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"""A plugin for to import."""
import coverage
from coverage.parser import CodeParser
class Plugin(coverage.CoveragePlugin):
def file_tracer(self, filename):
if "" in filename:
return RenderFileTracer()
def file_reporter(self, filename):
return FileReporter(filename)
class RenderFileTracer(coverage.plugin.FileTracer):
"""A FileTracer using information from the caller."""
def has_dynamic_source_filename(self):
return True
def dynamic_source_filename(self, filename, frame):
if frame.f_code.co_name != "render":
return None
return frame.f_locals['filename']
def line_number_range(self, frame):
lineno = frame.f_locals['linenum']
return lineno,lineno+1
class FileReporter(coverage.plugin.FileReporter):
# TODO: Why do I have to make a FileReporter just to make a CodeParser??
def __init__(self, filename):
self.filename = filename
def get_parser(self, exclude=None):
# Goofy test arrangement: claim that the file has as many lines as the
# number in its name.
num = self.filename.split(".")[0].split("_")[1]
return PluginParser(int(num))
class PluginParser(CodeParser):
def __init__(self, num_lines):
self.num_lines = num_lines
def parse_source(self):
return set(range(1, self.num_lines+1)), set([])