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#!/usr/bin/env vpython3
# Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import contextlib
import copy
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import test_env
from recipe_engine.internal.simple_cfg import RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_REL
def fake_git():
fake_git_dir = os.path.join(test_env.ROOT_DIR, 'unittests', 'fakegit')
cur_path = os.environ['PATH']
os.environ['PATH'] = os.pathsep.join([fake_git_dir, cur_path])
os.environ['PATH'] = cur_path
class TestOverride(test_env.RecipeEngineUnitTest):
def test_simple(self):
deps = self.FakeRecipeDeps()
upstream = deps.add_repo('upstream')
with upstream.write_module('up_mod') as mod:
def foo(self):
self.m.step('do the foo', ['echo', 'foo'])
up_commit = upstream.commit('add up_mod')
with deps.main_repo.edit_recipes_cfg_pb2() as pb:
pb.deps['upstream'].revision = up_commit.revision
with deps.main_repo.write_recipe('my_recipe') as recipe:
recipe.DEPS = ['upstream/up_mod']
# Training the recipes should work.
deps.main_repo.recipes_py('test', 'train')
deps.main_repo.commit('add my_recipe')
# Using upstream no-op override should also work.
deps.main_repo.recipes_py('-O', 'upstream='+upstream.path,
'test', 'train')
# Make another repo, then remove our dependency on it.
other_upstream = deps.add_repo('other_upstream')
with deps.main_repo.edit_recipes_cfg_pb2() as pb:
del pb.deps['other_upstream']
# Then using an override pointing to a repo without up_mod should fail.
output, retcode = deps.main_repo.recipes_py(
'-O', 'upstream='+other_upstream.path, 'test', 'train')
self.assertEqual(retcode, 1)
('"No module named \'up_mod\' in repo \'other_upstream\'."'),
def test_bundle(self):
deps = self.FakeRecipeDeps()
upstream = deps.add_repo('upstream')
with fake_git():
# Training the recipes, overriding just 'upstream' should fail because
# it will try to fetch the engine.
output, retcode = deps.main_repo.recipes_py(
# Provide --package to bypass all git calls in
os.path.join(deps.main_repo.path, RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_REL),
'-O', 'upstream='+upstream.path,
'test', 'train'
self.assertEqual(retcode, 1)
self.assertIn('Git "init" failed', output)
output, retcode = deps.main_repo.recipes_py(
RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_REL), '--proto-override',
os.path.join(test_env.ROOT_DIR, '.recipe_deps',
'_pb%s' % sys.version[0]), '-O',
'upstream=' + upstream.path, '-O',
'recipe_engine=' + test_env.ROOT_DIR, 'test', 'train')
self.assertEqual(retcode, 0, output)
if __name__ == '__main__':