layout: docs title: Brand guidelines description: Documentation and examples for Bootstrap's logo and brand usage guidelines. group: about toc: true

Have a need for Bootstrap‘s brand resources? Great! We have only a few guidelines we follow, and in turn ask you to follow as well. These guidelines were inspired by MailChimp’s Brand Assets.

Mark and logo

Use either the Bootstrap mark (a capital B) or the standard logo (just Bootstrap). It should always appear in San Francisco Display Semibold. Do not use the Twitter bird in association with Bootstrap.

Download mark

Download the Bootstrap mark in one of three styles, each available as an SVG file. Right click, Save as.


The project and framework should always be referred to as Bootstrap. No Twitter before it, no capital s, and no abbreviations except for one, a capital B.


Our docs and branding use a handful of primary colors to differentiate what is Bootstrap from what is in Bootstrap. In other words, if it‘s purple, it’s representative of Bootstrap.