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2003-12-12 Huang Chun <>
* intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c (string_index): Fix logics thinko.
2003-12-05 Melvin Hadasht <>
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): Give a runtime error for list
formatted reads and writes from/to files opened for unformatted IO.
2003-11-30 Paul Brook <>
* runtime/memory.c (push_context): Remove.
(pop_context): Remove.
* libgfortran.h: Remove prototypes.
2003-11-27 Paul Brook <>
* runtime/memory.c (deallocate): Nullify pointer after freeing.
2003-11-27 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c: Use new memory allocation interface.
* libgfortran.h: Ditto.
* m4/in_pack.m4: Ditto.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c: Ditto.
* runtime/memory.c: Ditto.
2003-11-26 Richard Henderson <>
* m4/exponent.m4, m4/fraction.m4: New.
* m4/nearest.m4, m4/set_exponent.m4: New.
* generated/*: Update.
* Add them.
(AM_CFLAGS): New. Use -std=gnu99.
* Regenerate.
2003-11-08 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/12704
* m4/maxloc0.m4: Use default value of 1. Handle zero sized arrays.
* m4/maxloc1.m4: Ditto.
* m4/minloc0.m4: Ditto.
* m4/minloc1.m4: Ditto.
* m4/ifunction.m4: Set return value for zero sized arrays.
* m4/iforeach.m4: Ditto.
* m4/all.m4, m4/any.m4, m4/count.m4, m4/maxloc1.m4, m4/minloc1.m4,
m4/mxaval.m4, m4/minval.m4, m4/product.m4, m4/sum.m4: Ditto.
* generated/*: Update.
2003-10-30 Toon Moene <>
PR fortran/12702
* io/list_read.c (eat_spaces): Treat tab as space.
2003-10-30 Lars Segerlund <>
* intrinsics/random.c: Add reference to paper containing algorithm.
(random_seed): Extra error checking and proper handling of arrays.
(arandom_r4, arandom_r8): Implement.
2003-10-29 Toon Moene <>
PR fortran/12703
* runtime/memory.c (allocate_size): Allow allocation
of zero-sized objects.
2003-10-29 Toon Moene <>
PR fortran/12701
* open.c (new_unit): Open without a file name opens
a file with name fort.<unit>.
2003-10-12 Feng Wang <>
* intrinsics/cshift0.c: New file.
* m4/cshift1.m4: New file
* generated/cshift*.c: New files.
* Add them.
* Regenerate.
2003-10-12 XiaoQiang Zhang <>
* io/list_read.c (read_character): Remove unwanted call to free_saved.
2003-10-11 Huang Chun <>
* intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c (string_trim): New function.
(string_repeat): New function.
2003-10-11 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/dprod_r8.f90: New file.
* (gfor_specific_src): Add it.
(gfor_built_specific_src): Rename from gfor_build_specific_c.
Add new intrinsics.
(gfor_specific2_src): Rename from gfor_built_specific2_c.
Add new intrinsics.
* Regenerate.
* generated/_aint_*.f90: New files.
* generated/_anint*.f90: New files.
* generated/_atan2*.f90: New files.
* generated/_mod*.f90: New files.
2003-09-20 Kejia Zhao <>
* intrinsics/selected_kind.f90: New file.
* Add it.
* regenerate.
2003-09-19 Lars Segerlund <>
Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/random.c: New file.
* (gfor_hemper_src): Add it.
(gfor_specific_c): Fix typo.
2003-09-19 Paul Brook <>
* All: rename g95->gfc.
2003-09-18 XiaoQiang Zhang <>
* io/write.c (output_float): Fix bug of FMT_E, Add comments.
2003-09-09 XiaoQiang Zhang <>
* io/write.c (write_float): Dectection of positive infinite number,
Not a Number(NaN) and negative infinite number.
(ioutput_float): Bug fix for FMT_E and FMT_D processing to
output a very_very small number ( < 0.1e-100 ).
2003-09-07 XiaoQiang Zhang <>
* libgfortran.h (xtoa, itoa): Parameter modified.
* io/io.h (namelist_info): Declaration to support namelist I/O
(st_parameter): Add namelist related component
(ionml, empty_internal_buffer, st_set_nml_var_int,
st_set_nml_var_float, st_set_nml_var_char, st_set_nml_var_complex,
st_set_nml_var_log): Declaration
(set_integer, set_integer): Parameter changed
* io/format.c (free_nodes): Fix annoying bug of lefting "deallocated"
(parse_format_list): Fix bug about FMT_SLASH
* io/list_read.c (push_char): Totally clear old saved_string, zeroize
newly allocated saved_string
(next_char): Add detection of End_Of_Line support
(convert_integer): Now can process 64 bits interger
(read_real): Bug fixed
(init_at_eol, find_nml_node, match_namelist_name): Add new functions
(match_namelist_name): New implemention
* io/lock.c (ionml): New global variable
(library_end): Free memory in ionml
* io/open.c (st_open): Variable initializtion
* io/read.c (max_value): 64 bits interger support
(convert_precsion_real): New procedure to replace "strtod" with more
(read_f, read_radix): Input bug fix
* io/transfer.c: (sf_seen_eor): New static variable
(read_sf): Zeroize base buffer; fix bugs: single read statement can
not get input in mutli line when read from stdin
(formatted_transfer): Fix bug of FMT_O, FMT_B, FMT_Z for INTEGER type
(data_transfer_init): Clear internal buffer for Internel File I/O.
Internal File now worked. Detect some error condition for namelist.
Some minor bug fix
(next_record_w): Internal file and Namelist I/O support.
(st_set_nml_var, st_set_nml_var_float, st_set_nml_var_char,
st_set_nml_var_complex, st_set_nml_var_log): Implemention.
* io/unit.c (implicit_unit): Deletion
(get_unit): Now cannot open a unit implicitly.
* io/unix.c (mmap_alloc): Fix fatal error in calculating the length of
mapped buffer.
(mem_alloc_r_at): Internal file I/O support added
(empty_internal_buffer): New function
* io/write.c (extract_int): Support 64 bits interger processing
(output_float): Varibale initialization
(write_float): Infinite real number detection.
(write_int): 64 bits integer I/O support
(write_decimal): New function to output decimal number
(otoa, btoa): Better implemention and 64 bits interger support
(namelist_write): New function
* runtime/error.c (itoa, xtoa): Better implemention and 64 bits
interger support
2003-08-15 Arnaud Desitter <>
* libgfortran.h (os_error, runtime_error,internal_error, sys_exit,
get_mem ): Add attribute.
* intrinsics/spread_generic.c (__spread): Fix spelling.
* io/inquire.c (inquire_via_filename): Add const.
* io/io.h (sys_exit): Add attribute.
* io/io.h (move_pos_offset): Add move_pos_offset.
* io/io.h (compare_file_filename, inquire_sequential, inquire_direct,
inquire_formatted, inquire_unformatted, inquire_read, inquire_write,
inquire_readwrite, convert_real, write_a, write_b, write_d, write_e,
write_en, write_es, write_f, write_i, write_l, write_o, write_x,
write_z): Add const.
* io/read.c (convert_real): Add const.
* io/transfer.c (type_name): Add const.
* io/unix.c (unpack_filename, compare_file_filename,inquire_sequential,
inquire_direct, inquire_formatted, inquire_unformatted, inquire_access,
inquire_read, inquire_write, inquire_readwrite): Add const.
* io/write.c (output_float): Remove unused variable.
* io/write.c (write_a, extract_int, extract_real, output_float,
write_float, write_int, write_i, write_b, write_o, write_z, write_d,
write_e, write_f, write_en, write_es, write_logical, write_integer,
write_character, write_real, write_complex): Add const.
* runtime/error.c (rtoa): Remove unused variable.
* runtime/select.c (select_string): Add const.
* runtime/stop.c (stop_string): Add const.
2003-08-10 Paul Brook <>
* (gfor_helper_src): Add intrinsics/abort.c.
(FFLAGS): Add -fno-underscoring.
* Regenerate.
* intrinsics/abort.c: New file.
2003-08-10 Erik Schnetter <>
* fmain.c (main): Do not call init and cleanup; call set_args instead.
* libgfortran.h (init, cleanup): Remove declarations.
(set_args): Add declaration.
* runtime/main.c (init, cleanup): Make them static, and give them
the constructor and destructor attributes.
(set_args): New function.
2003-08-10 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/strinf_intrinsics.c (compare_string): Return value based
on which string is longest.
2003-08-10 Paul Brook <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove old files.
* Regenerate.
2003-07-26 Paul Brook <>
Rename library to libgfortran.
* libgfortran.h: Change prefix to _libgfortran_.
2003-07-24 Paul Brook <>
* Don't pull in system libtool. Use toplevel
auxiliary files.
2003-07-22 Paul Brook <>
Regenerate all configury files.
2003-07-09 Chun Huang <>
* intrinsics/string_intrinsic.c (string_scan): New function.
(string_verify): New function.
2003-06-25 Paul Brook <>
* io/unix.c (mem_alloc_r_at, mem_alloc_w_at): Advance logical_offset.
(mem_seek): Don't bother setting physical_offset.
2003-06-20 Paul Brook <>
* libgfor.h (stop_numeric): Declare.
* runtime/pause.c: New file.
* Add it.
2003-06-08 Paul Brook <>
* m4/cexp.m4 (cabs): Use correct typed version.
(csqrt): New function.
2003-06-07 Canqun Yang <>
Spotted by Benjamin and Tobias:
* io/list_read.c: Add Separator '\t'.
(parse_real, read_real): Accept real values starting with an optional
sign follows a decimal point.
2003-06-06 Steven Bosscher <>
* Don't put cmath objects in subdir.
2003-06-02 Kejia Zhao <>
* intrinsics/associated.c: New file.
* Add it. Regenerate
* libgfor.h: Define g95_array_void, G95_DESCRIPTOR_DATA, and
2003-06-01 Canqun Yang <>
* io/write.c (calcuate_exp): Rewrite it to avoid overflow.
(calculate_G_format): Rewrite it to eliminate an infinte loop and set
the scale_factor to 0 for F editing.
2003-05-11 Tobias Schlter <>
* libgfor.h: Only include stdint.h if it exists.
2003-05-07 Paul Brook <>
* libgfor.h: Use stdint.h types.
* intrinsics/ishift.c: Ditto.
* runtime/memory.c (malloc_t): Reorder fields for better alignment.
2003-05-05 Steven Bosscher <>
* libgfor.h (offsetof): Define if nobody else does.
* runtime/memory.c (HEADER_SIZE): Use it.
2003-05-01 Tobias Schlter <>
* Require autoconf 2.54.
2003-04-28 Tobias Schlter <>
Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/reshape_generic.c: Copy the whole element, not just the
first byte.
* m4/transpose.m4: New file.
* Add them.
Regenerate generated files.
2003-04-18 Steven Bosscher <>
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Allow 'X' without integer
prefix. This is an extension. Interpretation is '1X'.
2003-04-18 Tobias Schlter <>
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Allow '0P'.
2003-04-18 Steven Bosscher <>
* Re-regenerate for automake 1.7.3.
2003-04-18 Canqun Yang <>
Port implementation for CHARACTER SELECT from Andy's tree.
* runtime/select.c: New file
* Add it.
* Regenerate.
2003-04-17 Xiaoqiang Zhang <>
* io/transfer.c (formatted_transfer): Modified
* io/unix.c (move_pos_offset): New Function.
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Modified.
2003-04-15 Xiaoqiang Zhang <>
* io/write.c (write_float,write_real): New implemention of
FMT_G and default float editing.
(calculate_exp,calculate_G_format,output_float): New Function.
(write_float,write_real,write_logical): Modified
* libgfor.h (default_rtoa): Remove Declaration.
* runtime/error.c (default_rtoa): Remove Function.
2003-04-15 Steven Bosscher <>
Spotted by Yang:
* io/write.c (extract_real): Add missing break statement.
2003-04-13 Steven Bosscher <>
* cpu_time.c: Make sure we have a definition of HZ. Don't
rely on CLOCKS_PER_SEC, it is always 1000000, on any system.
2003-04-13 Steven Bosscher <>
Paul Brook <>
* Check for process time headers and GETTIMEOFDAY.
* Add intrinsics/cpu_time.c.
* acinclude.m4: New file.
* intrinsics/cpu_time.c: New file.
* m4/dotprodl.m4: Fix typo.
Regenerate generated files.
2003-04-11 Xiaoqiang Zhang <>
* io/write.c (extract_real): Ouput floating point value.
(write_float): New Function.
(write_e, write_f, write_en, write_es): Modified
* io/transfer.c (formatted_transfer): Modified.
* libgfor.h (default_rtoa): Declaration.
(rtoa): Declaration.
* runtime/error.c (default_rtoa): New Function.
(rtoa): New Function.
2003-04-05 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/spread_generic.c: New file.
* Add it. Regenerate
2003-03-29 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/pack_generic.c: New file.
* intrinsics/unpack_generic.c: New file.
* Add them. Regenerate
2003-03-25 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/eoshift0.c: New file.
* intrinsics/eoshift2.c: New file.
* m4/eoshift1.m4: New file.
* m4/eoshift3.m4: New file.
* Add them.
* in_unpack_generic.c: Initialize src.
Regenerate generated files.
2003-03-14 Paul Brook <>
* m4/shape.m4: Work properly with array temporaries.
* m4/in_pack.m4: Skip redundant checks for array temporaries.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c: Ditto.
2003-03-12 Paul Brook <>
* m4/shape.m4: Work properly with noncontiguous arrays.
2003-03-08 Paul Brook <>
* m4/in_pack.m4: Correctly handle zero sized and assumed size arrays.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c: Ditto.
2003-02-08 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/reshape_generic.c: Use runtime_error to report errors.
* io/close.c (st_close): Return void.
* io/open.c (st_open): Return void.
* libgfor.h (g95_array_char): Declare.
(internal_malloc_size): Ditto.
(internal_pack*, internal_unpack*): Ditto.
* m4/in_pack.m4: Allocate storage if neccessary. Fix logic for packed
* m4/in_unpack.m4: Include file fixes.
* m4/reshape.m4: Increment the correct source pointer.
* (maxloc): Fix typo.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c: Call optimized functions. Allocate
storage if neccessary. Fix logic for packed arrays.
* runtime/in_unpack_generic.c: Call optimized functions.
* runtime/main.c: Use runtime_error to report errors.
* memory.c (internal_malloc_size): Make non-static.
2003-02-02 Arnaud Desitter <>
* reshape_packed.c, lock.c: Add #include <string.h>.
* libgfor.h, format.c, inquire.c, io.h, transfer.c, unix.c,
environ.c, error.c, memory.c, string.c: Add const.
* error.c (show_locus): Add void.
2003-02-21 Paul Brook <>
* m4/in_pack.m4: Avoid returning const * parameter.
* Only regenerate files in maintainer mode.
2003-02-20 Paul Brook <>
Add array repacking support functions.
* m4/in_pack.m4, m4/in_unpack.m4: New files.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c, runtime/in_unpack_generic.c: New files.
* Build them. Regenerate configury files.
* generated/: New directory for generated files (need to move
everything else there).
2003-02-07 Tobias Schlueter <>
* m4/cexp.m4: Fix typo.
2003-01-26 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/: Add missing generated files.
2003-01-26 Paul Brook <>
* Put -I before the filename.
2003-01-24 Paul Brook <>
2003-01-23 Paul Brook <>
*, Modify to work with unmodified autoconf
and auotmake.
Also regenerate other configury files.
2003-01-21 Paul Brook <>
* io/read.c: Don't use stdint.h, it doesn't exist on cygwin.
2003-01-20 Steven Bosscher <>
* io/read.c (read_f): Don't use alloca, but safe get_mem instead.
Don't include "alloca.h".
2003-01-20 Steven Bosscher <>
* intrinsics/string.c: Rename to intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c.
* Adjust file name.
* Regenerate.
* gfortypes.h: Kill, include everything in...
* libgfor.h: Include config.h
* fmain.c, intrinsics/ishftc.c, intrinsic/reshape_generic.c,
intrinsics/reshape_i4.c, intrinsics/reshape_i8.c,
intrinsics/reshape_packed.c, intrinsics/size.c,
m4/reshape.m4, runtime/main.c, runtime/memory.c: Use macro
for prefix for all functions instead of hardcoded.
2003-01-19 Steven Bosscher <>
* io/lock.c (library_end): Propagate library return
2003-01-19 Steven Bosscher <>
Port fixes from Andy's tree:
* io/read.c (read_decimal): Reverse sense of overflow
comparison during integer reads.
* io/format.c (revert): Fix comment.
(next_format): Fix format revision.
* io/unix.c: Fix and simplify mmap version of stream
2003-01-11 Paul Brook <>
* configure, Regenerate.
2003-01-11 Paul Brook <>
* runtime/stop.c: Rewrite.
2003-01-08 Paul Brook <>
* configure, Regenerate.
2003-01-05 Paul Brook <>
* (*.m4) Move to m4/.
* intrinsics/string.c (_gfor_string_index): New Function.
Copyright (C) 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.