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  1. 549283e [TabStripModelRefactor] Refactor the AddWorkflow to allow for easier migration to using TabCollection. by Shibalik Mohapatra · 5 minutes ago main
  2. 2090b27 Mall: Add skeleton of SWA wrapper by Tim Sergeant · 15 minutes ago
  3. f9dc553 Clean pinned toolbar button tooltip text by Joseph Park · 20 minutes ago
  4. fc70fc9 Roll ANGLE from 1a9a703b592b to 602c0edfc1f2 (2 revisions) by chromium-autoroll · 40 minutes ago
  5. d1abd69d Roll Chrome Mac Arm PGO Profile by chromium-autoroll · 47 minutes ago

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Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.

The project's web site is

To check out the source code locally, don't use git clone! Instead, follow the instructions on how to get the code.

Documentation in the source is rooted in docs/

Learn how to Get Around the Chromium Source Code Directory Structure.

For historical reasons, there are some small top level directories. Now the guidance is that new top level directories are for product (e.g. Chrome, Android WebView, Ash). Even if these products have multiple executables, the code should be in subdirectories of the product.

If you found a bug, please file it at