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2013-04-26 Janus Weil <>
Backports from trunk:
PR fortran/56814
* interface.c (check_result_characteristics): Get result from interface
if present.
PR fortran/56968
* expr.c (gfc_check_pointer_assign): Handle generic functions returning
procedure pointers.
PR fortran/53685
PR fortran/57022
* check.c (gfc_calculate_transfer_sizes): Fix for array-valued SOURCE
* target-memory.h (gfc_element_size): New prototype.
* target-memory.c (size_array): Remove.
(gfc_element_size): New function.
(gfc_target_expr_size): Modified to always return the full size of the
2013-04-22 Thomas Koenig <>
Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/56872
* frontend-passes.c (copy_walk_reduction_arg): Change argument type
to gfc_constructor. If it has an iterator, wrap the copy of its
expression in an array constructor with that iterator. Don't special
case function expressions.
(callback_reduction): Update caller. Don't return early if there is
an iterator.
2013-04-18 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/56816
* match.c (gfc_match_select_type): Add syntax error. Move namespace
allocation and cleanup...
* parse.c (decode_statement): ... here.
2013-04-18 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56994
* invoke.texi (NEAREST): S argument is not optional.
2013-04-08 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/56782
Backport fron trunk.
* frontend-passes.c (callback_reduction): Dont't do
any simplification if there is only a single element
which has an iterator.
2013-03-22 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.0 released.
2013-03-15 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56615
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_transfer): Pack arrays
if they are not simply contiguous.
2013-03-11 Tobias Burnus <>
* gfortran.texi (STRUCTURE and RECORD): State more clearly how
to convert them into derived types.
2013-03-10 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/56575
* expr.c (gfc_default_initializer): Check that a class declared
type has any components.
* resolve.c (resolve_fl_derived0): On failing the test for C437
set the type to BT_UNKNOWN to prevent repeat error messages.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/56477
* expr.c (gfc_check_pointer_assign): Avoid NULL pointer dereference.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54730
* array.c (gfc_match_array_constructor): Set a checkpoint before
matching a typespec. Drop it on success, restore it otherwise.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54730
* gfortran.h (struct gfc_undo_change_set): New field 'previous'.
(gfc_new_undo_checkpoint, gfc_drop_last_undo_checkpoint,
gfc_restore_last_undo_checkpoint): New prototypes.
* symbol.c (default_undo_chgset_var): Update initialization.
(single_undo_checkpoint_p, gfc_new_undo_checkpoint,
free_undo_change_set_data, pop_undo_change_set,
gfc_drop_last_undo_checkpoint, enforce_single_undo_checkpoint):
New functions.
(save_symbol_data): Handle multiple change sets. Make sure old_symbol
field's previous value is not overwritten. Clear gfc_new field.
(restore_old_symbol): Restore previous old_symbol field.
(gfc_restore_last_undo_checkpoint): New function, using body renamed
from gfc_undo_symbols. Restore the previous change set as current one.
(gfc_undo_symbols): New body.
(gfc_commit_symbols, gfc_commit_symbol, gfc_enforce_clean_symbol_state):
Call enforce_single_undo_checkpoint.
(gfc_symbol_done_2): Ditto. Free change set data.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
* symbol.c (restore_old_symbol): Fix thinko.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
* symbol.c (gfc_undo_symbols): Move code...
(restore_old_symbol): ... here as a new function.
2013-03-03 Mikael Morin <>
* (F95_PARSER_OBJS): Add dependency to vec.h.
* gfortran.h: Include vec.h.
(gfc_undo_change_set): New struct.
* symbol.c (tentative_tbp): Remove struct.
(changed_syms, tentative_tbp_list): Remove variables.
(default_undo_chgset_var, latest_undo_chgset): New variables.
(save_symbol_data, gfc_get_sym_tree, gfc_undo_symbols,
gfc_commit_symbols, gfc_commit_symbol,
gfc_enforce_clean_symbol_state, gfc_get_typebound_proc):
Use latest_undo_chgset instead of changed_syms and tentative_tbp_list.
2013-03-01 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56491
* iresolve.c (resolve_bound): Use gfc_get_string instead of xstrdup.
* symbol.c (free_components): Free proc-pointer components.
2013-03-01 Tobias Burnus <>
* trans-decl.c (gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Free expr after use.
* trans-io.c (build_dt): Ditto.
2013-02-24 Joseph Myers <>
* resolve.c (generate_component_assignments): Don't use UTF-8
ligature in diagnostic.
2013-02-21 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/56385
* trans-array.c (structure_alloc_comps): Handle procedure-pointer
components with allocatable result.
2012-02-21 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56416
* gfortran.texi (Part II: Language Reference, Extensions,
Non-Fortran Main Program): Sort @menu to match actual section order.
* intrinsic.texi (Intrinsic Procedures): Ditto.
(C_F_POINTER, PRECISION): Move to the alphabetically correct place.
2013-02-15 Tobias Burnus <>
Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/56318
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_matmul): Fix result shape
and matmul result.
2013-02-15 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/53818
* resolve.c (apply_default_init_local): Don't create an
initializer for a result variable.
2013-02-14 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/56224
* gfortran.h (gfc_add_include_path): Add boolean argument
for warn.
* scanner.c (gfc_add_include_path): Pass along warn argument
to add_path_to_list.
* options.c (gfc_post_options): Add true warn argument to
(gfc_handle_module_path_options): Likewise.
(gfc_handle_option): Also gfc_add_include_path for intrinsic
modules, without warning.
2013-02-14 Paul Thomas <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR testsuite/56138
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_symbol_decl): Fix deferred-length
results for functions without extra result variable.
2013-01-30 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56138
* trans-decl.c (gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Fix deferred-length
results for functions without extra result variable.
2013-02-12 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/46952
* resolve.c (resolve_call): Do not check deferred procedures for
2013-02-09 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55362
* check.c (array_check): It is an error if a procedure is
2013-02-08 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54107
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_function_type): Change a NULL backend_decl
to error_mark_node on entry. Detect recursive types. Build a variadic
procedure type if the type is recursive. Restore the initial
2013-02-07 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/54339
* gfortran.texi (Standards): Mention TS29113.
(Varying Length Character): Mention deferred-length
(Fortran 2003 Status): Add unlimited polymorphic.
(TS 29113 Status): Add TYPE(*) and DIMENSION(..).
(C Interop): Update the section about TS29113.
2013-02-06 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55789
* trans-array.c (trans_array_constructor): Remove condition
'dynamic' = true if the loop ubound is a VAR_DECL.
2013-02-04 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/56008
PR fortran/47517
* trans-array.c (gfc_alloc_allocatable_for_assignment): Save
the lhs descriptor before it is modified for reallocation. Use
it to deallocate allocatable components in the reallocation
block. Nullify allocatable components for newly (re)allocated
2013-02-04 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54195
* resolve.c (resolve_typebound_procedures): Recurse through
2013-02-04 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54107
PR fortran/54195
* gfortran.h (struct gfc_symbol): New field 'resolved'.
* resolve.c (resolve_fl_var_and_proc): Don't skip result symbols.
(resolve_symbol): Skip duplicate calls. Don't check the current
2013-02-02 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/50627
PR fortran/56054
* decl.c (gfc_match_end): Remove half-ready namespace
from parent if the end of a block is missing.
* parse.c (parse_module): Do not put namespace into
gsymbol on error.
2013-01-30 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56138
* trans-decl.c (gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Fix deferred-length
results for functions without extra result variable.
2013-01-29 Janus Weil <>
Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/54107
* gfortran.h (gfc_component): Delete members 'formal' and 'formal_ns'.
gfc_expr_replace_comp): Delete.
(gfc_sym_get_dummy_args): New prototype.
* dependency.c (gfc_check_fncall_dependency): Use
* expr.c (gfc_is_constant_expr): Ditto.
gfc_expr_replace_comp): Deleted.
* frontend-passes.c (doloop_code,do_function): Use
* interface.c (gfc_check_operator_interface,gfc_compare_interfaces,
gfc_check_typebound_override): Ditto.
* module.c (MOD_VERSION): Bump module version.
(mio_component): Do not read/write 'formal' and 'formal_ns'.
* resolve.c (resolve_procedure_interface,resolve_fl_derived0): Do not
copy formal args, but just keep a pointer to the interface.
resolve_typebound_procedure,check_uop_procedure): Use
* symbol.c (free_components): Do not free 'formal' and 'formal_ns'.
(gfc_copy_formal_args,gfc_copy_formal_args_ppc): Deleted.
(gfc_sym_get_dummy_args): New function.
* trans-array.c (get_array_charlen,gfc_walk_elemental_function_args):
Use 'gfc_sym_get_dummy_args'.
* trans-decl.c (build_function_decl,create_function_arglist,
add_argument_checking): Ditto.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_map_fcn_formal_to_actual,gfc_conv_procedure_call,
gfc_conv_statement_function): Ditto.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_conv_elemental_dependencies): Ditto.
* trans-types.c (create_fn_spec,gfc_get_function_type): Ditto.
2013-01-28 Tobias Burnus <>
Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/53537
* symbol.c (gfc_find_sym_tree): Don't look for the symbol outside an
interface block.
(gfc_get_ha_symtree): Let gfc_find_sym_tree lookup the parent namespace.
* decl.c (gfc_match_data_decl): Ditto.
(variable_decl): Remove undeclared type error.
(gfc_match_import): Use renamed instead of original name.
2013-01-27 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55984
PR fortran/56047
* gfortran.h : Add associate_var to symbol_attr.
* resolve.c (resolve_assoc_var): Set associate_var attribute.
If the target class_ok is set, set it for the associate
* check.c (allocatable_check): Associate variables should not
have the allocatable attribute even if their symbols do.
* class.c (gfc_build_class_symbol): Symbols with associate_var
set will always have a good class container.
2013-01-23 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/56081
* resolve.c (resolve_select): Add argument 'select_type', reject
non-scalar expressions.
(resolve_select_type,resolve_code): Pass new argument to
2013-01-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/56052
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_symbol_decl): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL
and DECL_IGNORED_P on select_type_temporary and don't set
2013-01-21 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/55919
* scanner.c (add_path_to_list): Copy path to temporary and strip
trailing directory separators before calling stat().
2013-01-17 Richard Biener <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_do): Conditionally compute countm1
dependent on sign of step, avoids repeated evaluation of
step sign test. Avoid undefined overflow issues by using unsigned
2013-01-16 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/55983
* class.c (find_typebound_proc_uop): Check for f2k_derived instead of
asserting it.
2013-01-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR driver/55884
* lang.opt (fintrinsic-modules-path): Don't accept Joined.
(fintrinsic-modules-path=): New.
* options.c (gfc_handle_option, gfc_get_option_string,
gfc_get_option_string): Handle the latter.
2013-01-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/52865
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_do): Put countm1-- before conditional
and use value of countm1 before the decrement in the condition.
2013-01-15 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/54286
* expr.c (gfc_check_pointer_assign): Check for presence of
's2' before using it.
2013-01-14 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/55806
* frontend-passes.c (optimize_reduction): New function,
including prototype.
(callback_reduction): Likewise.
(gfc_run_passes): Also run optimize_reduction.
(copy_walk_reduction_arg): New function.
(dummy_code_callback): New function.
2013-01-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/55935
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_structure): Call
unshare_expr_without_location on the ctor elements.
2013-01-13 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/54286
* expr.c (gfc_check_pointer_assign): Ensure that both lvalue
and rvalue interfaces are presented to gfc_compare_interfaces.
Simplify references to interface names by using the symbols
themselves. Call gfc_compare_interfaces with s1 and s2 inter-
changed to overcome the asymmetry of this function. Do not
repeat the check for the presence of s1 and s2.
2013-01-12 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/55072
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_array_parameter): No packing was done for
full arrays of derived type.
2013-01-08 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55868
* class.c (get_unique_type_string): Change $tar to STAR and
replace sprintf by strcpy where there is no formatting.
* decl.c (gfc_match_decl_type_spec): Change $tar to STAR.
2013-01-09 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/47203
* module.c (check_for_ambiguous): Get the current program unit using
2013-01-09 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55758
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Reject non-C_Bool logicals
in BIND(C) procedures with -std=f*.
2013-01-08 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55618
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_procedure_call): Dereference scalar
character function arguments to elemental procedures in
scalarization loops.
2013-01-07 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55763
* gfortran.h (gfc_check_assign_symbol): Update prototype.
* decl.c (add_init_expr_to_sym, do_parm): Update call.
* expr.c (gfc_check_assign_symbol): Handle BT_CLASS and
improve error location; support components.
(gfc_check_pointer_assign): Handle component assignments.
* resolve.c (resolve_fl_derived0): Call gfc_check_assign_symbol.
(resolve_values): Update call.
(resolve_structure_cons): Avoid double diagnostic.
2013-01-07 Tobias Burnus <>
Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/55852
* expr.c (gfc_build_intrinsic_call): Avoid clashes
with user's procedures.
* gfortran.h (gfc_build_intrinsic_call): Update prototype.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_size): Update call.
* class.c (finalization_scalarizer, finalization_get_offset,
finalizer_insert_packed_call, generate_finalization_wrapper):
Clean up by using gfc_build_intrinsic_call.
2013-01-07 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55763
* resolve.c (resolve_select_type): Reject intrinsic types for
a non-unlimited-polymorphic selector.
2013-01-06 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/53876
PR fortran/54990
PR fortran/54992
* trans-array.c (build_array_ref): Check the TYPE_CANONICAL
to see if it is GFC_CLASS_TYPE_P.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_get_vptr_from_expr): The same.
(gfc_conv_class_to_class): If the types are not the same,
cast parmese->expr to the type of ctree.
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_derived_type): GFC_CLASS_TYPE_P of
CLASS components must be set.
2013-01-06 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/42769
PR fortran/45836
PR fortran/45900
* module.c (read_module): Don't reuse local symtree if the associated
symbol isn't exactly the one wanted. Don't reuse local symtree if it is
* resolve.c (resolve_call): Use symtree's name instead of symbol's to
lookup the symtree.
2013-01-05 Steven G. Kargl <>
Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/55827
* class.c (gfc_fix_class_refs): Adapt ts initialization for the case
e->symtree == NULL.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_expr): Init sym earlier. Use it.
2013-01-05 Tobias Burnus <>
* class.c (finalize_component): Used passed offset expr.
(finalization_get_offset): New static function.
(finalizer_insert_packed_call, generate_finalization_wrapper): Use it
to handle noncontiguous arrays.
2013-01-04 Tobias Burnus <>
* trans.c (gfc_build_final_call): New function.
* trans.h (gfc_build_final_call, gfc_conv_scalar_to_descriptor):
New function prototypes.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_scalar_to_descriptor): Renamed from
conv_scalar_to_descriptor, removed static attribute.
(gfc_conv_procedure_call): Honor renaming.
2013-01-04 Tobias Burnus <>
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): New internal intrinsic
function GFC_PREFIX ("stride").
* gfortran.h (gfc_isym_id): Add GFC_ISYM_STRIDE.
* intrinsic.h (gfc_resolve_stride): New prototypes.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_stride): New function.
* trans-intrinsic.c (conv_intrinsic_stride): New static
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Use it.
2013-01-04 Tobias Burnus <>
* class.c (gfc_find_intrinsic_vtab): Add _final
* decl.c (gfc_match_null): Remove superfluous
variadic argument to gfc_match.
2013-01-04 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/55172
* match.c (copy_ts_from_selector_to_associate): Remove call to
gfc_resolve_expr and replace it with explicit setting of the
array reference type.
* resolve.c (resolve_select_type): It is an error if the
selector is coindexed.
2013-01-04 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55763
* decl.c (gfc_match_null): Parse and reject MOLD.
2013-01-04 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55854
PR fortran/55763
* class.c (gfc_class_null_initializer): Fix finding the vtab.
(gfc_find_intrinsic_vtab): Use BT_VOID for some components.
2013-01-03 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/55855
* expr.c (gfc_check_assign): Use 'gfc_expr_attr' to evaluate attributes
of rvalue. Correct hyphenation in error message.
2013-01-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
* gfortranspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Update copyright notice
Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.