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"""Raw data collector for Coverage."""
import sys
class PyTracer(object):
"""Python implementation of the raw data tracer."""
# Because of poor implementations of trace-function-manipulating tools,
# the Python trace function must be kept very simple. In particular, there
# must be only one function ever set as the trace function, both through
# sys.settrace, and as the return value from the trace function. Put
# another way, the trace function must always return itself. It cannot
# swap in other functions, or return None to avoid tracing a particular
# frame.
# The trace manipulator that introduced this restriction is DecoratorTools,
# which sets a trace function, and then later restores the pre-existing one
# by calling sys.settrace with a function it found in the current frame.
# Systems that use DecoratorTools (or similar trace manipulations) must use
# PyTracer to get accurate results. The command-line --timid argument is
# used to force the use of this tracer.
def __init__(self):
# Attributes set from the collector: = None
self.arcs = False
self.should_trace = None
self.should_trace_cache = None
self.check_include = None
self.warn = None
self.plugin_data = None
# The threading module to use, if any.
self.threading = None
self.file_tracer = []
self.cur_file_dict = []
self.last_line = [0]
self.data_stack = []
self.last_exc_back = None
self.last_exc_firstlineno = 0
self.thread = None
self.stopped = False
def __repr__(self):
return "<PyTracer at 0x{0:0x}: {1} lines in {2} files>".format(
sum(len(v) for v in,
def _trace(self, frame, event, arg_unused):
"""The trace function passed to sys.settrace."""
if self.stopped:
if self.last_exc_back: # TODO: bring this up to speed
if frame == self.last_exc_back:
# Someone forgot a return event.
if self.arcs and self.cur_file_dict:
pair = (self.last_line, -self.last_exc_firstlineno)
self.cur_file_dict[pair] = None
self.file_tracer, self.cur_file_dict, self.last_line = (
self.last_exc_back = None
if event == 'call':
# Entering a new function context. Decide if we should trace
# in this file.
(self.file_tracer, self.cur_file_dict, self.last_line)
filename = frame.f_code.co_filename
disp = self.should_trace_cache.get(filename)
if disp is None:
disp = self.should_trace(filename, frame)
self.should_trace_cache[filename] = disp
self.file_tracer = None
self.cur_file_dict = None
if disp.trace:
tracename = disp.source_filename
if disp.file_tracer and disp.has_dynamic_filename:
tracename = disp.file_tracer.dynamic_source_filename(tracename, frame)
if tracename:
if not self.check_include(tracename, frame):
tracename = None
tracename = None
if tracename:
if tracename not in[tracename] = {}
if disp.file_tracer:
self.plugin_data[tracename] = disp.file_tracer.plugin_name
self.cur_file_dict =[tracename]
self.file_tracer = disp.file_tracer
# Set the last_line to -1 because the next arc will be entering a
# code block, indicated by (-1, n).
self.last_line = -1
elif event == 'line':
# Record an executed line.
if self.file_tracer:
lineno_from, lineno_to = self.file_tracer.line_number_range(frame)
lineno_from, lineno_to = frame.f_lineno, frame.f_lineno
if lineno_from != -1:
if self.cur_file_dict is not None:
if self.arcs:
(self.last_line, lineno_from)
] = None
for lineno in range(lineno_from, lineno_to+1):
self.cur_file_dict[lineno] = None
self.last_line = lineno_to
elif event == 'return':
if self.arcs and self.cur_file_dict:
first = frame.f_code.co_firstlineno
self.cur_file_dict[(self.last_line, -first)] = None
# Leaving this function, pop the filename stack.
self.file_tracer, self.cur_file_dict, self.last_line = (
elif event == 'exception':
self.last_exc_back = frame.f_back
self.last_exc_firstlineno = frame.f_code.co_firstlineno
return self._trace
def start(self):
"""Start this Tracer.
Return a Python function suitable for use with sys.settrace().
if self.threading:
self.thread = self.threading.currentThread()
return self._trace
def stop(self):
"""Stop this Tracer."""
self.stopped = True
if self.threading and self.thread != self.threading.currentThread():
# Called on a different thread than started us: we can't unhook
# ourselves, but we've set the flag that we should stop, so we
# won't do any more tracing.
if self.warn:
if sys.gettrace() != self._trace:
msg = "Trace function changed, measurement is likely wrong: %r"
self.warn(msg % (sys.gettrace(),))
def get_stats(self):
"""Return a dictionary of statistics, or None."""
return None