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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package model
import (
google_pb ""
dm ""
bf ""
// AttemptRetryState indicates the current state of the Attempt's retry
// counters.
type AttemptRetryState struct {
Failed uint32
Expired uint32
TimedOut uint32
Crashed uint32
// Reset resets all of the AttemptRetryState counters.
func (a *AttemptRetryState) Reset() {
*a = AttemptRetryState{}
// Attempt is the datastore model for a DM Attempt. It has no parent key, but
// it may have the following children entities:
// * FwdDep
// * AttemptResult
// Additionally, every Attempt has an associated BackDepGroup whose ID equals
// the ID of this Attempt.
type Attempt struct {
ID dm.Attempt_ID `gae:"$id"`
Created time.Time
Modified time.Time
State dm.Attempt_State
RetryState AttemptRetryState
// IsAbnormal is true iff State==ABNORMAL_FINISHED, used for walk_graph.
IsAbnormal bool
// A lazily-updated boolean to reflect that this Attempt is expired for
// queries.
IsExpired bool
// Contains either data (State==FINISHED) or abnormal_finish (State==ABNORMAL_FINISHED)
// Does not contain the `data.object` field (which is in the AttemptResult,1 object)
Result dm.Result `gae:",noindex"`
// TODO(iannucci): Use CurExecution as a 'deps block version'
// then we can have an 'ANY' directive which executes the attempt as soon
// as any of the dependencies are ready. If it adds more deps in ANY mode,
// the bitmaps get /extended/, and new deps bit indices are added to the
// existing max.
// If it adds more deps in ALL mode, it just converts from ANY -> ALL mode
// and follows the current behavior.
// CurExecution is the maximum Execution ID for this Attempt so far. Execution
// IDs are contiguous from [1, CurExecution]. If the State is not currently
// Executing, then CurExecution represents the execution that JUST finished
// (or 0 if no Executions have been made yet).
CurExecution uint32
// LastSuccessfulExecution is the execution ID of the last successful
// execution, or 0 if no such execution occured yet.
LastSuccessfulExecution uint32
// DepMap is valid only while Attempt is in a State of EXECUTING or WAITING.
// The size of this field is inspected to deteremine what the next state after
// EXECUTING is. If the size == 0, it means the Attempt should move to the
// FINISHED state. Otherwise it means that the Attempt should move to the
// WAITING state.
// A bit field value of 0 means that the dep is currently waiting, and a bit
// value of 1 means that the coresponding dep is satisfined. The Attempt can
// be unblocked from WAITING back to SCHEDULING when all bits are set to 1.
DepMap bf.BitField `gae:",noindex" json:"-"`
// MakeAttempt is a convenience function to create a new Attempt model in
// the NeedsExecution state.
func MakeAttempt(c context.Context, aid *dm.Attempt_ID) *Attempt {
now := clock.Now(c).UTC()
return &Attempt{
ID: *aid,
Created: now,
Modified: now,
// ModifyState changes the current state of this Attempt and updates its
// Modified timestamp.
func (a *Attempt) ModifyState(c context.Context, newState dm.Attempt_State) error {
if a.State == newState {
return nil
if err := a.State.Evolve(newState); err != nil {
return err
now := clock.Now(c).UTC()
if now.After(a.Modified) {
a.Modified = now
} else {
// Microsecond is the smallest granularity that datastore can store
// timestamps, so use that to disambiguate: the goal here is that any
// modification always increments the modified time, and never decrements
// it.
a.Modified = a.Modified.Add(time.Microsecond)
return nil
// ToProto returns a dm proto version of this Attempt.
func (a *Attempt) ToProto(withData bool) *dm.Attempt {
ret := dm.Attempt{Id: &a.ID}
if withData {
ret.Data = a.DataProto()
return &ret
// DataProto returns an Attempt.Data message for this Attempt.
func (a *Attempt) DataProto() (ret *dm.Attempt_Data) {
switch a.State {
case dm.Attempt_SCHEDULING:
ret = dm.NewAttemptScheduling().Data
case dm.Attempt_EXECUTING:
ret = dm.NewAttemptExecuting(a.CurExecution).Data
case dm.Attempt_WAITING:
ret = dm.NewAttemptWaiting(a.DepMap.Size() - a.DepMap.CountSet()).Data
case dm.Attempt_FINISHED:
ret = dm.NewAttemptFinished(a.Result.Data).Data
case dm.Attempt_ABNORMAL_FINISHED:
ret = dm.NewAttemptAbnormalFinish(a.Result.AbnormalFinish).Data
panic(fmt.Errorf("unknown Attempt_State: %s", a.State))
ret.Created = google_pb.NewTimestamp(a.Created)
ret.Modified = google_pb.NewTimestamp(a.Modified)
ret.NumExecutions = a.CurExecution
return ret