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// Copyright 2016 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
package recipe_engine;
message DepSpec {
// (required) The URL of where to fetch the repo. Must be a valid git URL.
// If you wish to avoid network/git operations, please use the `-O` override
// functionality of See also ` bundle`.
string url = 1;
// (required) The ref to git-fetch when syncing this dependency.
// This must be an absolute ref which the server at `url` recognizes (e.g.
// 'refs/heads/...').
// DEPRECATED: Short refs (like 'main') will be implicitly converted to
// 'refs/heads/...' with a warning.
string branch = 2;
// (required) The git commit that we depend on.
string revision = 3;
// These options control the behavior of the autoroller recipe:
message AutorollRecipeOptions {
// These control the behavior of the autoroller when it finds a trivial roll
// (i.e. a roll without expectation changes).
message TrivialOptions {
// One of these email addresses will be randomly selected to be TBR'd.
repeated string tbr_emails = 1;
// If true, the autoroller recipe will automatically CQ the change.
bool automatic_commit = 2;
// If true and automatic_commit is false, the autoroller recipe will
// automatically do a CQ dry run when uploading the change.
bool dry_run = 3;
enum SelfApproveMethod {
// Will set Bot-Commit+1 label.
// Will set Code-Review+1 label.
// Will set Code-Review+2 label.
// Will not set any labels besides Commit-Queue.
SelfApproveMethod self_approve_method = 4;
TrivialOptions trivial = 1;
// These control the behavior of the autoroller when it finds a non-trivial
// roll (i.e. a roll with expectation changes but which otherwise completes
// the simulation tests).
message NontrivialOptions {
// These add additional reviewer emails on the change.
repeated string extra_reviewer_emails = 1;
// If true, the autoroller recipe will automatically do a CQ dry run when
// uploading the change.
bool automatic_commit_dry_run = 2;
// If true, the autoroller recipe will set the Auto-Submit+1 label when
// uploading the change. This should only be enabled for projects which
// support Auto-Submit.
bool set_autosubmit = 3;
NontrivialOptions nontrivial = 2;
// Make the autoroller skip this repo entirely with a human-readable message.
string disable_reason = 3;
// If true, skip the autoroller will skip CCing authors of CLs in this repo
// when rolling those CLs downstream.
bool no_cc_authors = 4;
// If true, don't use the --r-owner option to 'git cl upload'.
bool no_owners = 5;
message RepoSpec {
// The "API Version" of this proto. Should always equal 2, currently.
int32 api_version = 1; // Version 2
// The "repo name" of this recipe repository. This becomes
// the prefix in DEPS when something depends on one of this repo's modules
// (e.g. DEPS=["recipe_engine/path"]).
// By convention, this should match the luci-config project_id for this repo,
// but the only requirements are that:
// * It is unique within its recipes microcosm (i.e. no dependency tree of
// recipe repos can ever have two repos with the same name).
// * It must not contain slashes.
// One of 'repo_name' and 'project_id' (the old field) must be specified;
// 'repo_name' takes precedence, and the autoroller will upgrade all
// recipes.cfg files to have both. Eventually we will remove 'project_id'.
string repo_name = 7;
// Deprecated: The old field for specifying repo_name.
string project_id = 2;
// This is the URL which points to the 'source of truth' for this repo. It's
// meant to be used for documentation generation.
string canonical_repo_url = 3;
// The path (using forward slashes) to where the base of the recipes are found
// in the repo (i.e. where the "recipes" and/or "recipe_modules" directories
// live).
string recipes_path = 4;
// A mapping of a dependency ("repo_name") to spec needed to fetch its code.
map<string, DepSpec> deps = 5;
// The autoroller options for this repo. These options will be respected by
// the autoroller recipe (which currently lives here:
// ).
AutorollRecipeOptions autoroll_recipe_options = 6;
// If true, ` test train` will not generate the
// docs file, and ` test run` will not assert that the docs file is
// up-to-date.
bool no_docs = 8;
// DEPRECATED; python3 is always required.
bool require_py3_compatibility = 9;
// DEPRECATED; python3 is always used.
bool py3_only = 10;
// If true, this repo will not allow any tests to exit with a status code that
// mismatches the expected status of the `test` kwarg of the test data (e.g.
// `yield api.test("name", ..., status="FAILURE")`), which defaults to SUCCESS
// if not specified.
bool enforce_test_expected_status = 11;
// Emitted by the ` dump_specs` command.
message DepRepoSpecs {
map<string, RepoSpec> repo_specs = 1;