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# Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import inspect
from future.utils import iteritems
from ..recipe_api import BoundProperty, PROPERTY_SENTINEL
from .exceptions import UndefinedPropertyException
def _invoke_with_properties(callable_obj, all_props, environ, prop_defs,
arg_names, **additional_args):
"""Internal version of invoke_with_properties.
The main difference is it gets passed the argument names as `arg_names`.
This allows us to reuse this logic elsewhere, without defining a fake function
which has arbitrary argument names.
for name, prop in iteritems(prop_defs):
if not isinstance(prop, BoundProperty):
raise ValueError(
"You tried to invoke {} with an unbound Property {} named {}".format(
callable_obj, prop, name))
# Maps parameter names to property names
param_name_mapping = {
prop.param_name: name for name, prop in iteritems(prop_defs)
props = []
for param_name in arg_names:
if param_name in additional_args:
if param_name not in param_name_mapping:
raise UndefinedPropertyException(
"Missing property definition for parameter '{}'.".format(param_name))
prop_name = param_name_mapping[param_name]
if prop_name not in prop_defs:
raise UndefinedPropertyException(
"Missing property value for '{}'.".format(prop_name))
prop = prop_defs[prop_name]
prop.interpret(all_props.get(prop_name, PROPERTY_SENTINEL), environ))
return callable_obj(*props, **additional_args)
def invoke_with_properties(callable_obj, all_props, environ, prop_defs,
Invokes callable with filtered, type-checked properties.
callable_obj: The function to call, or class to instantiate.
This supports passing in either RunSteps, or a recipe module,
which is a class.
all_props: A dictionary containing all the properties (strings) currently
defined in the system.
environ: A dictionary with environment to use for resolving 'from_environ'
properties (usually os.environ, but replaced in tests).
prop_defs: A dictionary of property name to property definitions
(BoundProperty) for this callable.
additional_args: kwargs to pass through to the callable.
Note that the names of the arguments can correspond to
positional arguments as well.
The result of calling callable with the filtered properties
and additional arguments.
# To detect when they didn't specify a property that they have as a
# function argument, list the arguments, through inspection,
# and then comparing this list to the provided properties. We use a list
# instead of a dict because getargspec returns a list which we would have to
# convert to a dictionary, and the benefit of the dictionary is pretty small.
if inspect.isclass(callable_obj):
arg_names = inspect.getargspec(callable_obj.__init__).args
arg_names.pop(0) # 'self'
arg_names = inspect.getargspec(callable_obj).args
return _invoke_with_properties(callable_obj, all_props, environ, prop_defs,
arg_names, **additional_args)