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"""Tests of coverage/"""
import os
import re
import coverage
from coverage.backward import StringIO
from coverage.debug import info_formatter
from tests.coveragetest import CoverageTest
class InfoFormatterTest(CoverageTest):
"""Tests of misc.info_formatter."""
run_in_temp_dir = False
def test_info_formatter(self):
lines = list(info_formatter([
('x', 'hello there'),
('very long label', ['one element']),
('regular', ['abc', 'def', 'ghi', 'jkl']),
('nothing', []),
self.assertEqual(lines, [
' x: hello there',
'very long label: one element',
' regular: abc',
' def',
' ghi',
' jkl',
' nothing: -none-',
class DebugTraceTest(CoverageTest):
"""Tests of debug output."""
def f1_debug_output(self, debug):
"""Runs some code with `debug` option, returns the debug output."""
# Make code to run.
self.make_file("", """\
def f1(x):
return x+1
for i in range(5):
debug_out = StringIO()
cov = coverage.coverage(debug=debug)
cov._debug_file = debug_out
self.start_import_stop(cov, "f1")
out_lines = debug_out.getvalue().splitlines()
return out_lines
def test_debug_no_trace(self):
out_lines = self.f1_debug_output([])
# We should have no output at all.
def test_debug_trace(self):
out_lines = self.f1_debug_output(["trace"])
# We should have a line like "Tracing ''"
self.assertIn("Tracing ''", out_lines)
# We should lines like "Not tracing ''..."
coverage_lines = lines_matching(
r"^Not tracing .*: is part of$"
def test_debug_trace_pid(self):
out_lines = self.f1_debug_output(["trace", "pid"])
# Now our lines are always prefixed with the process id.
pid_prefix = "^pid %5d: " % os.getpid()
pid_lines = lines_matching(out_lines, pid_prefix)
self.assertEqual(pid_lines, out_lines)
# We still have some tracing, and some not tracing.
self.assertTrue(lines_matching(out_lines, pid_prefix + "Tracing "))
self.assertTrue(lines_matching(out_lines, pid_prefix + "Not tracing "))
def test_debug_config(self):
out_lines = self.f1_debug_output(["config"])
labels = """
attempted_config_files branch config_files cover_pylib data_file
debug exclude_list extra_css html_dir html_title ignore_errors
include omit parallel partial_always_list partial_list paths
precision show_missing source timid xml_output
for label in labels:
label_pat = r"^\s*%s: " % label
self.assertEqual(len(lines_matching(out_lines, label_pat)), 1)
def test_debug_sys(self):
out_lines = self.f1_debug_output(["sys"])
labels = """
version coverage cover_dir pylib_dirs tracer config_files
configs_read data_path python platform implementation executable
cwd path environment command_line cover_match pylib_match
for label in labels:
label_pat = r"^\s*%s: " % label
len(lines_matching(out_lines, label_pat)),
msg="Incorrect lines for %r" % label,
def lines_matching(lines, pat):
"""Gives the list of lines from `lines` that match `pat`."""
return [l for l in lines if, l)]