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Material design: [Cards](
Shared styles that you can apply to an element to renders two shadows on top
of each other,that create the effect of a lifted piece of paper.
<style is="custom-style" include="paper-material-styles"></style>
<div class="paper-material" elevation="1">
... content ...
@group Paper Elements
@demo demo/index.html
<dom-module id="paper-material-styles">
:host, html {
--paper-material: {
display: block;
position: relative;
--paper-material-elevation-1: {
@apply --shadow-elevation-2dp;
--paper-material-elevation-2: {
@apply --shadow-elevation-4dp;
--paper-material-elevation-3: {
@apply --shadow-elevation-6dp;
--paper-material-elevation-4: {
@apply --shadow-elevation-8dp;
--paper-material-elevation-5: {
@apply --shadow-elevation-16dp;
:host(.paper-material), .paper-material {
@apply --paper-material;
:host(.paper-material[elevation="1"]), .paper-material[elevation="1"] {
@apply --paper-material-elevation-1;
:host(.paper-material[elevation="2"]), .paper-material[elevation="2"] {
@apply --paper-material-elevation-2;
:host(.paper-material[elevation="3"]), .paper-material[elevation="3"] {
@apply --paper-material-elevation-3;
:host(.paper-material[elevation="4"]), .paper-material[elevation="4"] {
@apply --paper-material-elevation-4;
:host(.paper-material[elevation="5"]), .paper-material[elevation="5"] {
@apply --paper-material-elevation-5;