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#!/usr/bin/env vpython
# coding: utf-8
# Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import logging
import os
import sys
import unittest
# Sets up environment.
import test_env_handlers
import webtest
import handlers_frontend
import template
from server import bot_code
class FrontendTest(test_env_handlers.AppTestBase):
def setUp(self):
super(FrontendTest, self).setUp()
# By default requests in tests are coming from bot with fake IP. = webtest.TestApp(
'REMOTE_ADDR': self.source_ip,
def tearDown(self):
super(FrontendTest, self).tearDown()
def test_root(self):
response ='/', status=200)
self.assertGreater(len(response.body), 600)
def test_all_swarming_handlers_secured(self):
# Test that all handlers are accessible only to authenticated user or
# bots. Assumes all routes are defined with plain paths (i.e.
# '/some/handler/path' and not regexps).
# URL prefixes that correspond to routes that are not protected by swarming
# app code. It may be routes that do not require login or routes protected
# by GAE itself via 'login: admin' in app.yaml.
using_app_login_prefixes = (
public_urls = frozenset([
# Grab the set of all routes.
app =
routes = set(app.router.match_routes)
# Get all routes that are not protected by GAE auth mechanism.
routes_to_check = [
route for route in routes
if (route.template not in public_urls and
not route.template.startswith(using_app_login_prefixes))
# Produces a body to POST to a /swarming/api/v1/bot/* request.
def fake_body_for_bot_request(path):
body = {'id': 'bot-id', 'task_id': 'task_id'}
if path == '/swarming/api/v1/bot/oauth_token':
body.update({'account_id': 'system', 'scopes': ['a', 'b']})
return body
# Helper function that executes GET or POST handler for corresponding route
# and asserts it returns 403 or 405.
def check_protected(route, method):
assert method in ('GET', 'POST')
# Get back original path from regexp.
path = route.template
if path[0] == '^':
path = path[1:]
if path[-1] == '$':
path = path[:-1]
headers = {}
body = ''
if method == 'POST' and path.startswith('/swarming/api/v1/bot/'):
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
body = json.dumps(fake_body_for_bot_request(path))
response = getattr(, method.lower())(
path, body, expect_errors=True, headers=headers)
message = ('%s handler is not protected: %s, '
'returned %s' % (method, path, response))
self.assertIn(response.status_int, (302, 403, 405), msg=message)
if response.status_int == 302:
# There's two reasons, either login or redirect to api-explorer.
options = (
response.headers['Location'].startswith(options), route)
# Try to execute 'get' and 'post' and verify they fail with 403 or 405.
for route in routes_to_check:
if '<' in route.template:
# Sadly, the url cannot be used as-is. Figure out a way to test them
# easily.
check_protected(route, 'GET')
check_protected(route, 'POST')
def test_task_redirect(self):
self.set_as_anonymous()'/user/tasks', status=302)'/user/task/123', status=302)'/tasks/123', status=302)
def test_bot_redirect(self):
self.set_as_anonymous()'/restricted/bots', status=302)'/restricted/bot/bot321', status=302)
# Admin-specific management pages.
def test_bootstrap_default(self):
self.mock(bot_code, 'generate_bootstrap_token', lambda: 'bootstrap-token')
actual ='/bootstrap').body
path = os.path.join(self.APP_DIR, 'swarming_bot', 'config', '')
with open(path, 'rb') as f:
expected =
header = (u'#!/usr/bin/env python\n'
'# coding: utf-8\n'
'host_url = \'http://localhost\'\n'
'bootstrap_token = \'bootstrap-token\'\n')
self.assertEqual(header + expected, actual)
def test_config(self):
if __name__ == '__main__':
if '-v' in sys.argv:
unittest.TestCase.maxDiff = None
level=logging.DEBUG if '-v' in sys.argv else logging.CRITICAL,
format='%(levelname)-7s %(filename)s:%(lineno)3d %(message)s')