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/* -*- c -*-
Declarations and definitions of codes relating to the DWARF2 and
DWARF3 symbolic debugging information formats.
Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by Gary Funck ( The Ada Joint Program
Office (AJPO), Florida State University and Silicon Graphics Inc.
provided support for this effort -- June 21, 1995.
Derived from the DWARF 1 implementation written by Ron Guilmette
(, November 1990.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
License for more details.
Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and
a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program;
see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see
<>. */
/* This file is derived from the DWARF specification (a public document)
Revision 2.0.0 (July 27, 1993) developed by the UNIX International
Programming Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG) and distributed
by UNIX International. Copies of this specification are available from
UNIX International, 20 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, NJ, 07054.
This file also now contains definitions from the DWARF 3 specification
published Dec 20, 2005, available from:
This file also now contains definitions from the DWARF 4
specification, available from: */
/* This file declares various DWARF-related constants using a set of
macros which can be redefined by the including file.
The macros are in sections. Each section corresponds to a single
set of DWARF constants and has a corresponding key. The key is
used in all the macro names.
The sections are TAG (for DW_TAG_ constants), FORM (DW_FORM_), AT
(DW_AT_), OP (DW_OP_), ATE (DW_ATE_), and CFA (DW_CFA_).
Using TAG as an example, the following macros may be used for each
DW_FIRST_TAG(name, value) - Introduce the first DW_TAG constant.
DW_TAG(name, value) - Define a subsequent constant.
DW_TAG_DUP(name, value) - Define a subsequent constant whose value
is a duplicate of some other constant. Not all keys use the _DUP
macro form. If more than one name shares a value, then the base
(DW_TAG) form will be the preferred name and DW_TAG_DUP will hold
any alternate names.
DW_END_TAG - Invoked at the end of the DW_TAG constants. */
DW_FIRST_TAG (DW_TAG_padding, 0x00)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_array_type, 0x01)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_class_type, 0x02)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_entry_point, 0x03)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_enumeration_type, 0x04)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_formal_parameter, 0x05)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_declaration, 0x08)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_label, 0x0a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_lexical_block, 0x0b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_member, 0x0d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_pointer_type, 0x0f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_reference_type, 0x10)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_compile_unit, 0x11)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_string_type, 0x12)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_structure_type, 0x13)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subroutine_type, 0x15)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_typedef, 0x16)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_union_type, 0x17)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_unspecified_parameters, 0x18)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variant, 0x19)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_common_block, 0x1a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_common_inclusion, 0x1b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_inheritance, 0x1c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine, 0x1d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_module, 0x1e)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_ptr_to_member_type, 0x1f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_set_type, 0x20)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subrange_type, 0x21)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_with_stmt, 0x22)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_access_declaration, 0x23)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_base_type, 0x24)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_catch_block, 0x25)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_const_type, 0x26)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_constant, 0x27)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_enumerator, 0x28)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_file_type, 0x29)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_friend, 0x2a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namelist, 0x2b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namelist_item, 0x2c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_packed_type, 0x2d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subprogram, 0x2e)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_type_param, 0x2f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_value_param, 0x30)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_thrown_type, 0x31)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_try_block, 0x32)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variant_part, 0x33)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variable, 0x34)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_volatile_type, 0x35)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_dwarf_procedure, 0x36)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_restrict_type, 0x37)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_interface_type, 0x38)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namespace, 0x39)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_module, 0x3a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_unspecified_type, 0x3b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_partial_unit, 0x3c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_unit, 0x3d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_condition, 0x3f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_shared_type, 0x40)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_type_unit, 0x41)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_rvalue_reference_type, 0x42)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_alias, 0x43)
DW_TAG_DUP (DW_TAG_lo_user, 0x4080)
DW_TAG_DUP (DW_TAG_hi_user, 0xffff)
/* SGI/MIPS Extensions. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_MIPS_loop, 0x4081)
/* HP extensions. See: . */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_array_descriptor, 0x4090)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_Bliss_field, 0x4091)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_Bliss_field_set, 0x4092)
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_format_label, 0x4101) /* For FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_function_template, 0x4102) /* For C++. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_class_template, 0x4103) /* For C++. */
/* Template template parameter.
See . */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_template_template_param, 0x4106)
/* Template parameter pack extension, specified at
The values of these two TAGS are in the DW_TAG_GNU_* space until the tags
are properly part of DWARF 5. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_template_parameter_pack, 0x4107)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_formal_parameter_pack, 0x4108)
/* The GNU call site extension, specified at .
The values of these two TAGS are in the DW_TAG_GNU_* space until the tags
are properly part of DWARF 5. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_call_site, 0x4109)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_call_site_parameter, 0x410a)
/* Extensions for UPC. See: */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_shared_type, 0x8765)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_strict_type, 0x8766)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_relaxed_type, 0x8767)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. No documentation available. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_PGI_kanji_type, 0xA000)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_PGI_interface_block, 0xA020)
DW_FIRST_FORM (DW_FORM_addr, 0x01)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block2, 0x03)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block4, 0x04)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data2, 0x05)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data4, 0x06)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data8, 0x07)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_string, 0x08)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block, 0x09)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block1, 0x0a)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data1, 0x0b)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_flag, 0x0c)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_sdata, 0x0d)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strp, 0x0e)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_udata, 0x0f)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_addr, 0x10)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref1, 0x11)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref2, 0x12)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref4, 0x13)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref8, 0x14)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_udata, 0x15)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_indirect, 0x16)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_sec_offset, 0x17)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_exprloc, 0x18)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_flag_present, 0x19)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_sig8, 0x20)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_addr_index, 0x1f01)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_str_index, 0x1f02)
/* Extensions for DWZ multifile.
See . */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt, 0x1f20)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_strp_alt, 0x1f21)
DW_FIRST_AT (DW_AT_sibling, 0x01)
DW_AT (DW_AT_location, 0x02)
DW_AT (DW_AT_name, 0x03)
DW_AT (DW_AT_ordering, 0x09)
DW_AT (DW_AT_subscr_data, 0x0a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_byte_size, 0x0b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_offset, 0x0c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_size, 0x0d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_element_list, 0x0f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_stmt_list, 0x10)
DW_AT (DW_AT_low_pc, 0x11)
DW_AT (DW_AT_high_pc, 0x12)
DW_AT (DW_AT_language, 0x13)
DW_AT (DW_AT_member, 0x14)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr, 0x15)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr_value, 0x16)
DW_AT (DW_AT_visibility, 0x17)
DW_AT (DW_AT_import, 0x18)
DW_AT (DW_AT_string_length, 0x19)
DW_AT (DW_AT_common_reference, 0x1a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_comp_dir, 0x1b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_const_value, 0x1c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_containing_type, 0x1d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_default_value, 0x1e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_inline, 0x20)
DW_AT (DW_AT_is_optional, 0x21)
DW_AT (DW_AT_lower_bound, 0x22)
DW_AT (DW_AT_producer, 0x25)
DW_AT (DW_AT_prototyped, 0x27)
DW_AT (DW_AT_return_addr, 0x2a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_start_scope, 0x2c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_stride, 0x2e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_upper_bound, 0x2f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_abstract_origin, 0x31)
DW_AT (DW_AT_accessibility, 0x32)
DW_AT (DW_AT_address_class, 0x33)
DW_AT (DW_AT_artificial, 0x34)
DW_AT (DW_AT_base_types, 0x35)
DW_AT (DW_AT_calling_convention, 0x36)
DW_AT (DW_AT_count, 0x37)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_member_location, 0x38)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_column, 0x39)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_file, 0x3a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_line, 0x3b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_declaration, 0x3c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr_list, 0x3d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_encoding, 0x3e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_external, 0x3f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_frame_base, 0x40)
DW_AT (DW_AT_friend, 0x41)
DW_AT (DW_AT_identifier_case, 0x42)
DW_AT (DW_AT_macro_info, 0x43)
DW_AT (DW_AT_namelist_items, 0x44)
DW_AT (DW_AT_priority, 0x45)
DW_AT (DW_AT_segment, 0x46)
DW_AT (DW_AT_specification, 0x47)
DW_AT (DW_AT_static_link, 0x48)
DW_AT (DW_AT_type, 0x49)
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_location, 0x4a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_variable_parameter, 0x4b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_virtuality, 0x4c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_vtable_elem_location, 0x4d)
/* DWARF 3 values. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_allocated, 0x4e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_associated, 0x4f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_location, 0x50)
DW_AT (DW_AT_byte_stride, 0x51)
DW_AT (DW_AT_entry_pc, 0x52)
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_UTF8, 0x53)
DW_AT (DW_AT_extension, 0x54)
DW_AT (DW_AT_ranges, 0x55)
DW_AT (DW_AT_trampoline, 0x56)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_column, 0x57)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_file, 0x58)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_line, 0x59)
DW_AT (DW_AT_description, 0x5a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_binary_scale, 0x5b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decimal_scale, 0x5c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_small, 0x5d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decimal_sign, 0x5e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_digit_count, 0x5f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_picture_string, 0x60)
DW_AT (DW_AT_mutable, 0x61)
DW_AT (DW_AT_threads_scaled, 0x62)
DW_AT (DW_AT_explicit, 0x63)
DW_AT (DW_AT_object_pointer, 0x64)
DW_AT (DW_AT_endianity, 0x65)
DW_AT (DW_AT_elemental, 0x66)
DW_AT (DW_AT_pure, 0x67)
DW_AT (DW_AT_recursive, 0x68)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_signature, 0x69)
DW_AT (DW_AT_main_subprogram, 0x6a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_bit_offset, 0x6b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_const_expr, 0x6c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_enum_class, 0x6d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_linkage_name, 0x6e)
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_lo_user, 0x2000) /* Implementation-defined range start. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_hi_user, 0x3fff) /* Implementation-defined range end. */
/* SGI/MIPS extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_fde, 0x2001)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_loop_begin, 0x2002)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_tail_loop_begin, 0x2003)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_epilog_begin, 0x2004)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_loop_unroll_factor, 0x2005)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_software_pipeline_depth, 0x2006)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name, 0x2007)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_stride, 0x2008)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_abstract_name, 0x2009)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_clone_origin, 0x200a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_has_inlines, 0x200b)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_block_index, 0x2000)
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_unmodifiable, 0x2001) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_fde. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_prologue, 0x2005) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_loop_unroll. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_epilogue, 0x2008) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_stride. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_actuals_stmt_list, 0x2010)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_proc_per_section, 0x2011)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_raw_data_ptr, 0x2012)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_pass_by_reference, 0x2013)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_opt_level, 0x2014)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_prof_version_id, 0x2015)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_opt_flags, 0x2016)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_cold_region_low_pc, 0x2017)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_cold_region_high_pc, 0x2018)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_all_variables_modifiable, 0x2019)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_linkage_name, 0x201a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_prof_flags, 0x201b) /* In comp unit of procs_info for -g. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_unit_name, 0x201f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_unit_size, 0x2020)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_widened_byte_size, 0x2021)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_definition_points, 0x2022)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_default_location, 0x2023)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_is_result_param, 0x2029)
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_sf_names, 0x2101)
DW_AT (DW_AT_src_info, 0x2102)
DW_AT (DW_AT_mac_info, 0x2103)
DW_AT (DW_AT_src_coords, 0x2104)
DW_AT (DW_AT_body_begin, 0x2105)
DW_AT (DW_AT_body_end, 0x2106)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_vector, 0x2107)
/* Thread-safety annotations.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_guarded_by, 0x2108)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pt_guarded_by, 0x2109)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_guarded, 0x210a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pt_guarded, 0x210b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_locks_excluded, 0x210c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_exclusive_locks_required, 0x210d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_shared_locks_required, 0x210e)
/* One-definition rule violation detection.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_odr_signature, 0x210f)
/* Template template argument name.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_template_name, 0x2110)
/* The GNU call site extension.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_value, 0x2111)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_data_value, 0x2112)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_target, 0x2113)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_target_clobbered, 0x2114)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_tail_call, 0x2115)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_tail_call_sites, 0x2116)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_call_sites, 0x2117)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_source_call_sites, 0x2118)
/* Section offset into .debug_macro section. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_macros, 0x2119)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_dwo_name, 0x2130)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_dwo_id, 0x2131)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_ranges_base, 0x2132)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_addr_base, 0x2133)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pubnames, 0x2134)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pubtypes, 0x2135)
/* VMS extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_VMS_rtnbeg_pd_address, 0x2201)
/* GNAT extensions. */
/* GNAT descriptive type.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_GNAT_descriptive_type, 0x2301)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNAT_descriptive_type, 0x2302)
/* UPC extension. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_upc_threads_scaled, 0x3210)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_lbase, 0x3a00)
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_soffset, 0x3a01)
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_lstride, 0x3a02)
DW_FIRST_OP (DW_OP_addr, 0x03)
DW_OP (DW_OP_deref, 0x06)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const1u, 0x08)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const1s, 0x09)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const2u, 0x0a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const2s, 0x0b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const4u, 0x0c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const4s, 0x0d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const8u, 0x0e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const8s, 0x0f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_constu, 0x10)
DW_OP (DW_OP_consts, 0x11)
DW_OP (DW_OP_dup, 0x12)
DW_OP (DW_OP_drop, 0x13)
DW_OP (DW_OP_over, 0x14)
DW_OP (DW_OP_pick, 0x15)
DW_OP (DW_OP_swap, 0x16)
DW_OP (DW_OP_rot, 0x17)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xderef, 0x18)
DW_OP (DW_OP_abs, 0x19)
DW_OP (DW_OP_and, 0x1a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_div, 0x1b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_minus, 0x1c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_mod, 0x1d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_mul, 0x1e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_neg, 0x1f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_not, 0x20)
DW_OP (DW_OP_or, 0x21)
DW_OP (DW_OP_plus, 0x22)
DW_OP (DW_OP_plus_uconst, 0x23)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shl, 0x24)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shr, 0x25)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shra, 0x26)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xor, 0x27)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bra, 0x28)
DW_OP (DW_OP_eq, 0x29)
DW_OP (DW_OP_ge, 0x2a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_gt, 0x2b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_le, 0x2c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lt, 0x2d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_ne, 0x2e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_skip, 0x2f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit0, 0x30)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit1, 0x31)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit2, 0x32)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit3, 0x33)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit4, 0x34)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit5, 0x35)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit6, 0x36)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit7, 0x37)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit8, 0x38)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit9, 0x39)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit10, 0x3a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit11, 0x3b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit12, 0x3c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit13, 0x3d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit14, 0x3e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit15, 0x3f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit16, 0x40)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit17, 0x41)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit18, 0x42)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit19, 0x43)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit20, 0x44)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit21, 0x45)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit22, 0x46)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit23, 0x47)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit24, 0x48)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit25, 0x49)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit26, 0x4a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit27, 0x4b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit28, 0x4c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit29, 0x4d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit30, 0x4e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit31, 0x4f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg0, 0x50)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg1, 0x51)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg2, 0x52)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg3, 0x53)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg4, 0x54)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg5, 0x55)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg6, 0x56)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg7, 0x57)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg8, 0x58)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg9, 0x59)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg10, 0x5a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg11, 0x5b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg12, 0x5c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg13, 0x5d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg14, 0x5e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg15, 0x5f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg16, 0x60)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg17, 0x61)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg18, 0x62)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg19, 0x63)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg20, 0x64)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg21, 0x65)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg22, 0x66)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg23, 0x67)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg24, 0x68)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg25, 0x69)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg26, 0x6a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg27, 0x6b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg28, 0x6c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg29, 0x6d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg30, 0x6e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg31, 0x6f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg0, 0x70)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg1, 0x71)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg2, 0x72)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg3, 0x73)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg4, 0x74)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg5, 0x75)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg6, 0x76)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg7, 0x77)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg8, 0x78)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg9, 0x79)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg10, 0x7a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg11, 0x7b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg12, 0x7c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg13, 0x7d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg14, 0x7e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg15, 0x7f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg16, 0x80)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg17, 0x81)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg18, 0x82)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg19, 0x83)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg20, 0x84)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg21, 0x85)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg22, 0x86)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg23, 0x87)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg24, 0x88)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg25, 0x89)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg26, 0x8a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg27, 0x8b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg28, 0x8c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg29, 0x8d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg30, 0x8e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg31, 0x8f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_regx, 0x90)
DW_OP (DW_OP_fbreg, 0x91)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bregx, 0x92)
DW_OP (DW_OP_piece, 0x93)
DW_OP (DW_OP_deref_size, 0x94)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xderef_size, 0x95)
DW_OP (DW_OP_nop, 0x96)
/* DWARF 3 extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_push_object_address, 0x97)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call2, 0x98)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call4, 0x99)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call_ref, 0x9a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_form_tls_address, 0x9b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call_frame_cfa, 0x9c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bit_piece, 0x9d)
/* DWARF 4 extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_implicit_value, 0x9e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_stack_value, 0x9f)
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_lo_user, 0xe0) /* Implementation-defined range start. */
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_hi_user, 0xff) /* Implementation-defined range end. */
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address, 0xe0)
/* The following is for marking variables that are uninitialized. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_uninit, 0xf0)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_encoded_addr, 0xf1)
/* The GNU implicit pointer extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer, 0xf2)
/* The GNU entry value extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_entry_value, 0xf3)
/* The GNU typed stack extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_const_type, 0xf4)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_regval_type, 0xf5)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_deref_type, 0xf6)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_convert, 0xf7)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_reinterpret, 0xf9)
/* The GNU parameter ref extension. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref, 0xfa)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_addr_index, 0xfb)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_const_index, 0xfc)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_HP_unknown, 0xe0) /* Ouch, the same as GNU_push_tls_address. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_is_value, 0xe1)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_fltconst4, 0xe2)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_fltconst8, 0xe3)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_mod_range, 0xe4)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_unmod_range, 0xe5)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_tls, 0xe6)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_PGI_omp_thread_num, 0xf8)
DW_FIRST_ATE (DW_ATE_void, 0x0)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_address, 0x1)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_boolean, 0x2)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_complex_float, 0x3)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_float, 0x4)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed, 0x5)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed_char, 0x6)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned, 0x7)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned_char, 0x8)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_imaginary_float, 0x9)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_packed_decimal, 0xa)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_numeric_string, 0xb)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_edited, 0xc)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed_fixed, 0xd)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned_fixed, 0xe)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_decimal_float, 0xf)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_ATE_DUP (DW_ATE_lo_user, 0x80)
DW_ATE_DUP (DW_ATE_hi_user, 0xff)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_float80, 0x80) /* Floating-point (80 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_complex_float80, 0x81) /* Complex floating-point (80 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_float128, 0x82) /* Floating-point (128 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_complex_float128, 0x83) /* Complex fp (128 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_floathpintel, 0x84) /* Floating-point (82 bit IA64). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_imaginary_float80, 0x85)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_imaginary_float128, 0x86)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_float, 0x88) /* F or G floating. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_float_d, 0x89) /* D floating. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_packed_decimal, 0x8a) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_zoned_decimal, 0x8b) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_edited, 0x8c) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_signed_fixed, 0x8d) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_unsigned_fixed, 0x8e) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_complex_float, 0x8f) /* F or G floating complex. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_complex_float_d, 0x90) /* D floating complex. */
DW_FIRST_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc, 0x40)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset, 0x80)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore, 0xc0)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_nop, 0x00)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_set_loc, 0x01)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc1, 0x02)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc2, 0x03)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc4, 0x04)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset_extended, 0x05)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore_extended, 0x06)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_undefined, 0x07)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_same_value, 0x08)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_register, 0x09)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_remember_state, 0x0a)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore_state, 0x0b)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa, 0x0c)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_register, 0x0d)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset, 0x0e)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression, 0x0f)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_expression, 0x10)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset_extended_sf, 0x11)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf, 0x12)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset_sf, 0x13)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_offset, 0x14)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_offset_sf, 0x15)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_expression, 0x16)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_lo_user, 0x1c)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_hi_user, 0x3f)
/* SGI/MIPS specific. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_MIPS_advance_loc8, 0x1d)
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_window_save, 0x2d)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_args_size, 0x2e)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_negative_offset_extended, 0x2f)