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AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = gnu ansi2knr
SUBDIRS = tests
EXTRA_DIST = BUGS FAQ.html PATCHES VERSION round_raw_generic.c gen_inverse.h jyn_asympt.c
include_HEADERS = mpfr.h mpf2mpfr.h
libmpfr_la_SOURCES = mpfr.h mpf2mpfr.h mpfr-gmp.h mpfr-impl.h mpfr-longlong.h mpfr-thread.h exceptions.c extract.c uceil_exp2.c uceil_log2.c ufloor_log2.c add.c add1.c add_ui.c agm.c clear.c cmp.c cmp_abs.c cmp_si.c cmp_ui.c comparisons.c div_2exp.c div_2si.c div_2ui.c div.c div_ui.c dump.c eq.c exp10.c exp2.c exp3.c exp.c frac.c get_d.c get_exp.c get_str.c init.c inp_str.c isinteger.c isinf.c isnan.c isnum.c const_log2.c log.c modf.c mul_2exp.c mul_2si.c mul_2ui.c mul.c mul_ui.c neg.c next.c out_str.c printf.c vasprintf.c const_pi.c pow.c pow_si.c pow_ui.c print_raw.c print_rnd_mode.c random2.c random.c reldiff.c round_prec.c set.c setmax.c setmin.c set_d.c set_dfl_prec.c set_exp.c set_rnd.c set_f.c set_prc_raw.c set_prec.c set_q.c set_si.c set_str.c set_str_raw.c set_ui.c set_z.c sqrt.c sqrt_ui.c sub.c sub1.c sub_ui.c rint.c ui_div.c ui_sub.c urandomb.c get_z_exp.c swap.c factorial.c cosh.c sinh.c tanh.c sinh_cosh.c acosh.c asinh.c atanh.c atan.c cmp2.c exp_2.c asin.c const_euler.c cos.c sin.c tan.c fma.c fms.c hypot.c log1p.c expm1.c log2.c log10.c ui_pow.c ui_pow_ui.c minmax.c dim.c signbit.c copysign.c setsign.c gmp_op.c init2.c acos.c sin_cos.c set_nan.c set_inf.c powerof2.c gamma.c set_ld.c get_ld.c cbrt.c volatile.c fits_s.h fits_sshort.c fits_sint.c fits_slong.c fits_u.h fits_ushort.c fits_uint.c fits_ulong.c fits_uintmax.c fits_intmax.c get_si.c get_ui.c zeta.c cmp_d.c erf.c inits.c inits2.c clears.c sgn.c check.c sub1sp.c version.c mpn_exp.c mpfr-gmp.c mp_clz_tab.c sum.c add1sp.c free_cache.c si_op.c cmp_ld.c set_ui_2exp.c set_si_2exp.c set_uj.c set_sj.c get_sj.c get_uj.c get_z.c iszero.c cache.c sqr.c int_ceil_log2.c isqrt.c strtofr.c pow_z.c logging.c mulders.c get_f.c round_p.c erfc.c atan2.c subnormal.c const_catalan.c root.c gen_inverse.h sec.c csc.c cot.c eint.c sech.c csch.c coth.c round_near_x.c constant.c abort_prec_max.c stack_interface.c lngamma.c zeta_ui.c set_d64.c get_d64.c jn.c yn.c rem1.c get_patches.c add_d.c sub_d.c d_sub.c mul_d.c div_d.c d_div.c li2.c rec_sqrt.c
libmpfr_la_LIBADD = @LIBOBJS@
# Libtool -version-info CURRENT[:REVISION[:AGE]] for
# 1. No interfaces changed, only implementations (good):
# ==> Increment REVISION.
# 2. Interfaces added, none removed (good):
# ==> Increment CURRENT, increment AGE, set REVISION to 0.
# 3. Interfaces removed or changed (BAD, breaks upward compatibility):
# ==> Increment CURRENT, set AGE and REVISION to 0.
# MPFR -version-info
# 2.1.x -
# 2.2.x 1:x:0
# 2.3.x 2:x:1
# 2.4.x 3:x:2
libmpfr_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 3:0:2
info_TEXINFOS = mpfr.texi
mpfr_TEXINFOS = fdl.texi
MAKEINFOFLAGS = --enable-encoding
# Important note: If for some reason, srcdir is read-only at build time
# (and you use objdir != srcdir), then you need to rebuild get_patches.c
# (with "make get_patches.c") just after patching the MPFR source. This
# should not be a problem in practice, in particular because "make dist"
# automatically rebuilds get_patches.c before generating the archives.
$(srcdir)/get_patches.c: PATCHES
(cd $(srcdir) && ./ > $@ || rm -f $@
# Do not add get_patches.c to CLEANFILES so that this file doesn't
# need to be (re)built as long as no patches are applied. Anyway the
# update of this file should be regarded as part of the patch process,
# and "make clean" shouldn't remove it, just like it doesn't remove
# what has been changed by "patch".
#CLEANFILES = get_patches.c
# Tune program
tuneup_SOURCES = tuneup.c
tuneup_LDADD = -lspeed $(top_builddir)/
tuneup_LDFLAGS = -static
./tuneup -v