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# Copyright 2017 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
"""API for getting OAuth2 access tokens for LUCI tasks or private keys.
This is a thin wrapper over the luci-auth go executable (
Depends on luci-auth to be in PATH.
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
class ServiceAccountApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
class ServiceAccount(object):
"""Represents some service account available to the recipe.
Grab an instance of this class via 'default()' or 'from_credentials_json()'.
def __init__(self, api, title, key_path):
self._api = api
self._title = title
self._key_path = key_path # or None to use default LUCI account
def key_path(self):
"""Returns local path to service account key file.
Returns None if the default LUCI account is being used.
return self._key_path
def get_access_token(self, scopes=None):
"""Returns an access token for this service account.
Token's lifetime is guaranteed to be at least 3 minutes and at most 45.
scopes: list of OAuth scopes for new token, default is [].
extra_args = []
if self._key_path:
extra_args = ['-service-account-json', self._key_path]
return self._api._get_token(self._title, extra_args, scopes)
def get_email(self):
"""Returns the service account email."""
# TODO(vadimsh): This is implementable, but no one needs it now. Ping
# vadimsh if needed.
raise NotImplementedError() # pragma: no cover
def default(self):
"""Returns an account associated with the task.
On LUCI, this is default account exposed through LUCI_CONTEXT["local_auth"]
protocol. When running locally this is an account the user logged in via
"luci-auth login ..." command prior to running the recipe.
return self.ServiceAccount(self, 'default account', None)
def from_credentials_json(self, key_path):
"""Returns a service account based on a JSON credentials file.
This is the file generated by Cloud Console when creating a service account
key. It contains the private key inside.
key_path: (str|Path) object pointing to a service account JSON key.
return self.ServiceAccount(self, self.m.path.split(key_path)[1], key_path)
def _get_token(self, title, extra_args, scopes):
cmd = ['luci-auth', 'token'] + extra_args
if scopes:
cmd += ['-scopes', ' '.join(sorted(scopes))]
# Due to Swarming, 5 min is the hard upper limit.
cmd += ['-lifetime', '3m']
step_result = self.m.step(
'get access token for %s' % title,
step_test_data=lambda: self.m.raw_io.test_api.stream_output(
'', stream='stdout'))
return step_result.stdout.strip()