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module foobar ! in
note(This module contains two examples that are used in &
\texttt{f2py} documentation.) foobar
interface ! in :foobar
subroutine foo(a) ! in :foobar:foo.f
note(Example of a wrapper function of a Fortran subroutine.) foo
integer intent(inout),&
note(5 is added to the variable {{}\verb@a@{}} ``in place''.) :: a
end subroutine foo
function bar(a,b) result (ab) ! in :foobar:bar.f
integer :: a
integer :: b
integer :: ab
note(The first value.) a
note(The second value.) b
note(Add two values.) bar
note(The result.) ab
end function bar
end interface
end module foobar
! This file was auto-generated with f2py (version:0.95).
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