Roll CAS Client from 7c520167d617 to 01d1863acbd3

2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from 0f85a641f772 to 7786ec6c9135 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 siso: update ide_query.proto
2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from becae24800f5 to 0f85a641f772 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Reland "siso: add `query rule` command"
2024-04-30 [3pp] Bump qemu to 9.0.0
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/infra/proto from 0cb396892d30 to a4e68085a672 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from 1d797ce626d0 to becae24800f5 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/config from b043d31b821d to a80f0c5d1ecc (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/infra/proto from d6213d06468e to 0cb396892d30 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from 2ad9b689b6f8 to 1d797ce626d0 (2 revisions)
2024-04-30 Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/config from ae293ea54646 to b043d31b821d (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from 9659bd518421 to 2ad9b689b6f8 (2 revisions)
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/config from 3f3c06e7cc13 to ae293ea54646 (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).
2024-04-30 Roll chromiumos/infra/proto from 66a8f1cbf657 to d6213d06468e (1 revision)
2024-04-30 Roll luci-go from 59a8f52b6bc7 to 9659bd518421 (1 revision)

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Change-Id: I7b083fe7519d5050dc36f5d0e89062594d856840
Commit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>
Bot-Commit: chromium-autoroll <>
diff --git a/recipe_modules/cas/resources/infra.sha1 b/recipe_modules/cas/resources/infra.sha1
index dfd6a26..a4fc300 100644
--- a/recipe_modules/cas/resources/infra.sha1
+++ b/recipe_modules/cas/resources/infra.sha1
@@ -1 +1 @@