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  1. c671b45 Remove config files from tricium repo, add to README by Quinten Yearsley · 4 years, 5 months ago main
  2. 59adb3f Remove builders from tricium project cr-buildbucket-dev.cfg by Quinten Yearsley · 4 years, 10 months ago
  3. 2e8a82a [tricium] Pass project name to properties. by Julie Hockett · 5 years ago
  4. 7e1f01f [tricium] Fix Fuchsia analyzer names by Julie Hockett · 5 years ago
  5. e2e1d0d Define specific builders for each recipe analyzer by Julie Hockett · 5 years ago

About this repository

This repository contained LUCI project config files for a “tricium” LUCI project, which since been removed.

The reason for originally having a separate project was for security and organizational purposes, so that Tricium builders can be kept separate from other LUCI projects like “infra”, since Tricium analysis jobs don't need access to things like logs in other projects.

This became unnecessary with transition to recipe-based analyzers where all Tricium builders builders live in their respective projects, e.g. “fuchsia” and “chromium”.

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