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# Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
"""Defines all explicitly raised exception types for the recipe engine."""
class RecipeUsageError(Exception):
"""Base exception class for all errors raised due to some misuse of the
recipes system (i.e. a problem with a user's recipe repo, recipe code, module
code, etc.)
Caught by the recipe engine in ``.
class RecipeLoadError(RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when loading a recipe raises a non-syntax exception."""
class RecipeSyntaxError(SyntaxError, RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when a recipe has invalid syntax."""
class MalformedRecipeError(RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when a recipe doesn't contain RunSteps + GenTests."""
class CyclicalDependencyError(RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when a module depends on itself (possibly transitively)."""
class UnknownRepoName(RecipeUsageError, KeyError):
"""Raised when an unknown repo_name is referenced."""
class UnknownRecipeModule(RecipeUsageError, KeyError):
"""Raised when an unknown recipe module is referenced."""
class UnknownRecipe(RecipeUsageError, KeyError):
"""Raised when an unknown recipe is referenced."""
class UndefinedPropertyException(RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when invoking a RunSteps or RecipeApiPlain constructor where the
arguments don't match the PROPERTIES for that invocation."""
class BadProtoDefinitions(RecipeUsageError):
"""Raised when multiple repos have the same .proto file."""
class RecipeEngineError(Exception):
"""Base exception class for all errors due to an error within the recipe
class GitFetchError(RecipeEngineError):
"""Raised when recipe_engine.internal.fetch.GitBackend fails a git
class UnresolvedRefspec(RecipeEngineError):
"""Raised from fetch.Backend.assert_resolved if the given revision is,
in fact, not resolved."""
### BaseException-derived exceptions.
class CrashEngine(BaseException):
"""Raised from the engine when the user-provided functions (like step
callbacks) raise an exception.
This exception should only be handled by the recipe engine.
def __init__(self, reason):
super(CrashEngine, self).__init__(reason)
self.reason = reason