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1998-12-31 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/fstream.tcc: Add fstream ctor for cin/cout/etc.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Ditto.
* src/ Ditto.
* math/cpowl.c: Fix header typo with last change.
1998-12-31 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* COPYING: New file (GPL v 2).
* LICENSE.STD: Remove.
* ./*: Change license.
1998-12-30 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_streambuf.h (std): Remove static on _M_init.
* bits/streambuf.tcc (std): Ditto.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Add changes as discussed with Nathan, including
state_type and codecvt_type members, the allocation of an internal
buffer, the streamlined codecvt calls, etc.
1998-12-21 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_sstream.h: Tweak.
* bits/fstream.tcc: Remove unused stubs.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Tweak.
1998-12-17 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Move _IO_file_flags into basic_filebuf.
Remove unused _IO_* members, possibly put into filebuf, which may
need them.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Add _M_flag.
* bits/sbuf_iter.h: Tweak.
* bits/std_cstdio.h: Add SEEK_SET, SEEK_END, SEEK_CUR.
* bits/ios_base.h: Use.
* src/ Modify to reflect standard ctors for
* src/ Ditto.
* bits/os_raw.h: Wrap in std namespace. Model parameters on
underlying C library calls instead of the underlying unix
* src/ (_S_os_open): Use fopen, and compute a mode
string as per p.659.
(_S_os_close): Model on fopen.
(_S_os_read): Model on fread.
(_S_os_write): Model on fwrite.
(_S_os_seek): Model on fseek.
* bits/ios_base.h: Tweak.
* bits/std_iosfwd.h: Wrap libio.h include with extern "C".
* bits/std_sstream.h: Tweak.
* bits/sstream.tcc: Remove old, uncalled code.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Major reconstruction.
* bits/fstream.tcc: Disable for the time being.
1998-12-11 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_string.h: Fix insert method.
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h: Remove previous hack.
* bits/std_streambuf.h (sbumpc): Correct increment/return oddness.
* bits/std_sstream.h: Fix more regressions.
* testsuite/27/27stringbuf.C: Add (almost) complete tests.
1998-12-09 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_string.h: Tweak.
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h: Specialize iterator_traits for int so
that string::append can be instantiated. HACK--checkin
basic_string::iterator class.
1998-12-07 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_sstream.h: Tweak.
* bits/sstream.tcc: Tweak ctors.
FIXME invalid friend defs. . WHERE ARE THEY??
* bits/sbuf_iter.h (istreambuf_iterator::equal): Change to new
names for basic_streambuf data members.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Add getloc() initialization bits.
basic_streambuf(): Initialize with global locale data.
imbue(): Set _M_init.
* bits/std_streambuf.h(seekoff, seekpos): Complete with invalid
stream pos == pos_type(off_type(-1)).
in_avail(): Complete default implementation.
snextc, sbumpc, sputbackc, sungetc, sputc, setg, xsputn,
underflow, uflow, xsgetn, showmany, sync: Ditto.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: _M_snextc_helper(): Remove.
* bits/streambuf.tcc (sputbackc): Temporarily remove, need to
re-populate with in-line member functions that are too big. Add
initialization for _M_init.
1998-12-03 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/sstream.tcc: Convert _Allocator to _Alloc. Add typedefs
for basic_string and basic_streambuf. Scope _IO_buf_* pointers to
* src/ (std): Disable wchar_t instantiations.
* bits/c++config.h (_G_DEPRICATED): Add.
(_G_USE_WCHAR_T): Add.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Radical reconstruction of basic_streambuf.
Take out _Streambuf_base. Put _IO_FILE data member in basic_filebuf.
* bits/streambuf.tcc (sputbackc): Remove ctor anti-def, Tweak.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Add comment for implementation.
* src/ Remove.
* src/ Remove streambuf.lo.
* src/ Tweak.
1998-12-02 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_sstream.h: Add const_cast to rdbuf returns.
* testsuite/27stringstream.C: Modify.
1998-11-25 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* src/ (libstdc___la_OBJECTS): Add streambuf.lo.
(libstdc___la_SOURCES): Ditto.
* bits/streambuf.tcc: Tweak.
* src/ New file, add out-of-line definitions for
* src/ Remove _Streambuf_base instantiations.
Comment out wchar_t versions of the buffer instantiations, for now.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Wrap libio.h include with extern "C".
Remove template wrapper around _Streambuf_base.
Move IO_* data members into _Streambuf_base.
Move _Streambuf_base members into streambuf.tcc.
* bits/c++config.h (_G_USE_LIBIO): Enable.
1998-11-02 Nathan Myers <>
* CHECKLIST: downgrade iterator implementations
* DESIGN: fill out notes about unimplemented features
1998-10-31 Nathan Myers <>
* CHECKLIST: itemized list of all interfaces, and status of each.
1998-10-30 Nathan Myers <>
* RELEASE-NOTES: add notes about optional includes, linking, running
* src/ handle header installs properly
* src/ regenerate from new src/
1998-10-30 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_string.h: Revert npos pending ciso646.
* src/ Revert CXX flags for now.
* src/ Ditto.
1998-10-30 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/std_sstream.h: Re-order ctors to put base before member
1998-10-30 Ryszard Kabatek <>
* stl/bits/std_memory.h: Fix typo.
1998-10-30 Nathan Myers <>
* src/string[A-Z] change back to include "".
* src/ revert filename changes. We need a different
way to keep filenames in std/ from confusing Make.
* bits/basic_string.h: define _S_max_size right, return it from
string::max_size(); churn definition of npos again.
* bits/string.tcc: fix _S_frob_size to avoid uint overflow.
* bits/ remove #ifdef on ios_base locale member initialization
* BUGS: clear cruft.
* C++STYLE: Touchup for release.
* CHECKLIST: Touchup for release.
* DESIGN: New file.
* LICENSE.STD: Add requirement to retain copyrights and to provide
the license with any copies.
* README: Update for release.
* TODO: Minor touchup for release.
* RELEASE-NOTES: prepare for release
1998-10-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* src/string[A-Z] Include, not
* src/ (CXXFLAGS): Define _GNU_SOURCE.
* src/ (CXXLINK): New variable. Make sure we don't use
CXX to generate the shared object.
* src/ (headers): Remove duplicated char_traits.h.
1998-10-29 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/basic_string.h (basic_string<>::max_size): Subtract 1, not
2, from npos, solving infinite loop problems.
1998-10-29 18:41 Ulrich Drepper <>
* src/ Add rules to install headers.
1998-10-29 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/std_ostream.h: Remove #ifdef on operator<< for long double
* bits/ostream.tcc: Remove #ifdef on operator<< for long double
* shadow/libio.h:
* shadow/unistd.h:
* shadow/bits/wrap_libio.h:
* shadow/bits/wrap_unistd.h: New files.
1998-10-29 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/ostream.tcc (operator<<): Wrap with #ifdef
_G_HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE_IO, to match bits/std_ostream.h.
1998-10-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* src/ Add temporarily rules to make sure
is not compiled with -fno-implicit-templates in effect.
* src/ (EXTRA_SOURCES): Add and here.
(libstdc___la_SOURCES): Add all the string*.cc and wstring*.cc files.
* src/ Wrapper around to define individual
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Wrapper around to define individual
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* src/ Remove now unneeded #defines now.
1998-10-29 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/locfacets.tcc: Define num_put::put(... const void*), improve
integer formatting.
* bits/ostream.tcc: Delete cruft, rewrite various op<< as members,
add definitions for double, long double, const void*.
* bits/std_ostream.h: Move op<<'s back into class ostream,
define some in-line.
* bits/string.tcc: fix unnecessary-copying bug in op[], typos in
string construction from input iterators that Brendan reported.
1998-10-28 Brendan Kehoe <>
* stl/bits/stl_pair.h (op!=, op>, p<=, op>=): Add missing definitions.
* bits/valarray_meta.h (class _Constant): Move declaration to the
top, so the rest of the file can grok it.
(_ApplyBinaryFunction::operator[]): Add missing parenthesis.
* bits/std_sstream.h (basic_ostringstream::str): Fix typo of extra
(basic_stringstream::str, both instances): Likewise.
1998-10-28 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/locfacets.h: fix num_put<>::falsename()
* bits/locfacets.tcc: fix _Format_cache<>::_M_populate bool name init
* testsuite/27/27octfmt.C, testsuite/27/27octfmt.C: new tests
* bits/locfacets.tcc: touch up _S_group_digits.
* src/ adjust _S_group_digits insts to match.
1998-10-27 Nathan Myers <>
* stl/bits/stl_config.h: Turn off long long support, for now.
* src/ Instantiate num_put<> only for
ostreambuf_iterator, num_get only for istreambuf_iterator.
* src/ Delete duplicate locale-related instantiations,
add lots of new instantiations for num_put support function templates;
remove junk about __match_parallel for ostreambuf_iterator.
1998-10-27 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/locfacets.tcc: Make num_put's digit grouping work.
* bits/string.tcc: More uglification.
* src/ initialize format cache right
1998-10-26 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/basic_string.h: Uglify more names.
* bits/fstream.tcc: Rewrite some filebut output handling.
* bits/ios_base.h: Cosmetic.
* bits/locfacets.h: Changes to _Format_cache for support of num_put.
Also, specialize its default ctor for optimal default case.
#ifdef out "long long" prototypes for now.
* bits/locfacets.tcc: Do complete, optimized num_put<>::do_put
implementation for integer types. (Still needs optimized
std::copy() applied to ostreambuf_iterator to be optimal.)
* bits/ostream.tcc: Write operator<< for long, bool types.
Make other operators<< non-members, per spec. (Many still
not implemented.) Identify those that fail to create a sentry.
* bits/sbuf_iter: Cosmetic.
* bits/std_fstream.h: Add some filebuf members.
* bits/std_locale.h: Include <limits> for use in bits/locfacets.h
* bits/std_ostream.h: Make member operators<< global, per spec.
(Should do the same in std_istream.h.)
* bits/std_string.h: Include <limits> for use in bits/locfacets.h
* bits/string.tcc: Uglify names
* shadow/bits/std_cstdlib.h: Optimize std::div and std::ldiv.
* src/ Specialize _Format_cache<> for char and wchar_t,
for optimal default behavior.
1998-10-26 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* src/ (libstdc___la_SOURCES): Add again.
1998-10-21 Nathan Myers <>
* src/ make ctype operations actually work for glibc
* CHECKLIST: add a comprehensive (i.e. huge) implementation
checklist of stdlib facilities. Not filled in yet.
1998-10-20 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/string.tcc: fix patching NULs on string ends.
1998-10-19 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/std_iosfwd.h: eliminate "basic_" prefix on streambuf
iterator forward declarations
* bits/sbuf_iter.h: eliminate default template argument definitions
on streambuf iterators (rely on <iosfwd> decls).
* TODO: add note about lazy facet construction
* bits/basic_ios.h: hit operator void* again. This should be the
last time we need to touch it.
* bits/basic_ios.h: copyfmt now returns *this.
* bits/basic_string.h: fix npos again. npos cannot be defined as zero.
* bits/basic_string.h: put back overloaded constructors; adjust
behavior for default allocator on copy constructor.
* bits/char_traits.h: make not_eof return correct type.
* bits/loccore.h: remove call to bits/std_stdexcept.h; subincludes
cannot be in non-standard headers or we get include loops (bad)
* bits/loccore.h: delete ifdef'd out workarounds for old compiler bugs.
* bits/loccore.h: add apparatus to support lazy construction of
* bits/locfacets.tcc: Uglify names in __match_parallel decl.
* bits/std_ios.h: add include of <typeinfo> to get bad_cast for
locale use_facet<> failure.
* bits/std_locale.h: same.
* bits/std_string.h: same.
* bits/std_stdexcept.h: change exception member __msg from a
reference to a regular object.
* bits/string.tcc: add pasting a NUL on the end of strings after
each operation. We had already left room for it, but previously
plugged it only on a call to c_str(), but the WG changed the
requirement when I wasn't looking. (Can't leave them alone for
a second without they break something else.)
* bits/valarray_meta.h: add Gaby's changes from 981018.
* src/ add new type _Bad_use_facet to be thrown on
failure of use_facet<>().
* src/ remove pragma, remove bkoz's #if 0,
comment out leftover member definitions
1998-10-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* string/ Revert last change.
* math/ Likewise.
1998-10-15 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_sstream.h: Fix typo.
1998-10-15 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* src/ (libstdc___la_SOURCES): Add
* bits/std_sstream.h: Add typedefs, member definitions. Clean.
* bits/std_stdexcept.h: Remove.
1998-10-15 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* src/ Tweak again.
* bits/std_sstream.h: Move out-of-line definitions to sstream.tcc.
* bits/sstream.tcc: New file.
1998-10-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Test for machine/param.h, sys/machine.h and fp.h.
Don't run AC_C_BIGENDIAN if machine/param.h or sys/machine.h are
* math/mathconf.h: Include sys/machine.h, machine/param.h and fp.h
if available.
(INFINITE_P): Use IS_INF macro if available.
1998-10-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* math/ (EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES): Renamed from
* string/ Likewise.
1998-10-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add finite, qfinite, fpclass, and
(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add machine/endian.h. If no header specifying
endianess is available run AC_C_BIGENDIAN.
* math/clog10l.c: Add ugly hack around bug in Irix 6.2 header until
fixincludes is fixed.
* math/clogl.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrtl.c: Likewise.
* math/mycabsl.c: Likewise.
* math/mathconf.h: Include machine/endian.h if possible. If no
header describing endianess is available rely on WORDS_BIGENDIAN
(FINITE_P, FINITEF_P, FINITEL_P): Use finite functino if available.
(INFINITE_P, INFINITEF_P, INFINITEL_P): Use fpclass function if
* src/ (polar): Don't use sincos on OSF machines.
1998-10-09 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* src/ Don't instantiate time_get for
ostreambuf_iterators as time_get::do_get_weekday and
time_get::do_get_monthname use __match_parallel, which is illegal
for ostreambuf_iterators to use, as they don't have operator== or
* bits/std_stdexcept.h: Add dtor definitions.
Use stl/bits/std_stdexcept.h instead of this file?
* bits/sbuf_iter.h : Tweak.
* src/ Tweak.
1998-10-09 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/std_stdexcept.h: New file.
* src/ Define the following:
* src/ New file.
* src/ (libstdc___la_SOURCES): Add
(libstdc___la_OBJECTS): Add misc-inst.lo.
* bits/basic_string.h: Disable non-standard ctor declarations.
* bits/string.tcc: Disable definitions as well.
* src/ Disable <ios> dependencies.
* bits/sbuf_iter.h (std): Add default to template parameter for
ostreambuf_iterator and istreambuf_iterator.
* bits/std_iosfwd.h: Change istreambuf_iterator to
basic_istreambuf_iterator. Likewise for ostreambuf.
* bits/locfacets.tcc (__match_parallel): Fix typo.
* src/ (imbue): Remove the _G_HAVE_LOCALE guards around
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Define _Streambuf_base::getloc().
* bits/std_istream.h: Define the following:
get (basic_streambuf<char_type,_Traits>& __sb, char_type __delim)
get (char_type* __s, streamsize __n, char_type __delim);
getline (char_type* __s, streamsize __n, char_type __delim)
* bits/loccore.h : FIXME friend template code for use_facet.
Add std_stdexcept.h include so that range_error will be defined.
Add explicit conversion to string for range_error throws. (HACK?)
1998-10-8 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Check for sincos, sincosf, and sincosl.
* src/ (polar): Use sincos if available.
* bits/c++config.h: Fix hack to get LONG_LONG* definitions on Linux.
* stl/bits/std_limits.h: Include bits/c++config.h. HACK!!!
* math/clog10.c: Fix typo (FP_INIFITE_P -> INFINITE_P).
* math/cpow.c: Use c_log, not clog.
* math/cpowf.c: Likewise.
* math/cpowl.c: Likewise.
* math/cexp.c: Remove unused fpclassify calls. Use FINITE_P instead
of isfinite call.
* math/mathconf.h (FINITE_P, FINITEF_P, FINITEL_P): Define using
isfinite macro if it is available.
(INFINITE_P, INFINITEF_P, INFINITEL_P): Define using isinf macro.
* math/ccosf.c: Use appropriate test macros for this type.
* math/ccoshf.c: Likewise.
* math/ccoshl.c: Likewise.
* math/ccosl.c: Likewise.
* math/cexpf.c: Likewise.
* math/cexpl.c: Likewise.
* math/clog10f.c: Likewise.
* math/clog10l.c: Likewise.
* math/clogf.c: Likewise.
* math/clogl.c: Likewise.
* math/csinf.c: Likewise.
* math/csinhf.c: Likewise.
* math/csinhl.c: Likewise.
* math/csinl.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrtf.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrtl.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanf.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanhf.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanhl.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanl.c: Likewise.
1998-10-06 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_ios.h: Fix previous change.
1998-10-06 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_ios.h: Add const_cast<basic_ios&>
(operator void*): As per 5.2.9 p 2, make sure static_cast is
* bits/char_traits.h: No _CharT for specialization, change to 0.
* bits/basic_string.h: As per 9.4.2 p4, initialize with
* bits/locfacets.tcc: Add template parameter to initialization list.
1998-10-02 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/basic_string.h: Should just be <, not <=.
1998-10-01 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* bits/string.tcc (compare): Fix for strings that are similar, but
not the same length.
1998-09-04 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/c++config.h: For __linux__, define _GNU_SOURCE. This is
required for us to get LONG_LONG_{MIN,MAX} out of gcc's limits.h.
We can't check for __GLIBC__ here, since this header can be read
before any system one (that would lead to features.h) being used.
* stl/bits/stl_config.h (__STL_LONG_LONG): Re-enabled
* stl/bits/std_limits.h [__STL_LONG_LONG]: Fix usage to use
* stl/bits/stl_config.h: Don't do __STL_LONG_LONG, it uses
LONGLONG_{MIN,MAX} which I can't find the origin of.
1998-09-03 Brendan Kehoe <>
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h: Add extern decl of cin for now; where
should this come from, if not iostream.h?
(class istream_iterator): Make the new operator!= a friend also.
* stl/bits/stl_config.h: Define __STL_HAS_WCHAR_T,
_G_config.h like the egcs one does.
1998-09-01 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/string.tcc: Call `_M_destroy' instead of `destroy'.
* bits/valarray_meta.h: Throughout, rename _Expr typedefs to be
_Expr1 (or _Expr_def if it's taken), and change definitions.
Avoids redecl of the template parm.
* bits/string.tcc (basic_string copy ctor): Fix typo in declaration.
(operator>>): Initialize __ERROR with ios_base::goodbit, not 0.
* bits/std_streambuf.h (_POSIX_SOURCE): Only define if it's not
already done.
* src/ New file, **TOTAL HACK**. There has GOT to
be a better way to do this.
* src/ New file.
* BUGS: New file, with various discovered bugs that need to be
*, math/, string/,
src/ Reran automake.
Workarounds, these may not all be the final fixes:
* bits/basic_ios.h (class basic_ios): Make _M_strbuf be protected,
not private, for basic_istream::get() in std_istream.h to be able
to use it.
(basic_ios::operator void*): Don't use static_cast for the false
(basic_ios::copyfmt): Fix `rhs.except' to be `rhs.exceptions ()'.
This appears to have been in sep94, but didn't get corrected
* bits/basic_string.h (npos): Don't init here.
* bits/string.tcc: Instead, do initialization here, to -1 instead
of the size_type destructor.
* src/, src/ New files.
* bits/char_traits.h: For char_traits<char> and
char_traits<wchar_t>, declare static, but define over in the src
* bits/gslice.h: Comment out forward decls of _Array, valarray,
gslice_array, and _GsliceExpression.
* bits/std_cstdio.h [__sparc__ && __svr4__]: #undef all of
clearerr, feof, ferror, getc, getchar, putc, putchar, stdin,
stdout, and stderr. Note we do get unresolved refs to stdin, but
that'll get fixed by the "true" solution.
* bits/std_ios.h: Include <bits/std_streambuf.h> to get the
definition of basic_streambuf.h, which is used in basic_ios.h to
call pubimbue.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: Don't include libio.h for now.
(class basic_streambuf): Define missing methods pubimbue and
* src/ (libstdc___la_SOURCES): Add,,,,,,,,,
* src/ Instantiate basic_ios<char> and basic_ios<wchar_t>.
* src/ Come up with munged versions of _S_toupper,
_S_tolower, and _S_table instead of the glibc-specific ones, so
they're at least defined, if not necessarily usable. The glibc
ones on any other system will yield unresolved refs to
* src/ Define all of ADDCS, ADDPS, et al. Add
basic_ios, basic_istream, basic_ostream. Don't do char_traits
anymore cuz of the explicit specialization in char_traits.h.
Also add _S_string_copy, but this doesn't fix it -- cf the BUGS
file for the details.
* stl/bits/stl_algobase.h (equal): Fix to do `! (x==y)'.
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h (__distance): Likewise.
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h: As with 8/18 set, define missing op!=,
op>, op<=, and op>= for reverse_iterator. Also add op!= for
1998-08-26 Brendan Kehoe <>
* bits/string.tcc (basic_string::compare (const char*)): Fix to
return 0, not 1.
1998-08-25 Brendan Kehoe <>
This should really be fixed with __asm__ directives renaming the
symbol, but keeping the function.
* math/clogf.c (c_logf): Renamed from `clogf'.
* math/clogl.c (c_logl): Renamed from `clogl'.
* math/complex-stub.h (c_logf, c_logl): Change decls.
* bits/locfacets.h (class _Numeric_get): For friend decls, rename
_CharT and _InIter parms, since they duplicate the enclosing ones.
1998-08-19 Brendan Kehoe <>
Deal with conflict of the iostreams `clog' and our internal
complex number `clog'.
* src/ Call `c_log' instead of `clog'.
* math/clog.c (c_log):: Renamed from clog.
* math/complex-stub.h (c_log): Renamed from clog decl.
* bits/locfacets.h (class _Numeric_get): Tweak fwd decls of the
get/put classes.
(num_put::put): #if 0 long long version, since we don't declare or
define the long long version of do_put.
1998-08-18 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/basic_string.h: add basic_string<>::push_back(), fix return
type of get_allocator (thanks to Ryszard Kabatek).
* bits/char_traits.h: make init order of fpos<> members
match decl order.
* bits/ios_base.h: fix decls of ios_base bitmask & enum types, add
flags _S_fd_in etc. for special filebuf ctor.
* bits/locfacets.h: make _Numeric_get and _Format_cache public
to work around problems in friend declarations.
* bits/locfacets.tcc: qualify _S_get_cache in num_get<>::get(..bool&),
fix random type errors & typos
* bits/std_fstream.h: major refitting to bypass libio (for now),
instrument to use bits/fstream.tcc template definitions
* bits/std_iosfwd.h: mess with wrappers
* bits/std_istream.h: remove meaningless comment
* bits/std_ostream.h: instrument to work with ostream.tcc.
* bits/std_streambuf.h: instrument to work with streambuf.tcc
* bits/fstream.tcc: template defs for <fstream>
* bits/ostream.tcc: template defs for <ostream>
* bits/streambuf.tcc: template defs for <streambuf>
* bits/os_raw.h: thin OS interface wrapper, to bypass libio (for now).
* Delete .cc files, replace with bits/*.tcc
* Add files:
src/ thin interface to OS, to bypass libio (for now).
src/ cout, cin, etc. definitions
(these still need work: must be init'd before user statics.)
1998-08-18 Brendan Kehoe <>
Sent to SGI before checkin:
* stl/bits/stl_vector.h (operator!=, operator>, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* stl/bits/stl_bvector.h (vector<bool>::flip): Define method.
* stl/bits/stl_deque.h (operator!=, operator>, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
(operator==, operator<): Add inline.
* stl/bits/stl_map.h (operator!=, operator<, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* stl/bits/stl_multimap.h (operator!=, operator<, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* stl/bits/stl_list.h (operator!=, operator<, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* stl/bits/stl_set.h (operator!=, operator<, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* stl/bits/stl_multiset.h (operator!=, operator<, operator<=,
operator>=): Define.
* bits/std_valarray.h (_Shift_left, _Shift_right): Inherit from
1998-08-15 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/ios_base.h: change nominal bitmask and enum types to real enums
* bits/locfacets.h: make _Format_cache bool names usable by num_get
* bits/locfacets.tcc: make num_get<>::get(... bool&) use _Format_cache
* bits/std_fstream.h: minor cleanups: ctors delegate to open()
* bits/std_iosfwd.h: more bitmask changes, for ios_base::iostate
* bits/std_sstream.h: formatting cleanups
1998-08-14 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/locfacets.tcc: implement num_get<>::do_get(..., bool&)
* bits/locfacets.tcc: implement time_get<>::do_get_weekday
* bits/locfacets.tcc: implement time_get<>::do_get_monthname
* bits/locfacets.h: fix missing argument in do_get_monthname
(this is a bug in the standard, ref. 36 in my list.)
* bits/locfacets.h: make month and day name caches mutable
* bits/locfacets.tcc: various typos in get() functions
* bits/sbuf_iter.h: fix omission in istreambuf_iterator::op++().
* bits/std_streambuf.h: fix typo in sgetn (Brendan)
1998-08-12 Nathan Myers <>
* move streambuf iterators to bits/sbuf_iter.h
* optimize streambuf iterators
* begin generalizing streambuf
* begin implementing num_get<>::get (starting with bool)
* patch stl/bits/stl_config.h so that relops operators are
contained properly, out of the way.
1998-07-24 Nathan Myers <>
* Fold in SGI 3.11 changes (uglified names, some algorithm
improvements, very minor bug fixes.)
* Uglify names elsewhere to match (s/_T/_Tp/).
* Begin work on optimized streambuf
* Put in namespace std:: (thanks Martin)
1998-07-17 Nathan Myers <>
* bits/char_traits.h: add _Char_traits_match template.
* bits/string.tcc: fix bugs in various find_last* members.
* bits/basic_string.h: redeclare member _S_find.
* stl/bits/stl_iterator.h: change member names in nonstandard
templates bidirectional_reverse_iterator and
random_access_reverse_iterator to match expected changes
in upstream source.
* src/ fix definitions of stream operators.
1998-07-14 16:06 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (SUBDIRS): Add string.
* Test for long double functions separately. Test for
ISO C 89 float functions. Test for endian.h and sys/isa_defs.h.
Generate string/Makefile.
* bits/c++config.h: Define mbstate_t for Solaris.
* bits/char_traits.h: Remove unused #if.
* bits/std_cwchar.h: Declare wide char string functions.
* m4/stringfcts.m4: New file.
* math/complex-stub.h: Declare nan.
* math/nan.c: New file.
* math/mathconf.h: Hack around missing endian.h file.
Handle missing NAN definition.
Handle missing float math functions.
* src/ (libstdc___la_LIBADD): Add
(libstdc___la_LDFLAGS): Set version information.
* src/ Don't compile any code if no long double functions
are available.
* string/ New file.
* string/dummy.c: New file.
* string/wmemchr.c: New file.
* string/wmemcmp.c: New file.
* string/wmemcpy.c: New file.
* string/wmemmove.c: New file.
* string/wmemset.c: New file.
1998-07-14 10:45 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Make it work.
* install-sh: New file.
* missing: New file.
* mkinstalldirs: New file.
* m4/mathfcts.m4: New file.
* math/ New file.
* bits/std_complex.h (conj): Mark specializations as inline.
* math/carg.c: New file.
* math/cargf.c: New file.
* math/cargl.c: New file.
* math/mycabs.c: New file.
* math/mycabsf.c: New file.
* math/mycabsl.c: New file.
* math/signbit.c: New file.
* math/signbitf.c: New file.
* math/signbitl.c: New file.
* math/ccos.c: Avoid ISO C 9x functionality.
* math/ccosf.c: Likewise.
* math/ccosh.c: Likewise.
* math/ccoshf.c: Likewise.
* math/ccoshl.c: Likewise.
* math/ccosl.c: Likewise.
* math/cexp.c: Likewise.
* math/cexpf.c: Likewise.
* math/cexpl.c: Likewise.
* math/clog.c: Likewise.
* math/clog10.c: Likewise.
* math/clog10f.c: Likewise.
* math/clog10l.c: Likewise.
* math/clogf.c: Likewise.
* math/clogl.c: Likewise.
* math/cpow.c: Likewise.
* math/cpowf.c: Likewise.
* math/cpowl.c: Likewise.
* math/csin.c: Likewise.
* math/csinf.c: Likewise.
* math/csinh.c: Likewise.
* math/csinhf.c: Likewise.
* math/csinhl.c: Likewise.
* math/csinl.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrt.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrtf.c: Likewise.
* math/csqrtl.c: Likewise.
* math/ctan.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanf.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanh.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanhf.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanhl.c: Likewise.
* math/ctanl.c: Likewise.
* math/complex-stub.h: New file.
* math/mathconf.h: New file.
* src/ New file.
* src/ Use mathconf.h instead of complex.h.
Don't use cabs, always use __mycabs.
1998-02-13 Brendan Kehoe <>
* iterator (class reverse_iterator): Do some tweaks to be in sync
w/ the FDIS.