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2013-03-22 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.0 released.
2013-03-06 Shakthi Kannan <>
PR libquadmath/55473
* quadmath.h: Add 'extern "C"' block for C++ use.
2013-02-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR libquadmath/56379
* strtod/strtod_l.c (mpn_lshift_1): Rewritten as function-like
2013-02-17 Tobias Burnus <>
* math/cacoshq.c (cacoshq): Call signbitq instead of signbit.
2013-02-06 Richard Sandiford <>
Revert previous patch.
2013-02-03 Richard Sandiford <>
Update copyright years.
2013-01-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR libquadmath/56072
* libquadmath.texi (M_PI_2q, M_PI_4q): Fix up description.
2012-12-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
* math/cbrtq.c (cbrtq): Use Q suffixed floating point constants
instead of L suffixed ones.
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Likewise.
* math/rintq.c (TWO112): Likewise.
2012-12-03 Tobias Burnus <>
* strtod/strtod_l.c (___STRTOF_INTERNAL): Fix exponent
2012-11-25 Tobias Burnus <>
PR libquadmath/55462
* strtod/strtod_l.c (round_and_return): Use HAVE_FENV_H
instead of nonexisting HAVE_GET_ROUNDING_MODE.
2012-11-23 H.J. Lu <>
PR bootstrap/55455
* quadmath-rounding-mode.h (get_rounding_mode): Don't pass
void to fegetround.
2012-11-23 Tobias Burnus <>
Joseph Myers <>
* quadmath-rounding-mode.h: New.
* printf/fpioconst.c: Update from GLIBC. Fix strtod rounding.
* printf/fpioconst.h: Ditto.
* printf/printf_fp.c (__quadmath_printf_fp): Update from GLIBC.
Make printf respect the rounding mode for decimal output.
* printf/printf_fphex.c (__quadmath_printf_fphex): Update from
GLIBC. Make printf respect the rounding mode for hex output.
* strtod/strtod_l.c: Update from GLIBC. Make strtod respect the
rounding mode. Fix strtod handling of underflow.
2012-11-22 David S. Miller <>
Tobias Burnus <>
Joseph Myers <>
* math/atanq.c (atanq): Update from GLIBC. Handle tiny and
very large arguments properly.
* math/j0q.c (y0q): Update from GLIBC. Avoid arithmetic
underflow when 'x' is very small.
* math/j1q.c (y1q): Ditto.
* math/log1pq.c (log1pq): Update from GLIBC. Saturate
nonzero exponents with absolute value below 0x1p-128 to
+/- 0x1p-128.
* math/powq.c (powq): Update from GLIBC. If xm1 is
smaller than LDBL_EPSILON/2.0L, just return xm1.
2012-11-21 Tobias Burnus <>
PR libquadmath/55225
* math/lgammaq.c (lgammaq): Use local variable if
math.h does not provide signgam.
* acinclude.m4 (LIBQUAD_CHECK_MATH_H_SIGNGAM): New check.
* Use it.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2012-11-15 Tobias Burnus <>
Joseph Myers <>
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Merge from GLIBC. Fix fma
underflows with small x * y; Fix overflow results
outside round-to-nearest mode; make use of Dekker
and Knuth algorithms use round-to-nearest.
2012-11-01 Tobias Burnus <>
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Fix build.
2012-11-01 Tobias Burnus <>
Joseph Myers <>
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Merge from GLIBC. Handle cases
with small x * y using scaling, not as x * y + z.
* math/lgammaq.c (lgammaq): Fix signgam handling.
2012-11-01 Tobias Burnus <>
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Add new math/* files.
* Regenerated.
* math/acoshq.c: Update comment.
* math/acosq.c: Ditto.
* math/asinhq.c: Ditto.
* math/asinq.c: Ditto.
* math/atan2q.c: Ditto.
* math/atanhq.c: Ditto.
* math/ceilq.c: Ditto.
* math/copysignq.c: Ditto.
* math/cosq.c: Ditto.
* math/coshq.c: Ditto.
* math/erfq.c: Ditto.
* math/fabsq.c: Ditto.
* math/finiteq.c: Ditto.
* math/floorq.c: Ditto.
* math/fmodq.c: Ditto.
* math/frexpq.c: Ditto.
* math/isnanq.c: Ditto.
* math/j0q.c: Ditto.
* math/j1q.c: Ditto.
* math/ldexpq.c: Ditto.
* math/llroundq.c: Ditto.
* math/log10q.c: Ditto.
* math/log1pq.c: Ditto.
* math/log2q.c: Ditto.
* math/logq.c: Ditto.
* math/lroundq.c: Ditto.
* math/modfq.c: Ditto.
* math/nextafterq.c: Ditto.
* math/powq.c: Ditto.
* math/rem_pio2q.c: Ditto.
* math/remainderq.c: Ditto.
* math/rintq.c: Ditto.
* math/roundq.c: Ditto.
* math/scalblnq.c: Ditto.
* math/scalbnq.c: Ditto.
* math/sincosq_kernel.c: Ditto.
* math/sinq.c: Ditto.
* math/tanq.c: Ditto.
* math/expq.c: Ditto.
(__expq_table, expq): Renamed local array from __expl_table.
* math/cosq_kernel.c (__quadmath_kernel_cosq): Fix sign handling.
* math/cacoshq.c: Changes from GLIBC; fix returned sign.
* math/casinhq.c: Changes from GLIBC to fix special-case.
* math/cbrtq.c: Use modified GLIBC version.
* math/complex.c (ccoshd, cexpq, clog10q, clogq, csinhq, csinq,
ctanhq, ctanq): Moved to separates files.
(mult_c128, div_c128): Removed no longer needed functions.
(cexpiq): Call sincosq instead of sinq and cosq.
(cosq): Call cosh(-re,im) instead of cosq/sinq/sinh/cosh.
* math/ccoshq.c (ccoshq): New file, moved from complex.c and
modified based on GLIBC.
* math/cexpq.c (cexp): Ditto.
* math/clog10q.c (clog10q): Ditto.
* math/clogq.c (clogq): Ditto.
* math/csinhq.c: Ditto.
* math/csinq.c: Ditto.
* math/csqrtq.c: Ditto.
* math/ctanhq.c: Ditto.
* math/ctanq.c: Ditto.
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Port TININESS_AFTER_ROUNDING handling
from GLIBC.
* math/ilogbq.c (ilogbq): Add errno = EDOM handling.
* math/isinf_nsq.c (__quadmath_isinf_nsq): New file, ported
from GLIBC.
* math/lgammaq.c (lgammaq): Add signgam handling.
* math/sinhq.c (sinhq): Fix sign handling.
* math/sinq_kernel.c (__quadmath_kernel_sinq): Ditto.
* math/tgammaq.c (tgammaq): Ditto.
* math/x2y2m1q.c: New file.
* quadmath-imp.h (TININESS_AFTER_ROUNDING): New define.
(__quadmath_x2y2m1q, __quadmath_isinf_nsq): New prototypes.
2012-10-31 Tobias Burnus <>
Joseph Myers <>
David S. Miller <>
Ulrich Drepper <>
Marek Polacek <>:
Petr Baudis <>
* math/complex.c (csqrtq): NaN and INF fixes.
* math/sqrtq.c (sqrt): NaN, INF and < 0 fixes.
* math/expm1q.c (expm1q): Changes from GLIBC. Use expq for
large parameters. Fix errno for boundary conditions.
* math/finiteq.c (finiteq): Add comment.
* math/fmaq.c (fmaq): Changes from GLIBC. Fix missing underflows
and bad results for some subnormal results. Fix sign of inexact
zero return. Fix sign of exact zero return.
Ensure additions are not scheduled after fetestexcept.
* math/jnq.c (jnq): Changes from GLIBC. Set up errno properly
for ynq. Fix jnq precision.
* math/nearbyintq.c (nearbyintq): Changes from GLIBC. Do not
manipulate bits before adding and subtracting TWO112[sx].
* math/rintq.c (rintq): Ditto.
* math/scalbnq.c (scalbnq): Changes from GLIBC. Fix integer
2012-09-14 David Edelsohn <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-05-29 Benjamin Kosnik <>
PR libstdc++/51007
* Allow gnu, gnu* variants for --enable-symvers argument.
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-05-16 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2011-11-21 Andreas Tobler <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2011-11-07 Kai Tietz <>
PR target/51007
* quadmath-imp.h (ieee854_float128): Adjust
for ms-bitfield layout.
2011-11-02 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* printf/gmp-impl.h: Adapt path to longlong.h.
2011-09-21 Joseph Myers <>
* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Define.
* Regenerate.
2011-08-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
* math/rem_pio2q.c (__quadmath_kernel_rem_pio2): Fix up fq to y
conversion for prec 3 and __FLT_EVAL_METHOD__ != 0.
2011-04-03 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/48311
* libquadmath.texi (strtoflt128): Fix typo.
(quadmath_snprintf): Move note up, make @item.
2011-03-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* printf/printf_fp.c (__quadmath_printf_fp): Use memcpy instead of
2011-03-21 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
PR bootstrap/48135
* (quadmath_use_symver): Handle --disable-symvers.
* configure: Regenerate.
2011-02-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* printf/quadmath-printf.c (quadmath_snprintf): Make sure
that for size > 0 str is always zero terminated.
2011-02-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR bootstrap/47827
* printf/quadmath-printf.h (NAN): Redefine to __builtin_nanf ("").
2011-02-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libquadmath.texi (FLT128_DIG, FLT128_MIN_10_EXP,
FLT128_MAX_10_EXP): Document.
(strtoflt128): Remove obsolete comment.
* (HAVE_STRTOULL): New check.
* printf/gmp-impl.h (mpn_construct_float128): New prototype,
* printf/mul_n.c: Include <config.h>.
* printf/add_n.c: Likewise.
* printf/cmp.c: Likewise.
* printf/fpioconst.c: Likewise.
* printf/mul_1.c: Likewise.
* printf/rshift.c: Likewise.
* printf/lshift.c: Likewise.
* printf/submul_1.c: Likewise.
* printf/sub_n.c: Likewise.
* printf/divrem.c: Likewise.
* printf/addmul_1.c: Likewise.
* printf/mul.c: Likewise.
* printf/quadmath-printf.h (isupper, isdigit, tolower): Change
to avoid evaluating argument multiple times.
(isxdigit): Redefine.
* strtod/strtoflt128.c: New file.
* strtod/strtod_l.c: New file.
* strtod/mpn2flt128.c: New file.
* strtod/grouping.h: New file.
* strtod/tens_in_limb.c: New file.
* gdtoa/arith.h: Removed.
* gdtoa/gd_qnan.h: Removed.
* gdtoa/gdtoa_fltrnds.h: Removed.
* gdtoa/gdtoa.h: Removed.
* gdtoa/gdtoaimp.h: Removed.
* gdtoa/gethex.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/gmisc.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/hd_init.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/hexnan.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/makefile: Removed.
* gdtoa/misc.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/README.gdtoa: Removed.
* gdtoa/smisc.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/strtodg.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/strtopQ.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/sum.c: Removed.
* quadmath.h (FLT128_DIG, FLT128_MIN_10_EXP, FLT128_MAX_10_EXP):
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Remove gdtoa/*, add
strtod/strtoflt128.c, strtod/mpn2flt128.c and strtod/tens_in_limb.c.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2011-02-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
* printf/quadmath-printf.c: Also check __GLIBC__ when checking
whether workarounds for printf hook handling should be added.
* Check for locale.h too.
(USE_LOCALE_SUPPORT): Remove check.
(USE_I18_NUMBER_H): Check also for _NL_CTYPE_MB_CUR_MAX.
* printf/printf_fphex.c (__quadmath_printf_fphex): Use nl_langinfo
or localeconv for narrow version and nl_langinfo if USE_NL_LANGINFO_WC
for wide version.
* printf/quadmath-printf.h: Include locale.h if HAVE_LOCALE_H.
* printf/printf_fp.c (USE_I18N_NUMBER_H): Don't define to 0.
(__quadmath_printf_fp): Use nl_langinfo or localeconv for narrow
version and nl_langinfo if USE_NL_LANGINFO_WC for wide version.
Guard nl_langinfo (_NL_CTYPE_MB_CUR_MAX) use with
USE_I18N_NUMBER_H #ifdef.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2011-02-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR bootstrap/47736
* (HAVE_PRINTF_HOOKS): Test if printf_info struct has
user field.
* printf/quadmath-printf.c (quadmath_snprintf): Clear whole info
field instead of setting individual fields to 0. Don't set info.user
to -1.
* configure: Regenerated.
* (HAVE_HIDDEN_VISIBILITY): Test with -Werror in CFLAGS.
* printf/printf_fp.c: Don't include <alloca.h>.
* printf/quadmath-printf.h (_itoa): Redefine to __quadmath_itoa.
* configure: Regenerated.
PR fortran/47642
* libquadmath.texi (quadmath_snprintf): Document.
(quadmath_flt128tostr): Remove.
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Add printf/*.c.
Remove quadmath_io.c, gdtoa/gdtoa.c, gdtoa/g__fmt.c,
gdtoa/g_Qfmt.c, gdtoa/dmisc.c and gdtoa/ulp.c.
* quadmath.h (quadmath_snprintf): New prototype.
(quadmath_flt128tostr): Remove.
* quadmath_weak.h (quadmath_snprintf): Add.
(quadmath_flt128tostr): Remove.
* New AC_CHECK_HEADERS headers: langinfo.h, wchar.h,
wctype.h, limits.h, ctype.h, printf.h, errno.h.
* (QUADMATH_1.0): Add quadmath_snprintf. Remove
* printf/printf_fphex.c: New file.
* printf/_itowa.h: New file.
* printf/mul_n.c: New file.
* printf/quadmath-printf.h: New file.
* printf/submul_1.c: New file.
* printf/quadmath-printf.c: New file.
* printf/gmp-impl.h: New file.
* printf/lshift.c: New file.
* printf/fpioconst.h: New file.
* printf/add_n.c: New file.
* printf/cmp.c: New file.
* printf/sub_n.c: New file.
* printf/mul.c: New file.
* printf/divrem.c: New file.
* printf/addmul_1.c: New file.
* printf/printf_fp.c: New file.
* printf/_itoa.h: New file.
* printf/fpioconst.c: New file.
* printf/_i18n_number.h: New file.
* printf/flt1282mpn.c: New file.
* printf/rshift.c: New file.
* printf/mul_1.c: New file.
* quadmath_io.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/gdtoa.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/g__fmt.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/g_Qfmt.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/dmisc.c: Removed.
* gdtoa/ulp.c: Removed.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2011-02-13 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2011-01-31 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR libquadmath/47293
* gdtoa/qd_qnan.h: Fix NAN bit patterns.
* gdtoa/strtopQ.c (strtoflt128): Handle endianess with NAN.
2011-01-17 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/47295
* libquadmath.text: Document typedef and constants.
2011-01-17 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46817
* quadmath-imp.h: Refer to libquadmath not ot libiberty,
bump copyright year and use /**/ instead of // comments.
* quadmath.h: Ditto.
* quadmath-weak.h: Ditto.
* quadmath_io.c: Ditto.
2011-01-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR libfortran/47322
* math/remquoq.c (remquoq): Use uint64_t type instead of u_int64_t.
PR fortran/46625
* (QUADMATH_1.0): Remove quadmath_strtopQ
and quadmath_dtoaq. Add strtoflt128 and quadmath_flt128tostr.
* quadmath_weak.h (quadmath_strtopQ, quadmath_dtoaq): Remove.
(strtoflt128, quadmath_flt128tostr): Add.
* gdtoa/strtopQ.c (quadmath_strtopQ): Rename to...
(strtoflt128): ... this. Return __float128, instead of writing
to memory pointed by last argument.
* quadmath.h: Use C style comments instead of C++ style.
(quadmath_strtopQ, quadmath_dtoaq): Remove prototypes.
(strtoflt128, quadmath_flt128tostr): Add prototypes.
* libquadmath.texi (quadmath_dtoaq): Rename to quadmath_flt128tostr.
(quadmath_strtopQ): Rename to strtoflt128. Adjust prototype,
adjust examples.
* quadmath_io.c (quadmath_dtoaq): Rename to...
(quadmath_flt128tostr): ... this.
* quadmath.h (__quadmath_throw, __quadmath_nth): Define.
Use it for all prototypes.
PR fortran/46416
* quadmath.h (cbrtq, finiteq, isnanq, signbitq, sqrtq): Remove
const from prototype argument.
(cimagq, conjq, cprojq, crealq, fdimq, fmaxq, fminq, ilogbq,
llrintq, log2q, lrintq, nearbyintq, remquoq): New prototypes.
(__quadmath_extern_inline): Define.
(cimagq, conjq, crealq): New inlines.
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Add math/cimagq.c,
math/conjq.c, math/cprojq.c, math/crealq.c, math/fdimq.c,
math/fmaxq.c, math/fminq.c, math/ilogbq.c, math/llrintq.c,
math/log2q.c, math/lrintq.c, math/nearbyintq.c and math/remquoq.c.
* Regenerated.
* quadmath_weak.h (cimagq, conjq, cprojq, crealq, fdimq, fmaxq,
fminq, ilogbq, llrintq, log2q, lrintq, nearbyintq, remquoq): Add.
* quadmath-imp.h (__LITTLE_ENDIAN__): Don't define.
(ieee854_float128): Use __BYTE_ORDER == __ORDER_BIG_ENDIAN__
tests instead of __BIG_ENDIAN__.
* (QUADMATH_1.0): Add cimagq, conjq, cprojq, crealq,
fdimq, fmaxq, fminq, ilogbq, llrintq, log2q, lrintq, nearbyintq
and remquoq.
* libquadmath.texi (cimagq, conjq, cprojq, crealq, fdimq, fmaxq,
fminq, ilogbq, llrintq, log2q, lrintq, nearbyintq, remquoq): Add.
* math/cprojq.c: New file.
* math/ilogbq.c: New file.
* math/fminq.c: New file.
* math/llrintq.c: New file.
* math/log2q.c: New file.
* math/lrintq.c: New file.
* math/crealq.c: New file.
* math/nearbyintq.c: New file.
* math/fmaxq.c: New file.
* math/conjq.c: New file.
* math/remquoq.c: New file.
* math/cimagq.c: New file.
* math/fdimq.c: New file.
* math/ldexpq.c: Include errno.h. Set errno to ERANGE if needed.
PR fortran/46416
* quadmath.h (cacosq, cacoshq, casinq, casinhq, catanq, catanhq):
New prototypes.
(M_Eq, M_LOG2Eq, M_LOG10Eq, M_LN2q, M_LN10q, M_PIq, M_PI_2q, M_PI_4q,
M_1_PIq, M_2_PIq, M_2_SQRTPIq, M_SQRT2q, M_SQRT1_2q): Define.
* quadmath_weak.h (cacosq, cacoshq, casinq, casinhq, catanq,
catanhq): Add.
* quadmath-imp.h (fpclassifyq, QUADFP_NAN, QUADFP_INFINITE,
* (QUADMATH_1.0): Add cacosq, cacoshq, casinq, casinhq,
catanq and catanhq.
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Add math/cacosq.c,
math/cacoshq.c, math/casinq.c, math/casinhq.c, math/catanq.c
and math/catanhq.c.
* Regenerated.
* libquadmath.texi (cacosq, cacoshq, casinq, casinhq,
catanq, catanhq): Add.
* math/cacoshq.c: New file.
* math/cacosq.c: New file.
* math/catanq.c: New file.
* math/catanhq.c: New file.
* math/casinq.c: New file.
* math/casinhq.c: New file.
* math/hypotq.c (hypotq): Use Q suffix instead of L.
* math/atan2q.c (tiny, pi_o_4, pi_o_2, pi, pi_lo, atan2q): Likewise.
* math/cosq.c (cosq): Likewise.
PR fortran/46402
* (QUADMATH_1.0): Add fmaq.
* Check for fenv.h, feholdexcept, fesetround,
feupdateenv, fesetenv and fetestexcept.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
* quadmath.h (fmaq): New prototype.
* quadmath_weak.h (fmaq): Add.
* (libquadmath_la_SOURCES): Add math/fmaq.c.
* Regenerated.
* quadmath-imp.h: Include config.h.
* math/expq.c: Include fenv.h.
(USE_FENV_H): Define if libm support for fe* is there.
(expq): Add fesetround etc. support if USE_FENV_H is defined.
* math/fmaq.c: New file.
* libquadmath.texi (fmaq): Add.
2011-01-14 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/47182
* libquadmath.texi: Include libquadmath-vers.texi for BUGURL.
* Create libquadmath-vers.texi.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2011-01-06 Ralf Wildenhues <>
PR fortran/47174
* ( Unconditionally override
target, not only if BUILD_LIBQUADMATH.
* Regenerate.
* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Add -Wno-override option to
avoid warning from automake.
2010-12-19 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46520
* Do not call AC_CHECK_LIB for gcc_no_link.
* configure: Regenerate
2010-12-13 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46625
* gdtoa/gdtoaimp.h: Mangle internal functions by
prefixing them with __quadmath. Don't use gdtoa's strcp(y).
* gdtoa/g_Qfmt.c (g_Qfmt): Use strcpy instead of strcp.
* gdtoa/misc.c (strcpy): Renamed from strcp and only use
if NO_STRING_H is set.
* quadmath-imp.h (__quadmath_rem_pio2q, __quadmath_kernel_sincosq
__quadmath_kernel_sinq, __quadmath_kernel_cosq): Added
__quadmath prefix to internal functions.
* math/cosq.c (cosq): Ditto.
* math/sinq.c (cosq): Ditto.
* math/tanq.c (tanq,__quadmath_kernel_tanq): Ditto.
* math/rem_pio2q.c (rem_pio2, __quadmath_kernel_rem_pio2): Ditto.
* math/sinq_kernel.c (__quadmath_kernel_sinq): Ditto.
* math/cosq_kernel.c (__quadmath_kernel_cosq): Ditto.
2010-12-08 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46772
* gdtoa/gdtoa.h: Include stdlib.h instead of declare strtod.
* gdtoa/gdtoaimp.h: Don't declare strtod.
2010-12-08 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46520
* Use GCC_TRY_COMPILE_OR_LINK instead of
AC_TRY_LINK and cache libquad_have_float128.
* configure: Regenerate.
2010-12-08 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46543
* Add texinfo checks.
* Handle .texi documentation.
* libquadmath.texi: New.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2010-12-06 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46817
* quadmath-imp.h: Add LGPL header.
* quadmath.h: Add LGPL header.
* quadmath_io.c: Add LGPL header.
* quadmath_weak.h: Add LGPL header.
2010-12-06 Dave Korn <>
PR target/40125
PR lto/46695
* (libquadmath_la_LDFLAGS): Use lt_host_flags.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2010-11-30 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/46594
* Install include files in
target/version specific directory.
* Regenerate.
2010-11-30 Tobias Burnus <>
2010-11-29 Kai Tietz <>
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
(target_alias): Use AC_SUBST for it.
(AC_PROG_CC): Improve multilib handling.
Check that gcc is used for compilation.
Use pattern from libssp for symbol versioning checking.
* (LTLDFLAGS): Removed.
(libquadmath_la_LDFLAGS): Add -no-undefined.
(libquadmath_la_LINK): Commented out.
(libquadmath_la_DEPENDENCIES): Add libquadmath_la_LIBADD.
(AM_MAKEFLAGS): Add hack for argument passing by top-level.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
2010-11-19 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (libquadmath_la_LIBADD): Move -lm ...
(libquadmath_la_LDFLAGS): ... here.
( Tabify.
Fix sed expression.
* Regenerate.
2010-11-16 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/32049
Initial implementation and checkin.