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# Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
DEPS = [
def RunSteps(api):
file_names = ['a', 'aa', 'b', 'bb', 'c', 'cc']
dest = api.path.start_dir.join('some dir')
api.file.ensure_directory('ensure "some dir"', dest)
for fname in file_names:
api.file.write_text('write %s' % fname, dest.join(fname), fname)
api.file.filesizes('check filesizes', [dest.join(f) for f in file_names])
dest2 = api.path.start_dir.join('some other dir')
api.file.rmtree('make sure dest is gone', dest2)
api.file.copytree('copy it', dest, dest2)
paths = api.file.listdir('list new dir', dest2, test_data=file_names)
assert paths == [dest2.join(n) for n in file_names], paths
paths = api.file.glob_paths('glob *a', dest2, '*a', test_data=['a', 'aa'])
assert paths == [dest2.join('a'), dest2.join('aa')], paths
for pth in paths:
assert api.file.read_text('read %s' % pth, pth,
api.file.remove('rm a', dest2.join('a'))
paths = api.file.glob_paths('glob *a', dest2, '*a', test_data=['aa'])
assert paths == [dest2.join('aa')], paths
api.file.rmglob('rm b*', dest2, 'b*')
paths = api.file.listdir('list new dir', dest2, test_data=['aa', 'c', 'cc'])
assert paths == [dest2.join(p) for p in ['aa', 'c', 'cc']], paths
api.file.rmcontents('remove "some other dir/*"', dest2)
assert api.path.exists(dest2), dest2
def GenTests(api):
yield api.test('basic')