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"""Reporter foundation for Coverage."""
import os
from coverage.codeunit import code_unit_factory
from coverage.files import prep_patterns, FnmatchMatcher
from coverage.misc import CoverageException, NoSource, NotPython
class Reporter(object):
"""A base class for all reporters."""
def __init__(self, coverage, config):
"""Create a reporter.
`coverage` is the coverage instance. `config` is an instance of
CoverageConfig, for controlling all sorts of behavior.
self.coverage = coverage
self.config = config
# The code units to report on. Set by find_code_units.
self.code_units = []
# The directory into which to place the report, used by some derived
# classes. = None
def find_code_units(self, morfs):
"""Find the code units we'll report on.
`morfs` is a list of modules or filenames.
morfs = morfs or
file_locator = self.coverage.file_locator
get_plugin =
self.code_units = code_unit_factory(morfs, file_locator, get_plugin)
if self.config.include:
patterns = prep_patterns(self.config.include)
matcher = FnmatchMatcher(patterns)
filtered = []
for cu in self.code_units:
if matcher.match(cu.filename):
self.code_units = filtered
if self.config.omit:
patterns = prep_patterns(self.config.omit)
matcher = FnmatchMatcher(patterns)
filtered = []
for cu in self.code_units:
if not matcher.match(cu.filename):
self.code_units = filtered
def report_files(self, report_fn, morfs, directory=None):
"""Run a reporting function on a number of morfs.
`report_fn` is called for each relative morf in `morfs`. It is called
report_fn(code_unit, analysis)
where `code_unit` is the `CodeUnit` for the morf, and `analysis` is
the `Analysis` for the morf.
if not self.code_units:
raise CoverageException("No data to report.") = directory
if and not os.path.exists(
for cu in self.code_units:
report_fn(cu, self.coverage._analyze(cu))
except NoSource:
if not self.config.ignore_errors:
except NotPython:
# Only report errors for .py files, and only if we didn't
# explicitly suppress those errors.
if cu.should_be_python() and not self.config.ignore_errors: