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# Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine import recipe_api, config
DEPS = [
def RunSteps(api):
api.step('default step', ['bash', '-c', 'echo default!'])
noop_context = {}
with api.context(**noop_context):
# nothing happens! this is exactly the same as above, but this optimization
# is helpful when recipes need to calculate contextual values.
api.step('default step', ['bash', '-c', 'echo default!'])
# can change cwd
api.step('mk subdir', ['mkdir', '-p', 'subdir'])
with api.context(cwd=api.path['start_dir'].join('subdir')):
api.step('subdir step', ['bash', '-c', 'pwd'])
api.step('other subdir step', ['bash', '-c', 'echo hi again!'])
# can set envvars, and path prefix.
pants = api.path['start_dir'].join('pants')
shirt = api.path['start_dir'].join('shirt')
with api.context(env={'FOO': 'bar'}):
api.step('env step', ['bash', '-c', 'echo $FOO'])
with api.context(env_prefixes={'FOO': [pants, shirt]}):
api.step('env step with prefix', ['bash', '-c', 'echo $FOO'])
# Path prefix won't append empty environment variables.
with api.context(env={'FOO': ''}, env_prefixes={'FOO': [pants, shirt]}):
result = api.step('env prefixes with empty value',
['bash', '-c', 'echo $FOO'])
# %-formats are errors (for now). Double-% escape them.
bad_examples = ['%format', '%s']
for example in bad_examples:
with api.context(env={'BAD': example}):
assert False # pragma: no cover
except ValueError:
# Don't use | in namespaces or name prefixes
with api.context(namespace="dope|pipe"):
assert False # pragma: no cover
except ValueError:
with api.context(name_prefix="nope|pipe"):
assert False # pragma: no cover
except ValueError:
# this is fine though:
with api.context(env={'FINE': '%%format'}):
# can increment namespace. However, if you use `api.step.nest` it gives you
# the step result to manipulate.
# YES:
with api.step.nest('nested') as nest:
api.step('properly indented', ['bash', '-c', 'echo yay!'])
nest.presentation.status = 'FAILURE'
# As opposed to:
with api.context(namespace='something'):
api.step('indented but no step', ['bash', '-c', 'echo y u do?'])
# Can also adjust name_prefix within the current namespace:
with api.context(namespace='neat namespace'):
with api.context(name_prefix='information: '):
api.step('informed', ['bash', '-c', 'echo yay!'])
with api.context(namespace='secret'):
api.step('informed secret!', ['bash', '-c', 'echo yay!'])
with api.context(namespace='deep', name_prefix='sturdy: '):
api.step('mines of moria', ['bash', '-c', 'echo yay!'])
api.step('regular', ['bash', '-c', 'echo yay!'])
def GenTests(api):
yield api.test('basic')