiles commits, so the URL's path (e.g. "src" in the above
// example) should map directly to a Gerrit project.
// Builds attached to the history of this repository will use this
// repository's git history to determine the order between two builds for the
// OnChange notification.
// Optional.
// If not set, OnChange notifications will derive their notion of
// "previous" build solely from build creation time, which is potentially
// less reliable.
string repository = 3;
// Notifications encapsulates a list of notifications as a proto so code for
// storing it in the datastore may be generated.
message Notifications {
// Notifications is a list of notification configurations.
repeated Notification notifications = 1;
// A collection of landed Git commits hosted on Gitiles.
message GitilesCommits {
// The Gitiles commits in this collection.
repeated buildbucket.v2.GitilesCommit commits = 1;