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  1. 9626ac9 [SPv175+] Combine series of rectangular clips in the same transform space by Xianzhu Wang · 28 minutes ago master
  2. 80385fb XML Parser: XHTML named entities should be available in documents with MathML 2.0 DTD. by Kent Tamura · 29 minutes ago
  3. 44d4a7a [SPv175] Don't squash across a clip-path or mask boundary. by Chris Harrelson · 45 minutes ago
  4. c422bd5 [SPv175+] Don't output OverflowClip if InnerBorderRadiusClip already has the same rect by Xianzhu Wang · 53 minutes ago
  5. 21db94d [Power ML] Only reset fields for recent activity on idle event. by Jia · 78 minutes ago

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