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2002-12-29 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/reshape.*: New files.
* gcc_config.patch: Update to new GCC configure system.
2002-10-10 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/size.c: New file.
* intrinsics/shape.m4: New file.
* Add above files.
2002-10-02 Paul Brook <>
* fmain.c (main): Move here.
* libgfor.c: From here.
* libgfor.h (gfor_init, gfor_runtime_cleanup): Declare.
* Build libgforbegin.
* gcc_config.patch: Remove stray -march=athlon.
* dotprodl.m4: Fix use of L8_TO_L4 macro.
* ifunction.m4: Move variable declarations to allow compilation with
gcc < 3.0
* specific.m4, specific4.m4: Fix typo typecode->type_code.
* README: Document use of patch -p1.
2002-09-12 Paul Brook <>
* math/*: Add complex math library functions.
* intrinsics/specific(2).m4: Generate Specific intrinsic functions.
* Add details for above.
* Use AC_PROG_F95. Test for the presence of csin.
2002-09-09 Paul Brook <>
* libgfor.c (determine_endianness): Use an array rather than a struct.
* intrinsics/dotprod*, matmul*: Implement DOT_PRODUCT and MATMUL.
2002-09-09 Steven Bosscher <>
* libgfor.c: Add fatal signal handler.
Romove superfluous abort() calls.
2002-09-07 Paul Brook <>
*, intrinsics: Major rewrite.
2002-09-02 Paul Brook <>
* Added -I$(srcdir) to m4 rule.
2002-08-30 Paul Brook <>
* io/*: Integrated libgforio.
*, Make compatable with GCC. Build code for
intrinsics in the intrisics directory.
* intrinsics/intrinsics.m4: Move here. Strip directories from the
filename. Add 'and' and 'all' intrinsics.
2002-08-17 Paul Brook <>
* ALL: First release as more than just a single file
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