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The libbacktrace library
Initially written by Ian Lance Taylor <>
The libbacktrace library may be linked into a program or library and
used to produce symbolic backtraces. Sample uses would be to print a
detailed backtrace when an error occurs or to gather detailed
profiling information.
The libbacktrace library is provided under a BSD license. See the
source files for the exact license text.
The public functions are declared and documented in the header file
backtrace.h, which should be #include'd by a user of the library.
Building libbacktrace will generate a file backtrace-supported.h,
which a user of the library may use to determine whether backtraces
will work. See the source file for the
macros that it defines.
As of September 2012, libbacktrace only supports ELF executables with
DWARF debugging information. The library is written to make it
straightforward to add support for other object file and debugging