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See docs/index.rst for user documentation.
Contributor notes
* virtualenv is designed to work on python 2 and 3 with a single code base.
Use Python 3 print-function syntax, and always ``use sys.exc_info()[1]``
inside the ``except`` block to get at exception objects.
* Pull requests should be made against ``master`` branch, which is also our
latest stable version.
* All changes to files inside virtualenv_embedded must be integrated to
```` with ``tox -e embed``. The tox run will report failure
when changes are integrated, as a flag for CI.
* The codebase must be linted with ``tox -e fix_lint`` before being merged.
The tox run will report failure when the linters revise code, as a flag
for CI.
.. _git-flow:
.. _coordinate development: