[gcc] Use new constraint for LEA address operands.

The problem of processing LEA address operands is that it requires original, non-nacl address decomposition. Before this change, an original "p" constraint was used, and a global variable NACL_LEA_MATCH_ADDRESS_OPERAND signaled LEA decomposition mode to x86_decompose_address. That solution required appropriate setting of NACL_LEA_MATCH_ADDRESS_OPERAND before every call to constrain_operands.

Here I introduce new "T" constraint, and use custom decomposition function to process it. NACL_LEA_ADDRESS_OPERAND is still here, but it is not checked any more. Next change will cleanup it completely.

In fact, new address decomposition function is an original, non-nacl x86_decompose_address. For now, I just copy-paste it. Perhaps it is better to split x86_decompose_address into pieces and reuse them, but this better goes in a separate change.

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