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"""A plugin for to import."""
import os.path
import coverage
from coverage.parser import CodeParser
class Plugin(coverage.CoveragePlugin):
"""A plugin to import, so that it isn't in the test's current directory."""
def file_tracer(self, filename):
"""Trace only files named"""
if "" in filename:
return FileTracer(filename)
def file_reporter(self, filename):
return FileReporter(filename)
class FileTracer(coverage.plugin.FileTracer):
"""A FileTracer emulating a simple static plugin."""
def __init__(self, filename):
"""Claim that was actually sourced from ABC.zz"""
self._filename = filename
self._source_filename = os.path.join(
os.path.basename(filename.replace("", "ABC.zz"))
def source_filename(self):
return self._source_filename
def line_number_range(self, frame):
"""Map the line number X to X05,X06,X07."""
lineno = frame.f_lineno
return lineno*100+5, lineno*100+7
class FileReporter(coverage.plugin.FileReporter):
"""Dead-simple FileReporter."""
def get_parser(self, exclude=None):
return PluginParser()
class PluginParser(CodeParser):
"""CodeParser hard-coded for a test in"""
def parse_source(self):
return set([105, 106, 107, 205, 206, 207]), set([])