Roll CAS Client from 0632b20143dc to a84377ac0800

2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from 6703ffb1f305 to 587e6b53940e (1 revision)
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from f9c031570696 to 6703ffb1f305 (1 revision)
2024-03-28 shivas: add label connection_type
2024-03-28 siso: use base64 encoding for cmdhash
2024-03-28 siso: don't check --cog_experimental flag
2024-03-28 [cloudbots] [cft] Mount .ssh/config to cros-test container
2024-03-28 siso: implement fmt.Stringer for hashfs.UpdateEntry
2024-03-28 Roll chromiumos/config from a0a7b6c225cd to 2ec6b76c1c5a (1 revision)
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from 50195ed772ca to f9c031570696 (1 revision)
2024-03-28 siso: record handler stacktrace in siso_output too
2024-03-28 siso: show output of fail step
2024-03-28 siso: experiment cog/buildfs support
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from d256df9e6111 to 50195ed772ca (1 revision)
2024-03-28 [images] Roll pinned docker image tags.
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from 432df9f9ba23 to d256df9e6111 (2 revisions)
2024-03-28 Roll chromiumos/infra/proto from adea1a246284 to bebeae200056 (1 revision)
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from 41aa5d62246c to 432df9f9ba23 (1 revision)
2024-03-28 skylab: add default value for chameleon_connection_types and chameleon_type
2024-03-28 Roll luci-go from b00442272dfc to 41aa5d62246c (2 revisions)

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  1. doc/
  2. infra/
  3. misc/
  4. recipe_engine/
  5. recipe_modules/
  6. recipe_proto/
  7. recipes/
  8. unittests/
  9. .gitattributes
  10. .gitignore
  11. .pycharm.vpython3
  12. .style.yapf
  13. .vpython3
  14. .vscode.vpython3
  16. codereview.settings
  19. OWNERS
  21. pyproject.toml
  24. recipe.warnings


Recipes are a domain-specific language (embedded in Python) for specifying sequences of subprocess calls in a cross-platform and testable way.

They allow writing build flows which integrate with the rest of LUCI.

Documentation for the recipe engine (including this file!). Take a look at the user guide for some hints on how to get started. See the implementation details doc for more detailed implementation information about the recipe engine.


  • Sign the Google CLA.
  • Make sure your and are configured in git config.

Run the following to setup the code review tool and create your first review:

# Get `depot_tools` in $PATH if you don't have it
git clone $HOME/src/depot_tools
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/src/depot_tools"

# Check out the recipe engine repo
git clone $HOME/src/recipes-py

# make your change
cd $HOME/src/recipes-py
git new-branch cool_feature
# hack hack
git commit -a -m "This is awesome"

# This will ask for your Google Account credentials.
git cl upload -s -r
# Wait for approval over email.
# Click "Submit to CQ" button or ask reviewer to do it for you.
# Wait for the change to be tested and landed automatically.

Use git cl help and git cl help <cmd> for more details.