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"""Add things to old Pythons so I can pretend they are newer, for tests."""
# pylint: disable=redefined-builtin
# (Redefining built-in blah)
# The whole point of this file is to redefine built-ins, so shut up about it.
import subprocess
# This isn't really a backward compatibility thing, should be moved into a
# helpers file or something.
def run_command(cmd):
"""Run a command in a sub-process.
Returns the exit status code and the combined stdout and stderr.
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True,
stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
output, _ = proc.communicate()
status = proc.returncode
# Get the output, and canonicalize it to strings with newlines.
if not isinstance(output, str):
output = output.decode('utf-8')
output = output.replace('\r', '')
return status, output
# No more execfile in Py3
execfile = execfile
except NameError:
def execfile(filename, globs):
"""A Python 3 implementation of execfile."""
with open(filename) as fobj:
code =
exec(compile(code, filename, 'exec'), globs)