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# Copyright 2019 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
"""A simple, proto-free version of recipes_cfg.proto.
This allows the command-line parsing to be protobuf-free so that the recipe
engine can present a unified protobuf implementation.
import json
import logging
import os
import attr
from ..engine_types import freeze
from .attr_util import attr_dict_type, attr_type, attr_value_is
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# This is the subdirectory in every recipe repo where we look for the
# recipes.cfg file.
# NOTE: If we want to change/autodetect the location of recipes.cfg, look for
# all references to this.
RECIPES_CFG_LOCATION_TOKS = ('infra', 'config', 'recipes.cfg')
def _branch_converter(ref):
"""Converts a possibly-non-absolute ref to an absolute one (i.e. one beginning
with 'refs/').
Logs a warning when implicit conversion takes place.
Returns the converted ref.
if not isinstance(ref, str):
return ref # validator will catch this
if ref.startswith('refs/'):
return ref
if ref == 'HEAD': # This is special, and is used in tests.
return ref
conv = 'refs/heads/' + ref
LOG.warn('DEPRECATED: Non-absolute git branch in recipes.cfg: %r', ref)
LOG.warn(' Converting to %r.', conv)
LOG.warn(' Change `recipes.cfg` to have this value to remove warning.')
LOG.warn(' This warning will become a hard error in the future.')
return conv
class SimpleDep:
"""Represents a single dependency (url, branch, revision).
Equivalent to the recipes_cfg_pb2.DepSpec message.
# The git URL for this dependency.
url = attr.ib(validator=attr_type(str))
# The ref to git-fetch if url is a git repo.
# Automatically converts non-absolute refs to 'refs/heads/...'.
# TODO(iannucci): Require absolute refs.
branch = attr.ib(converter=_branch_converter, validator=attr_type(str))
# The git commit we depend on.
revision = attr.ib(validator=attr_type(str))
class SimpleRecipesCfg:
"""Represents a `recipes.cfg` file.
A subset of the recipes_cfg_pb2.RepoSpec message, just enough to load the
dependencies for this recipe repo (i.e. good enough for RecipeDeps' purposes).
# The "name" of this recipe repo. This is the name that other recipe repos
# will use to import modules from this repo. Currently this name must be
# globally unique amongst recipe repos (d'oh). In practice, global uniqueness
# has not yet been an issue.
repo_name = attr.ib(validator=attr_type(str))
# The mapping of other recipe repo id's that we depend on to their dependency
# pin information.
deps = attr.ib(
validator=attr_dict_type(str, SimpleDep)
) # type: dict[str, SimpleDep]
# The repo-root-relative path to where 'recipes/' and/or 'recipe_modules/'
# directories live.
recipes_path = attr.ib(validator=[
attr_value_is('a relative path', lambda v: not os.path.isabs(v)),
'free of "." and ".."',
lambda v: not any(x in ('.', '..') for x in v.split(os.path.sep))
def from_dict(cls, dct):
"""Parses a SimpleRecipesCfg from a dict.
* dct (dict) - A recipes.cfg parsed as JSON (i.e. a python dict)
Returns parsed SimpleRecipesCfg object."""
assert isinstance(dct, dict)
repo_name = dct.get('repo_name')
if repo_name is None:
# NOTE: This must be lazily pulled from `dct` or new recipes.cfg files
# with only 'repo_name' will fail to load.
repo_name = dct['project_id']
return cls(
str(k): SimpleDep(
) for k, v in dct.get('deps', {}).items()
str(dct.get('recipes_path', '')),
except Exception as ex:
raise ValueError(f'Error parsing recipes.cfg: {ex}')
def asdict(self):
"""Returns this SimpleRecipesCfg as a JSON-serializable dict.
This is mostly the same as `attr.asdict`, except that it knows how to
deal with the fact that SimpleRecipesCfg.deps is a FrozenDict."""
ret = attr.asdict(self)
ret['deps'] = {k: attr.asdict(v) for k, v in ret['deps'].items()}
ret['project_id'] = ret['repo_name'] # Alias repo_name<->project_id
return ret
def from_json_file(cls, path):
"""Parses a SimpleRecipesCfg from a file on disk.
* path (str) - The path to the file to parse (this path is not retained
so it's absolutness doesn't matter).
Returns SimpleRecipesCfg
with open(path, 'r') as fil:
data =
except OSError as ex:
raise ValueError('Error opening recipes.cfg: %s' % (ex,))
return cls.from_json_string(data)
def from_json_string(cls, jstring):
"""Parses a SimpleRecipesCfg from a JSON string.
* jstring (str) - The recipes.cfg as a JSON-encoded string.
Returns SimpleRecipesCfg
data = json.loads(jstring)
except Exception as ex:
raise ValueError('Error parsing recipes.cfg as json: %s' % (ex,))
return cls.from_dict(data)