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# Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import calendar
import httplib
import json
import logging
import os
import re
import shutil
import sys
import tarfile
import time
from cStringIO import StringIO
from collections import namedtuple
import requests
from google.protobuf import json_format
from .. import util
from ..third_party import subprocess42
from . import gitattr_checker
from . import simple_cfg
from .exceptions import GitFetchError, UnresolvedRefspec
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# revision (str): the revision of this commit (i.e. hash)
# author_email (str|None): the email of the author of this commit
# commit_timestamp (int): the unix commit timestamp for this commit
# message_lines (tuple(str)): the message of this commit
# spec (SimpleRecipesCfg): the parsed infra/config/recipes.cfg file or None.
# roll_candidate (bool): if this commit contains changes which are known to
# affect the behavior of the recipes (i.e. modifications within recipe_path
# and/or modifications to recipes.cfg)
CommitMetadata = namedtuple(
'revision author_email commit_timestamp message_lines spec roll_candidate')
class Backend(object):
def __init__(self, checkout_dir, repo_url):
checkout_dir (str): native absolute path to local directory that this
Backend will manage.
repo_url (str|None): url to remote repository that this Backend will
connect to. If None, then the repo will be assumed to exist at
checkout_dir and all write operations will be disabled.
self.checkout_dir = checkout_dir
self.repo_url = repo_url
### shared public implementations, do not override
# This is a simple mapping of
# repo_url -> git_revision -> commit_metadata()
# It only holds cache entries for git commits (e.g. sha1 hashes)
# This matches git commit hashes.
_COMMIT_RE = re.compile(r'^[a-fA-F0-9]{40}$')
def commit_metadata(self, refspec):
"""Cached version of _commit_metadata_impl.
The refspec will be resolved if it's not absolute.
Returns (CommitMetadata).
revision = self.resolve_refspec(refspec)
key = self.repo_url
if key is None:
key = self.checkout_dir
cache = self._GIT_METADATA_CACHE.setdefault(key, {})
if revision not in cache:
cache[revision] = self._commit_metadata_impl(revision)
return cache[revision]
def is_resolved_revision(cls, revision):
return cls._COMMIT_RE.match(revision)
def assert_resolved(cls, revision):
if not cls.is_resolved_revision(revision):
raise UnresolvedRefspec('unresolved refspec %r' % revision)
def resolve_refspec(self, refspec):
if self.is_resolved_revision(refspec):
return refspec
return self._resolve_refspec_impl(refspec)
def updates(self, revision, other_revision):
"""Returns a list of revisions |revision| through |other_revision|
Returns list(CommitMetadata) - The commit metadata in the range
return self._updates_impl(revision, other_revision)
### direct overrides. These are public methods which must be overridden.
def fetch(self, refspec):
"""Does a fetch for the provided refspec (e.g. get all data from remote), if
this backend supports it. Otherwise does nothing.
refspec (str) - a git refspec which is resolvable on the
remote git repo, e.g. 'refs/heads/master', 'deadbeef...face', etc.
raise NotImplementedError()
def checkout(self, refspec, revision=None):
"""Checks out given |repo| at |refspec| to |checkout_dir|.
refspec (str) - a git refspec which is resolvable on the
remote git repo, e.g. 'refs/heads/master', 'deadbeef...face', etc.
revesion (str|None) - A pre-resolved revision to checkout.
# TODO(iannucci): Alter the contract for this method so that it only checks
# out the files referred to according to the rules that the bundle
# subcommand uses.
raise NotImplementedError()
def cat_file(self, revision, file_path):
"""Returns the bytes of the given |file_path| in |revision|.
revision (str) - The revision to cat the file from.
file_path (str) - The git path for the file (from the root of the repo).
Returns the file contents as a str.
raise NotImplementedError()
def ls_files(self, *args):
"""Returns the stdout from `git ls-files *args` in this repo.
args (List[str]) - Additional arguments to pass to ls_files.
Returns the stdout of the command.
raise NotImplementedError()
### private overrides. Override these in the implementations, but don't call
### externally.
def _updates_impl(self, revision, other_revision):
"""Returns a list of revisions |revision| through |other_revision|. This
includes |revision| and |other_revision|.
revision (str) - the first git commit
other_revision (str) - the second git commit
Returns list(CommitMetadata) - The commit metadata in the range
raise NotImplementedError()
def _resolve_refspec_impl(self, refspec):
"""Resolves the refspec to it's current REMOTE value.
This must resolve to the remote value even when using a local clone (i.e.
refspec (str) - a git refspec which is resolvable on the
remote git repo, e.g. 'refs/heads/master', 'deadbeef...face', etc.
Returns (str) - The git commit for the given refspec.
raise NotImplementedError()
def _commit_metadata_impl(self, revision):
"""Returns CommitMetadata for commit |revision|."""
raise NotImplementedError()
class GitBackend(Backend):
"""GitBackend uses a local git checkout."""
if sys.platform.startswith(('win', 'cygwin')):
GIT_BINARY = 'git.bat'
GIT_BINARY = 'git'
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(GitBackend, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self._did_ensure = False
self._gitattr_checker = gitattr_checker.AttrChecker(self.checkout_dir)
def _git(self, *args):
"""Runs a git command.
Will automatically set low speed limit/time, and cd into the checkout_dir.
*args (str) - The list of command arguments to pass to git.
Raises GitFetchError on failure.
if self.GIT_BINARY.endswith('.bat'):
# On the esteemed Windows Operating System, '^' is an escape character.
# Since .bat files are running cmd.exe under the hood, they interpret this
# escape character. We need to ultimately get a single ^, so we need two
# ^'s for when we invoke the .bat, and each of those needs to be escaped
# when the bat ultimately invokes the git.exe binary. This leaves us with
# a total of 4x the ^'s that we originally wanted. Hooray.
args = [a.replace('^', '^^^^') for a in args]
cmd = [
'-c', 'advice.detachedHead=false', # to avoid spamming logs
'-C', self.checkout_dir,
] + list(args)
return self._execute(*cmd)
except subprocess42.CalledProcessError as e:
raise GitFetchError('%r failed: %s: %s' % (cmd, e.message, e.output))
def _execute(self, *args):
"""Runs a raw command. Separate so it's easily mockable."""'Running: %s', args)
process = subprocess42.Popen(
args, stdout=subprocess42.PIPE, stderr=subprocess42.PIPE)
output, stderr = process.communicate()
retcode = process.poll()
if retcode:
if output and stderr:
new_output = 'STDOUT\n%s\nSTDERR\n%s' % (output, stderr)
new_output = output or stderr
raise subprocess42.CalledProcessError(
retcode, args, new_output)
return output
def _ensure_local_repo_exists(self):
"""Ensures that self.checkout_dir is a valid git repository. Safe to call
multiple times. If this is sucessful, the GitBackend will not try to
re-initialize the checkout_dir again.
Raises GitFetchError if it detected that checkout_dir is likely not a valid git
if self._did_ensure:
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(self.checkout_dir, '.git')):
# note that it's safe to re-init an existing git repo. This should allow
# us to switch between GitBackend and other Backends.
self._execute(self.GIT_BINARY, 'init', self.checkout_dir)
self._did_ensure = True
except subprocess42.CalledProcessError as e:
raise GitFetchError(False, 'Git "init" failed: '+e.message)
def _has_rev(self, revision):
"""Returns True iff the on-disk repo has the given revision."""
# use commit_metadata since it's cached and we're likely to call it
# shortly after _has_rev anyway.
return True
except GitFetchError:
return False
### Backend implementations
def fetch(self, refspec):
if self.repo_url is None:
raise ValueError('cannot call GitBackend.fetch without a `repo_url`')
args = ['fetch', self.repo_url]
if not self.is_resolved_revision(refspec):
args.append(refspec)'fetching %s', self.repo_url)
def checkout(self, refspec, revision=None):
if not revision:
revision = self.resolve_refspec(refspec)'Checking out %r in %s (%s)',
revision, self.checkout_dir, self.repo_url)
if not self._has_rev(revision):
# reset touches index.lock which is problematic when multiple processes are
# accessing the recipes at the same time. To allieviate this, we do a quick
# diff, which will exit if `revision` is not already checked out.
self._git('diff', '--quiet', revision)
except GitFetchError:
self._git('reset', '-q', '--hard', revision)
def cat_file(self, revision, file_path):
return self._git('cat-file', 'blob', '%s:%s' % (revision, file_path))
def ls_files(self, *args):
return self._git('ls-files', *args)
def _updates_impl(self, revision, other_revision):
args = [
'%s..%s' % (revision, other_revision),
return [
for rev in self._git(*args).strip().split('\n')
if bool(rev)
def _resolve_refspec_impl(self, refspec):
# Can return e.g.
# b4a1b1365895c5962fb3654aff61290be2a492ed HEAD
# 39bbb4e3749b0a9ebc6cb36d8b679b147e4ed270 refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
# So we need the 'splitlines' bit too.
source = self.repo_url if self.repo_url is not None else '.'
mapping = {
ref: csum
for csum, ref in (
for l in self._git('ls-remote', source, refspec).splitlines()
rslt = mapping[refspec]
assert self.is_resolved_revision(rslt), repr(rslt)
return rslt
def _commit_metadata_impl(self, revision):
# show
# %`author Email`
# %`newline`
# %`commit time`
# %`newline`
# %`Body`
meta = self._git(
'show', '-s', '--format=%aE%n%ct%n%B', revision).rstrip('\n').splitlines()
spec = simple_cfg.SimpleRecipesCfg.from_json_string(
self.cat_file(revision, simple_cfg.RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_REL))
except GitFetchError:
spec = None
except ValueError: # commit with unparsable recipes.cfg
spec = None
# check diff to see if it touches anything interesting.
changed_files = set(self._git(
'diff-tree', '-r', '--no-commit-id', '--name-only', '%s^!' % revision)
recipes_path = spec.recipes_path if spec else ''
has_interesting_changes = (
simple_cfg.RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_REL in changed_files or
any(f.startswith(recipes_path) for f in changed_files) or
any(f.split('/')[-1] == '.gitattributes' for f in changed_files) or
self._gitattr_checker.check_files(revision, changed_files))
return CommitMetadata(revision, meta[0],
int(meta[1]), tuple(meta[2:]),
spec, has_interesting_changes)